When Are The Mardi Gras Parades In Shreveport

When Are The Mardi Gras Parades In Shreveport? Answered

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Previous year, I basked in the joyous ambiance of the Shreveport Mardi Gras parades. Vibrant floats, dazzling beads, and the lively beats of jazz music enveloped me, enhancing the festivities.

This annual celebration, a cherished tradition in Shreveport, captivates locals and tourists with its cheerful and captivating performance.

But when are the Mardi Gras parades in Shreveport?

With that, If you’re eager to join in on this event, I’ll provide details on when these parades take place. Read on.

When Do The Mardi Gras Parades Start In Shreveport?

Mardi Gras Parade

The Mardi Gras parades in Shreveport usually begin in early February, from the 4th until the 12th. But in 2024, it will be held on the 10th of February.

But the official start date of the parades is usually set closer to the end of January, specifically on the 28th, with the first parades kicking off around the first weekend of February. 

Plus, it usually runs on Saturdays and Sundays and features a variety of floats, marching bands [1], and costumes. 

Many parades also include a variety of food and drink stands, with local vendors offering everything from jambalaya to king cakes. 

Typically, around a dozen parades are scheduled throughout the Mardi Gras season in Shreveport, providing a lively atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

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What Can You Expect To See?

1. Krewe Of Gemini Parade

The Krewe of Gemini Parade is one of Shreveport’s most beloved Mardi Gras parades. 

This parade is a vibrant and lively event that celebrates the culture and heritage of Louisiana. 

It features over twenty-six floats and dozens of marching bands and dancers. The parade is known for its beautiful floats, elaborate costumes, and great music. 

2. Krewe Of Centaur Parade

It is known for its whimsical themes, fun costumes, and vibrant floats. The parade takes place ten days before Fat Tuesday. 

Plus, it features unique throws such as specialty cups, stuffed animals, and hand-crafted throws. 

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.”

– Gilbert K. Chesterton, English Writer

The parade is one of the most family-friendly parades in the area, with activities for all ages, including a parade-viewing party and a family fun zone. 

Each year, the Krewe of Centaur Parade draws thousands of spectators to downtown Shreveport to enjoy the spectacle of Mardi Gras.

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3. Krewe Of Harambee Parade

Krewe of Harambee Parade is a vibrant and exciting parade featuring beautiful floats, costumed dancers, stilt walkers, marching bands, and other performers as they celebrate the culture of African-American. 

Thus, it brings together a diverse crowd from all over the city to celebrate the spirit of Mardi Gras. 

4. Krewe Of Highland Parade

The Krewe Of Highland Parade is always one of Shreveport’s most exciting Mardi Gras parades. 

It has existed since 1994 and has become a tradition for many regional families. 

The parade begins at Gregg Avenue and Gilbert Drive intersection and proceeds to the historic Highland neighborhood. 

But, of course, the Krewe of Highland parade is also known for its signature throws, which include hand-decorated coconuts, stuffed animals, grilled hot dogs, and other unique items.

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5. Krewe of Barkus & Meoux Parade

The Krewe of Barkus and Meoux Parade is known for its unique theme: celebrating the bond between humans and their pets. 

Floats feature fun pet-related images, from furry cats and dogs to exotic birds and reptiles [2]. 

There are also plenty of pet-related goodies, including pet-themed beads, stuffed animals, and other trinkets. 

“When the Mardi Gras parades take over Shreveport, it’s a reminder that life is a grand celebration worth sharing with everyone.”

Howkapow Gift Site

It is accompanied by marching bands and costumed participants dressed as their favorite canines. Ultimately, this parade shows support for local animal rescue organizations. 

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Where Do Concerts Take Place In Shreveport?

concert of a band

One of the most well-liked venues is the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, which has featured artists as diverse as Bob Dylan and ZZ Top.

The auditorium has a capacity of around 3,200, making it well-suited to larger concerts. 

Additionally, the auditorium has hosted comedy shows, Broadway musicals, and dance performances. 

Another popular concert venue in Shreveport is the historic Strand Theater. It is the oldest theater in the city and has been a cultural hub since its opening in 1925. 

The theater offers a unique atmosphere for concerts and can seat up to 1,262 people. It has been known to host a variety of performances, from touring bands to local acts. 

The Strand also hosts community events and children’s theater performances, making it a great venue for all ages. But in what parts of the world is Mardi Gras celebrated?

What Makes Shreveport So Well-Known?

Shreveport, Louisiana, is well-known for its unique culture and strong ties to the entertainment industry. 

The city is home to the world-famous Louisiana State Fair, which draws thousands of visitors annually from around the country. 

It is also a popular destination for music lovers, hosting many musical acts in its venues. 

Besides, Shreveport is a hub of gambling activity, with numerous casinos and gaming halls located within the city. 

This has made the city a popular tourist destination, offering various entertainment options. 

All these factors contribute to Shreveport’s well-deserved reputation as a vibrant and exciting destination.


How long will it take to get from New Orleans to Shreveport?

Driving from New Orleans to Shreveport will take approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes. But if you choose to travel by airplane, it will take around 1 hour. 

Find out what time the Galveston Mardi Gras parade starts here.

What time does the Shreveport Centaur parade start?

The Shreveport Centaur parade starts at 3:30 in the afternoon on Saturday, February 11th.

But when exactly does St. Louis host its Mardi Gras parade?

Do casinos in Shreveport give out free drinks?

Generally, players do not receive free drinks while playing at the casino. 

However, some casinos may offer complimentary drinks to players as part of their loyalty program or other rewards.

What are Shreveport’s safest neighborhoods?

Shreveport’s safest neighborhoods are usually found in the city’s east and southern areas, such as Hyde Park Brookword and Broadmoor, Anderson Island, where crime rates are typically lower than in other parts of the city.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it. With the many different parades to choose from, you can experience Mardi Gras from the comfort of your city. 

Make sure to plan and get your tickets for the parades you want to attend in advance, as they tend to sell out quickly.


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