What to write when you give someone a bible

What To Write When You Give Someone A Bible (Updated)

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Giving a person a Bible is akin to bestowing upon them a valuable treasure filled with wisdom and love.

Having personally experienced the profound impact of this cherished book, I can confidently attest to its ability to inspire, comfort, and guide me through life’s twists and turns.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been a believer for a long time or are just curious about life’s meaning – the Bible can be a source of comfort and knowledge for anyone.

But what to write when you give someone a bible? Here are some heartfelt words you can use to accompany this precious gift, expressing your care and sincerity.

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Sample Messages To Write When Giving A Bible As A Sympathy Gift

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1. “God bless you; I hope your heart soon be filled with happiness.”

This heartfelt message is a source of comfort and empathy when gifting a Bible for sympathy. 

It conveys a genuine wish for God’s blessings and offers hope for the recipient’s heart to find solace and happiness amid their sorrow. 

“A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.” 

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th U.S. President

2. “I will pray for your well-being, so love and respect yourself.”

In this heartfelt message of sympathy, the giver offers prayers for the recipient’s well-being and encourages them to find comfort in the Bible’s words. 

The gift holds a special meaning, inviting the recipient to write their feelings within its pages, fostering personal healing and self-expression.

3. “Bless you with the abundance of wisdom to rejoice with peace on earth.”

This thoughtful message combines blessings of wisdom and peace, expressing the giver’s hope that the Bible gift brings answers and comfort to the recipient during a difficult time. 

4. “God is always with you, so remind yourself and don’t imprison yourself to death.” 

This message reminds the recipient they are never alone, as God’s presence is a constant source of strength and support. 

“With a warm gesture, they offer the Bible, hoping it becomes a constant source of inspiration, revealing the symphony of God’s word in the recipient’s soul.”

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Encouraging them to hold onto faith and not be consumed by despair emphasizes the importance of cherishing life and finding hope amidst difficult circumstances.

5. “Lift yourself, have faith in heaven, and your pain will be gone by prayer.”

It urges the recipient to find strength within themselves, have faith in the divine, and trust in the healing power of prayer.

What To Write For Your Significant Other

6. “May your soul be blessed for inspiring everyone.”

It is a touching way to express admiration and appreciation for the strength, courage, or kindness the recipient has shown, especially during challenging times.

The message aims to bring comfort and uplift the spirits of the person receiving the Bible gift, showing them that their positive impact on others is recognized and valued.

7. “You are the best! I pray for you to have an abundance of love.”

This tender message is a sweet and loving expression of affection for your significant other.

It conveys your deep appreciation for them by calling them the best, and it emphasizes your heartfelt wish for them to experience an overflow of love in their life.

8. “I hope that the Bible serves as a guide in your life.”

This thoughtful message conveys the desire for the Bible to become a guiding light in the recipient’s life.

It expresses the hope that the sacred teachings and wisdom found within the pages of the Bible will provide direction, inspiration, and strength to their significant other.

9. “You make me understand the real meaning of happiness. So here is the bible gift for you as an exchange.”

The words convey a deep appreciation for the happiness and fulfillment their partner brings, acknowledging the true meaning of joy in this world.

Presenting the Bible as a gift is symbolic of an exchange of love and gratitude, recognizing the spiritual significance of their relationship.

10. “You’re the special gift of God in this world; I love you!”

By acknowledging them as a divine gift in this world, the message highlights the partner’s unique and cherished place in the giver’s life.

11. “I want Jesus Christ to be with your spirit. And I’m hoping you use my gift, read the whole inscription, and write your thoughts to help you on earth.”

The message encourages the recipient to explore the entirety of the inscription, reflecting on its meaning and recording personal thoughts to find guidance and strength in their earthly journey.

12.”I appreciate you so much, so accept my gift, then read the first page in the inscription of the Bible to see the truth about the Lord. “

In this heartfelt gift, the giver expresses profound gratitude for their significant other and presents a Bible with an inscription urging them to discover the profound truth about the Lord by reading its first page.

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13. “God bless her! Your baby is a blessing in the sky.”

The phrase “a blessing in the sky” adds a charming twist to the traditional saying, conveying heartfelt wishes for God’s blessings upon the little one.

14. “I hope the Bible gift will help you raise your child.”

This short and sweet message conveys the heartfelt wish that the Bible gift will be a valuable tool in helping parents raise their children.

It reflects the sender’s belief in the guidance and wisdom the scriptures can provide in nurturing and shaping the child’s life.

15. “Have faith in Jesus Christ to lead your child for good.”

This message encourages parents to trust in Jesus Christ’s guidance as they raise their children, imparting love and goodness along the way.

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16. “May the Lord give everlasting joy and help both of you avoid wrong decisions.”

This message conveys a heartfelt hope for the couple’s enduring happiness, seeking divine guidance to steer them away from making regrettable choices throughout their journey together.

17. “Congratulations! May heaven strengthen your love for each other.”

Amidst celebrating the union of two souls, this message conveys warm congratulations and a heartfelt wish for the couple to find their love continually fortified by heavenly blessings, fostering a lifetime of enduring affection and joy.

18. “Accept this Bible, a precious gift that will guide both of you to begin your married life.”

This Bible serves as a cherished symbol of guidance and wisdom, helping the newlyweds embark on their journey together as they start their married life with love and devotion.

19. “Congratulations to a happy couple, and may heaven bless your journey.”

It expresses a sincere hope for divine blessings to accompany and enrich their journey together as they embark on the path of marriage.

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Short Wishes To Write For A Birthday

20. “God bless you! I wish you all the best; may the Bible gift help you find your purpose and bless you.”

The Bible gift is a source of guidance, helping individuals discover their purpose and bestowing them divine blessings for their life’s journey.

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21. “The Bibles are mighty, and I want you to be strong: Happy fabulous birthday, friend!”

This message expresses the significance of the Bible’s strength and offers warm birthday greetings to a dear friend, inspiring them to embrace their inner might as they celebrate their special day.

22. “You inspire everybody to be kind, and I hope the blessing comes to you.”

This touching message acknowledges the recipient’s role as a beacon of kindness and inspiration to others. 

It conveys a heartfelt wish for continued blessings to shower upon the person, enriching their life and those they touch.

23. “A devoted Christian like you should shower with earthly blessings. I Wish you all the best!”

This message appreciates the recipient’s strong devotion to Christianity, highlighting that a person of such faith deserves to be bestowed with abundant earthly blessings. 

24. “God gave you a new life; I wish you a fabulous birthday, my dear friend.”

This heartfelt message acknowledges the gift of life from God and extends warm birthday wishes to a dear friend, expressing the hope that their special day is filled with joy and wonderful moments to cherish.

25. “Happy birthday! And hopefully, the message in the inscription of the Bible guides you to the right place.”

On this joyous occasion of the recipient’s birthday, this thoughtful message conveys warm wishes while expressing the hope that the words inscribed within the Bible will guide them to a path of righteousness and fulfillment in life.

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Simple Messages To Write For Your Child

26. “Always remember to be kind and treat others with respect. Your actions can make the world a better place.”

This brief and meaningful message offers a child words of wisdom and encouragement. 

It reminds them of the importance of kindness and respect towards others, emphasizing their actions’ positive impact on the world.

27. “Dream big, my little one, and never be afraid to chase your dreams with determination.”

This heartfelt message is a loving encouragement to a child. It urges them to dream big and pursue their aspirations with unwavering determination.

28. “As you grow, may the words in this Bible inspire you to be kind, courageous, and full of love. Always remember that I’m here for you.”

This loving message is a heartfelt wish for a child’s growth and development. 

It expresses the hope that the words in the Bible will inspire the child to embody qualities like kindness [1], courage, and love.

29. “This Bible is a reminder that you are cherished and that God’s love will always surround you.”

It expresses that the Bible symbolizes their cherished status and a testament to the eternal embrace of God’s love, providing comfort and guidance throughout their life’s journey. 

30. “With this Bible, I pray you grow in faith, character, and compassion. Know that you are deeply loved.”

The message carries a reassuring tone, emphasizing the child’s deep and unconditional love. 

It’s a beautiful wish to accompany the gift of a Bible, filled with love and hope for the child’s spiritual journey.

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Guide When Writing Messages

Be Personal

Expressing your feelings toward someone makes them feel good, especially when you give them uplifting words. It gives them good vibes and makes them feel happy, content, and appreciated. 

It also helps the reader identify your feelings about them because sometimes people misunderstand. 

If you put things that emotionally affect and relate to them and how they felt, the message would work wonderfully, so write words that state true feelings about them.

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Incorporate Bible Verses

The written verses to your message show you are a believer in God and have faith in him.

Because the Bible has so many meaningful messages to offer, it’s a great way to offer inspiration to anybody reading it. Also, The Bible verses are a good start for stating that you want good things for them to happen.

Use Quotations

Quotations reinforce your message. It supports your idea to make a strong point. When you provide a quote, your written works become remarkable because it helps you improve your credibility to gain more trust from people since it signifies that you do not take someone else’s idea.

 Sample Quotation:

Joshua 1:8 “Do not let this book of the law depart from your lips. Recite it by day and by night, that you may carefully observe all that is written in it; then you will attain your goal; then you will succeed.” 

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Should You Wrap The Bible As A Gift? 

Yes, a Bible that is wrapped as a gift provides an excellent first impression. It shows your effort and love in presenting the gift to the receiver.

It gives a higher positive effect on the receiver’s mood that makes them want to unwrap and be thankful for what they receive.

Also, it would add additional points to make the receiver perceive the Bible gift to be more fascinating and memorable than any other gift. But what does the Bible say about gifts?


Is it okay to gift someone a Bible? 

Yes, it is okay to gift someone a Bible because it’s well-written information that can guide you throughout your life, change your perspective on the world and lead you close to God.

It has special pages to help you become a better person. But what else should you get a pastor who’s retiring?

Is it disrespectful to write in a Bible? 

No, it is not disrespectful to write in a Bible. Some Bibles even purposely have blank pages to write on. [2]

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Why is it important to tell others about the Bible?

Telling others about the Bible is essential because it aligns with the teachings of Christ. 

True followers recognize the significance of sharing their faith, spreading the message of God’s love, and testifying to the transformative power of Jesus in their lives. 

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Final Thoughts 

Writing a clear message when giving a Bible as a gift to someone creates a precious link between you and the recipient. It’s an excellent approach to show how much you care for them.

A Bible makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it’s for family, friends, or someone you know, a well-written message with effort is an opportunity to express love, respect, and support.


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