What To Write On Bridal Shower Cake

What To Write On A Bridal Shower Cake: Exclusive List

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Being a food lover, I have found numerous ways to enhance special occasions, like bridal showers, by getting creative with every element, including the cake.

Writing a message that captures love, happiness, and good wishes can be art. So, what to write on a bridal shower cake? 

Don’t worry; I’ll share my experiences and insights to help you write the perfect words for a bridal shower cake. Keep reading. 

15 Simple Bridal Shower Cake Thoughtful Messages

Bridal Shower Buttercream Cake With Fresh Flowers
  1. Love and joy are what I wish for you forever.
  2. “May your marriage bring you never-ending happiness and joy.”
  3. “Here’s to a beautiful future together!”
  4. “To love, laughter, and happily ever after.”
  5. “Cheers to the soon-to-be Mrs.!”
  6. “May your journey as a couple be as sweet as this cake.”
  7. “Congratulations on finding your perfect match!”
  8. “May your love story continue to unfold with each passing day.”
  9. “Here’s to a love that grows stronger each year.”
  10. “Here’s to the start of an amazing journey as Mr. and Mrs.”
  11. “To love, laughter, and a lifetime of adventures together.”
  12. “Two hearts become one.”
  13.  “Wishing you a future as bright as your love.”
  14. “Here’s to love and Sunday mornings filled with pancakes.”
  15. “As you say ‘I do,’ may your love deepen and grow.”

20 Short Playful Phrase For A Bridal Shower Cake

  1. “He put a ring on it! Time to celebrate!”
  2. “From Miss to Mrs. – Let the adventure begin!”
  3. “Pop the bubbly; she’s getting hubby!”
  4. “Love, laughter, and happily ever after.”
  5. “Here comes the bride… and cake!”
  6. “Wedding vibes and sugar highs!”
  7. “Sweets for the sweetest bride-to-be!”
  8. “Warning: Marriage may cause extreme happiness!”
  9. “Eat, drink, and be married!”
  10. “Bridezilla in the making – fueled by cake!”
  11. “Love is sweet, just like this cake.”
  12. “Game over. She said, ‘I do’!”
  13. “Love is in the air, and cake is on the menu!”
  14. “Slice by slice, love fills the room.”
  15. “Sweet beginnings and a happily ever after.”
  16. “Cake therapy: The perfect cure for pre-wedding jitters!”
  17. “Sugar, spice, and everything bridal nice!”
  18. “Wedding bells and cake swells!”
  19. “Sweet treats for the soon-to-be Mrs.”
  20. “Sweet celebrations for the blushing bride.”

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How Can You Write Words On A Cake?

Piping Lettering on Cakes

1. Gather Your Supplies

You will need a freshly baked and cooled cake [1], frosting for your base, coloured frosting for your words, and a few piping bags. 

“My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it.” 

– Boris Johnson, Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom

The coloured frosting should be a contrasting colour to the base frosting to ensure the words are visible.

2. Prepare Your Piping Bag

Prepare a piping bag for writing by inserting a small, round tip (sizes 1, 2, or 3 are recommended). Fill the bag with the coloured frosting you have chosen for the writing.

3. Practice Writing

If you need more confidence with your piping skills, practice writing words on parchment paper [2] first. 

It will allow you to feel how much power to put on and how quickly to move your hand.

4. Mark Your Message

You can use a toothpick to lightly sketch out your message on the cake if you’re worried about making a mistake. 

This gives you a guideline to follow, and any errors can be smoothed out with your base frosting.

5. Start Writing

Beginning at the top, move your way down from left to right. This way, you won’t accidentally smudge your work. 

“As she prepares to say ‘I do,’ let this cake be a reminder of the love and support she has on her bridal journey.”

Howkapow Gift Site

If you’re right-handed, cutting the cake can be easier if you begin on the right and move to the left.

6. Final Touches

Once you’ve finished writing, you can add decorations like borders, flowers, or other designs. But how far in advance should you order a wedding cake?

What Should You Avoid Doing At The Bridal Shower?

  • Bringing Uninvited Guests: Unless specified, it’s important to avoid bringing extra guests such as children or partners. Bridal showers are typically intimate affairs, and the hostess may have planned for a specific number of attendees.
  • Not Participating in Games or Activities: Even if they’re not your favourite, joining in games and activities helps make the event enjoyable for the bride. Your participation is a part of the overall gift of the day.
  • Using Your Phone Excessively: Being on your phone during the event is disrespectful. It’s best to keep your phone silent and engage in the festivities.
  • Bringing Inappropriate Gifts: Consider the bride’s preferences and the event’s theme when choosing a gift. Steer clear of gifts that might embarrass the bride or be inappropriate in front of family members.

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Who should cover the cost of the bridal shower?

Generally, it is customarily expected for the bridal shower to be hosted and paid for by the bride’s maid of honor, bridesmaids, or close family members.

But when do you have a bachelorette party and bridal shower?

What’s an appropriate bridal shower gift amount?

One suggested guideline for proper bridal shower gift giving is to give a gift equal to the cost of attending the bridal shower; typically, this is around $50-$70.

Find out how you should ask for money for a bridal shower here.

Key Takeaways

Crafting the perfect message for a bridal shower cake is an art form that requires thoughtfulness and creativity. 

Through my firsthand experiences, I have witnessed the power of well-written words to uplift spirits and create lasting memories. 

Whether it’s a simple wish for a lifetime of love or a playful phrase to bring a smile, the message on a bridal shower cake can set the tone for the entire celebration. 

Remember to keep it personal, keep it joyful, and keep it focused on the bride-to-be. 


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