What To Write On Baby Shower Cake

What To Write On Baby Shower Cake: Sayings & Messages

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Hosting a baby shower is an excellent way to rejoice in the arrival of a newborn. It’s also a chance to enjoy both precious moments with loved ones and mouthwatering dishes and cakes.

If you are wondering what to write on a baby shower cake, we have some suggestions for you.

Top 50 Messages You Can Write On A Baby Shower Cake

baby shower cake
  1. “Welcoming Baby (name)!”
  2. “Best Wishes for Baby (name)”
  3. “A Special Blessing for Baby (name)”
  4. “Showers of Love for Baby (name)”
  5. “Sweet Dreams for Baby (name)”
  6. “We Can’t Wait to Meet You, Baby (name)”
  7. “(Name) is on the Way!”
  8. “Hooray for Baby (name)”
  9. “It’s a Boy!” / “It’s a Girl!”
  10. “Here Comes Baby (name)”
  11. “Baby (name) is on the Way!”
  12. “Ready or Not, Here Comes Baby (name)”
  13. ” Congrats, Parents-to-Be!”
  14. “Wishing You All the Best During This Special Time”
  15. “So Much Love for Baby (name)”
  16. “All the Best Wishes for Your Newest Addition!”
  17. “Best Wishes to the Growing Family!”
  18. “Your Lives Will Never Be the Same… and That’s a Good Thing!”
  19. “(Name), We Can’t Wait to Meet You!”
  20. “Welcome to the World, Baby (name)!”
  21. “We Wish You All the Love in the World, Baby (name)”
  22. “May Your Lives Be Filled with Much Joy, Baby (name)”
  23. “Blessings Upon Blessings for Baby (name)”
  24. “Your Family Just Got a Little Bit Bigger!”
  25. “Time to Pop the Champagne!”
  26. “A New Baby is on the Way!”
  27. “Wishing You and Your New Baby All the Best!”
  28. “Counting Down the Days Until We Meet Baby (name)”
  29. “(Name), Get Ready for a Whole Lot of Love!”
  30. “So Excited to Meet Baby (name)!”
  31. “Wishing You a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy!”
  32. “Wishing You All the Best During This Special Time in Your Lives!”
  33. “Pregnancy is Such an Amazing Journey… Congrats!”
  34. “Enjoy Every Minute… They Grow Up So Fast!”
  35. “(Name), We Can’t Wait to See What the Future Holds for You!”
  36. “There’s No Greater Adventure Than Parenthood!”
  37. “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Parenting, (Name)!”
  38. “Cherish Every Moment, They Grow Up Too Fast!”
  39. “So Much Joy for Baby (name)”
  40. “Hoping Your Baby is Healthy and Happy!”
  41. “A Baby is Such a Precious Gift from God!”
  42. “May Your Lives Be Filled with Much Joy, Love, and Laughter!”
  43. “Wishing You All the Best in This New Chapter of Your Lives!”
  44. ” Congratulations on the New Addition to Your Family!”
  45. “A Baby is Such a Blessing… Enjoy Every Minute!”
  46. “We Can’t Wait to Meet the Newest Addition to Your Family, (Name)!”
  47. “So Excited for You Both… Congrats on Your New Baby!”
  48. “Parenthood is the Greatest Adventure of All… Wishing You All the Best!”
  49. “Wishing You and Your Family All the Happiness in the World!”
  50. ” Congratulations on Your New Arrival! Wishing You Lots of Love and Laughter Always!”

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Do you serve cake at a baby shower?

Yes. A baby shower would not be complete without cake. It is customary to serve the cake at a baby shower. Check out these cute messages to write on a graduation cake here.

What kind of cake should I serve at a baby shower?

The sky is the limit when choosing a cake for a baby shower. You can opt for a traditional flavor like vanilla or chocolate or get creative with a flavor like almond or lemon. If you are not sure what kind of cake to serve, ask the parents-to-be if they have any requests or allergies.

Check out these sayings and messages to write on a baptism cake here.

How do I decorate a baby shower cake?

There are many ways to decorate a baby shower cake. You can keep it simple with just a message written in icing, or get creative with fondant decorations or baby-themed toppers. If you are not sure how to decorate the cake, ask a local bakery for suggestions.

Check out these short messages to write on a bridal shower cake here.

Who pays for a baby shower?

The host of the baby shower is typically responsible for paying for the event. However, if there are multiple hosts, they may split the cost between them. If you are not sure who is supposed to pay for the baby shower, ask the parents-to-be or other hosts.

What is a good menu for a baby shower?

A baby shower menu can include a variety of finger foods, appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. If you are not sure what to serve, ask the parents-to-be if they have any requests. You can also ask other guests for suggestions. [1]

How long should a baby shower last?

A baby shower usually lasts for two to three hours. However, if many activities are planned, they may last longer. If you are not sure how long the baby shower should last, ask the parents-to-be or other hosts.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you choose to write, we hope these ideas have inspired you and that you have a great time at the baby shower. 

Enjoy celebrating the new arrival, and congratulations to the parents-to-be!


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