What to write when you give someone a bible

What To Write When You Give Someone A Bible (2023 Updated)

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Writing is a way to express your feelings without saying a word. And it makes your heartwarming messages alive. 

When you give someone a book, you usually just scribble random stuff, but such should not be the case when you’re giving a Bible. The Bible is not something taken lightly, so we compiled some of the best messages to show you what to write when you give someone a Bible.

Sample Messages to Write in a Bible As A Gift

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For Sympathy

  • God bless you; I hope your heart soon be filled with happiness.    
  • I will pray for your well-being, so love and respect yourself. And I can’t wait to see you use my gift to read the inscription and write in a Bible to state your feelings.
  • Bless you, with the abundance of wisdom to rejoice with peace on earth. And I’m wishing that my Bible gift has the answers for that.
  • God is always with you, so remind yourself and don’t imprison yourself to death. 
  • May almighty Father give you the strength to overcome your problems. And please use my gift, write in a Bible, and state all your pain. 
  • Lift yourself, have faith in heaven, and by the power of prayer, your pain will be gone. 
  • Stay strong! God has a reason why he does things. And true believers like you will help him find answers. Also, I eagerly want to see you read and write in a Bible.

For Your Significant Other

  • May your soul be blessed for being an inspiration for everyone.
  • You are the best! I pray for you to have an abundance of love.
  • I am hoping that the Bible serves as a guide in your life. 
  • You make me understand the real meaning of happiness in this world. So here is the bible gift for you as an exchange.   
  • I want good things to come to you. So use my gift, read a bible verse and write in a Bible to give your thoughts and opinion about the text.
  • You’re the special gift of God in this world; I love you! 
  • I want Jesus Christ to be with your spirit. And I’m hoping you use my gift, read the whole inscription and write your thoughts to help you on earth.
  • I appreciate you so much, so accept my gift, then read the first page in the inscription of the Bible to see the truth about the Lord. 

For A Baby Shower

  • God bless her! Your baby is a blessing in the sky. 
  • May the Lord bless your children. And I look forward to seeing them highlight their favorite bible verse.
  • I hope the Bible gift will help you raise your child. 
  • May the righteous run to your baby and love God for giving a wonderful gift to your life.
  • Heaven gives the best gift; bless you and your children! I’m hoping to see you highlight your favorite scripture part and show it to your grown-up child.
  • Your child is a precious gift; I wish the almighty father bless your newborn child.
  • Have faith in Jesus Christ to lead your child for good. 
  • May the Lord bless your newborn baby. And let my given book be the first real Bible to let them know how the Bible helped everyone.

For A Wedding 

  • May the Lord give an everlasting joy and help both of you avoid wrong decisions in life.
  • Congratulations! May heaven strengthen your love for each other.
  • Accept this Bible, a precious gift that will guide both of you to begin your married life.
  • Both of you wait for each other to reach this point, so be sure to have faith, and may the Bible gift help you build a happy family.
  • The Bibles are a gift from heaven; May the verses in the Bible help both of you to stay together and help your lives. 
  • Congratulations to a happy couple and may heaven bless your journey.
  • Welcome to the family! The church officially pronounced your husband and wife. So live life to the fullest, and May both of you build a strong tower of love.
  • God’s word is powerful: I’m hoping that a thoughtful inscription in the Bible will help both of you on your adventurous journey in life.

For A Birthday

  • God bless you! I wish you all the best; may the Bible gift help you find your purpose and give you a blessing. 
  • The Bibles are mighty, and I want you to be strong: Happy fabulous birthday, friend! 
  • You are an inspiration to everybody for being kind, and I hope the blessing comes to you.
  • A devoted Christian like you should shower with earthly blessings. I Wish you all the best!
  • God gave you a new life; I wish you to have a fabulous birthday, my dear friend. 
  • Happy birthday! And hopefully, the message in the inscription of the Bible guides you to the right place.
  • God loves you! He gave you another year to live happily on earth. I wish the message inside the Bible helps you through life.
  • The believers of God are faithful, and you are one of them. I wish a Christian like you to enjoy your day!  

Guide When Writing Messages

Be Personal

Expressing your feelings toward someone makes them feel good, especially when you give them uplifting words. It gives them good vibes and makes them feel happy, content, and appreciated. 

It also helps the reader identify your feelings about them because sometimes people misunderstand. 

If you put things that emotionally affect and relate to them and how they felt, the message would work wonderfully, so write words that state true feelings about them.

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Incorporate Bible Verses

The written verses to your message show you are a believer in God and have faith in him.

Because the Bible has so many meaningful messages to offer, it’s a great way to offer inspiration to anybody reading it. Also, The Bible verses are a good start for stating that you want good things for them to happen.

Use Quotations

Quotations reinforce your message. It supports your idea to make a strong point. When you provide a quote, your written works become remarkable because it helps you improve your credibility to gain more trust from people since it signifies that you do not take someone else’s idea.

 Sample Quotation:

Joshua 1:8 “Do not let this book of the law depart from your lips. Recite it by day and by night, that you may carefully observe all that is written in it; then you will attain your goal; then you will succeed.” 

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Should You Wrap The Bible As A Gift? 

Yes, a Bible that is wrapped as a gift provides an excellent first impression. It shows your effort and love in presenting the gift to the receiver.

It gives a higher positive effect on the receiver’s mood that makes them want to unwrap and be thankful for what they receive.

Also, it would add additional points to make the receiver perceive the Bible gift to be more fascinating and memorable than any other gift. But what does the Bible say about gifts?


Is it okay to gift someone a Bible? 

Yes, it is okay to gift someone a Bible because it’s well-written information that can guide you throughout your life, change your perspective on the world and lead you close to God. It has special pages to help you become a better person. But what else should you get a pastor who’s retiring?

Is it disrespectful to write in a Bible? 

No, it is not disrespectful to write in a Bible. Some Bibles even purposely have blank pages to write on. [1]

Final Thoughts 

Writing a clear message when giving a Bible as a gift to someone creates a precious link between you and the recipient. It’s an excellent approach to show how much you care for them.

A Bible makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it’s for family, friends, or someone you know, a well-written message with effort is an opportunity to express love, respect, and support.


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