What Wedding Gift Is Bad Luck

What Wedding Gift Is Bad Luck: 10 Superstitions

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Selecting the ideal wedding gift can be a challenging endeavour. It’s important to pick something that the freshly wed couple will treasure, without jeopardizing their prosperity.

So what wedding gift is bad luck? We’re here to help.

Top 10 Wedding Gifts That Bring Bad Luck

1. Knives

woman holding knife

According to folklore, gifting a knife during the wedding symbolizes severing the relationship that is being strengthened. 

Wedding superstitions also suggest presenting a blanket or wrapping paper wrapped around the knife so that it doesn’t come into direct contact with anyone. 

It could also have consequences for the marriage down the line. 

Giving knives as a wedding gift should always be done with care – they can represent lost hopes or opportunities if given too rashly without thought. 

As such, you may think twice before selecting a blade as a token of your relationship’s bond.

2. Scissors

Many cultures consider that scissors symbolize separation or breaking ties, contrary to the union of man and wife. 

In addition, the sound of scissors opening and closing is believed to represent ongoing arguments between the married couple. 

As a result, many brides-to-be turn away any gift of scissors, fearing they may cause lasting harm to their future marriage.

3. Baby Stuff Or Products

Unfortunately, some baby items may bring bad luck to the recipient if received as a wedding [1] gift. 

The most common of these are doll-shaped gifts like baby rattles because they symbolize an infant in the marriage and could mean infertility, so it’s best to avoid those. 

Other symbolic gifts like cribs, bottles, and pacifiers should also be avoided since these imply an opposition between the couple having a child or continuing with their own company.

 Even baby clothes are not ideal for this occasion since their purpose is too explicit – simply bad luck for married couples.

Find out if the bride’s parents should give a wedding gift here.

4. Regifted items

Weddings are supposed to be special occasions celebrated with joy and happiness, but bad luck can arise when a gifted item has already been regifted. 

“The greatest marriages are built on teamwork. A mutual respect, a healthy dose of admiration, and a never-ending portion of love and grace.”

Fawn Weaver, American Entrepreneur, Historian and Author

Wedding gifts should be given with love and respect, making it even more regrettable if someone learns that the gift they gave was passed on from somebody else. 

Thus, it symbolizes a lack of consideration and thoughtfulness due to their ‘second-hand’ status. But when do you open your wedding gifts?

5. Umbrellas

multicolored umbrella

Umbrellas are thought that when someone gives a bride or groom an umbrella, they wish for protection against the storms of life. 

Unsurprisingly, this gesture has transformed into something unlucky as many couples dread storms due to the battles and turmoil they can cause in relationships.

 It is said that if someone gives a couple an umbrella, it will cause them to have a troubled and negative marriage as the umbrella casts an ominous shadow before them. 

In other words, gifting an umbrella on someone’s special occasion could forecast storms of marital difficulty in the future.

6. Mirrors

Common folklore claims that giving a mirror on the wedding day will bring the recipients seven years of bad luck. 

One possible explanation might be taken from an old mythology that told of the belief that mirrors have the power to steal away someone’s soul. 

For example, it was once thought that when staring too long at one’s reflection within a mirror, the reflection could manifest itself and cast out your spirit, trapping it inside a glass prison. 

7. Handkerchiefs

The belief originated in Thailand, where giving a handkerchief was seen as wishing the marriage could end in tears.

 Even though it’s considered bad luck to give handkerchiefs as wedding presents, some couples have found clever ways to incorporate this superstition into their big day by having embroidered hankies made with the newlyweds’ initials. 

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8. Glassware

According to an old Chinese wedding superstition, giving the bride and groom a glass (or any glassware) bring misfortune because they symbolize a broken relationship. 

To stay on the safe side, it’s usually best to skip these wedding gifts that are said to bring bad luck. 

Otherwise, there are many other options regarding glassware that can add a stylish touch to any couple’s home and serve as beautiful reminders of the special day.

9. Clocks

Unfortunately, some believe that giving a clock as a gift will bring the newlywed couple bad luck in the future. 

This superstition likely came about due to time’s association with good and bad life events, such as birthdays and funerals. It was believed that by giving a clock, you would be counting down until death – the end of time.

But what is the superstition about giving a watch to someone?

10. Empty Wallets

handmade leather wallet

It is widely believed in many cultures that presenting a newlywed couple with an empty wallet as a wedding gift brings bad luck. 

According to ancient folklore, it predicts poverty and financial hardships later in life. 

Couples should reject such gifts and instead opt for gifts of abundance and prosperity, like fruits or meaningful items that bring good tidings throughout the years. Learn more about the appropriate amount for a wedding gift here.


When is the unluckiest date to tie the knot?

Some people believe that the unluckiest date to tie the knot is Friday the 13th. 

This superstition may have originated from a combination of two older superstitions: one about Friday being an unlucky day and another about 13 being an unlucky number.

If you offer a wedding present before the wedding, will it bring bad luck?

Yes, one reason for this belief may be that it’s seen as an insult to the bride and groom. 

Another reason may be that it’s seen as a sign of greed since someone who gives a present before the wedding is essentially trying to get ahead of everyone else. But when exactly should you start opening wedding presents?

What provides good fortune on a wedding day?

Traditionally, a horseshoe was thought to bring good luck on a wedding day. 
Some say that the horseshoe should be hung over the door of the newlyweds’ home to ensure good fortune in their marriage. 

Others believe carrying a horseshoe with you on your wedding day will bring you good luck.

Key Takeaways

There you have it – a few folklore tales about what wedding gifts are bad luck. While some seem far-fetched, it’s always best to be cautious when giving a present to a newlywed couple. 

After all, who wants to be responsible for jinxing someone’s marriage?


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