What To Write In A Care Package Card

What To Write In A Care Package Card: Full Guide

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Sending a package of care to a family member, friend, or coworker can be a heartwarming gesture to express your care and provide distance support.

While the gifts inside the package can bring joy, the card included can make all the difference, serving as a personal touch and a heartfelt message. 

But what to write in a care package card? Don’t fret; we have you covered. 

Our team provided a list of get-well wishes, quotes, and even a bible verse to help you compose a meaningful and sweet message to your loved ones. 

So, grab a pen and get ready to write a meaningful message they’ll never forget. 

15 Short Thoughtful Get Well Wishes

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1. Wishing you a speedy recovery and good health.

2. Sending love, healing thoughts, and positive energy your way.

3. May you feel surrounded by love, comfort, and strength during this time.

4. Hoping each day brings you closer to complete recovery.

5. You’re in my thoughts and prayers for a quick and complete recovery.

6. Sending hugs, love, and lots of good wishes to you.

7. May your heart and soul be filled with comfort and peace during this time.

8. Thinking of you and sending you the best of health and happiness.

9. Wishing you all the best in your journey to a full and healthy recovery.

10. Sending you a warm and healing embrace as you recover.

11. May you get well soon and enjoy good health.

12. Wishing you strength and courage to get through this difficult time.

13. Praying for your complete healing.

14. Wishing you lots of relaxation to help you heal.

15. May your recovery be a swift one.

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15 Funny Quotes To Write In The Care Package Card

1. “I’d be a millionaire by now if I had a $1 for every time I thought of you, but I’m not, so here’s a care package instead!” 

2. “I know you don’t always like to be away from home. So here’s a little something to remind you how much I care!” 

3. “I heard you were feeling under the weather, so I sent you this care package to make you feel better!” 

4. “I hope this care package helps you get through these tough times. Don’t worry; I’m here for you!” 

5. “You know what they say: laughter is the best medicine. So here’s a care package to make you laugh!” 

6. “I know these are tough times, so here’s a care package to help you through it. Just think of it as a hug from me!” 

7. “This care package is my way of hugging you. I’m hoping it makes you happy.”

8. “I heard you were feeling a little down, so I sent you this care package to remind you how much I care!”

 9. “I hope this care package helps you feel better. Just know that I’m here for you, no matter what!” 

10. “As simple as it may sound, a care package can often be just what you need to brighten someone’s day. I’m crossing my fingers that this one will work!”

11. “This care package is like a hug from me to you! I hope it brings a little sunshine into your day!”

12. “Life is too short to be serious all the time. So, if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me. I’ll laugh at you!” 

13. “To maintain your health, you must consume foods and beverages that you dislike and refrain from engaging in activities that you would rather avoid.”

14. “If you don’t think anyone is concerned about your well-being, just stop paying your bills for a while.”

15. “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” 

What Should You Put In A Care Package?

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Care packages should be tailored to the recipient’s interests and should be a reflection of their personality. 

Depending on who the care package is for, several different items can be included. 

First, there are comfort items. This includes things that are comforting and make the recipient feel special. 

“Caring – about people, about things, about life – is an act of maturity.” 

Tracy McMillan, American Author

Examples of comfort items include cozy blankets, scented candles [1], and a handmade card expressing your thoughts and fondness for the person. 

Other items to consider for a care package include practical things that can be used daily. 

It includes snacks, drinks, and toiletries. If the person is a student, have items such as pens, pencils, and other school supplies. 

Finally, put fun items that will bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Examples of fun items include books, board games, and puzzles.

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What Are Some Unique Care Package Ideas?

Sending a care package to a loved one is a beautiful way to let them know you’re thinking about them. 

Whether you send a care package to a college student, a deployed military member, or a family member who is going through a difficult time, there are many unique ideas to make the package special. 

One unique idea is to create a care package themed around a favorite hobby or pastime. 

If the recipient loves to cook, you can include a cookbook, cooking utensils, and favorite ingredients. 

Or, if they’re a bookworm, throw in some reading material, a bookmark, and a soft blanket.  

You can even create a package of items related to your favorite sports team, such as a jersey, a hat, and a pair of tickets to an upcoming game. 

Another great idea is to include valuable items in a grocery store [2], such as a gift card. 

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to make something unique and thoughtful.



What should you not include in a care package?

Do not include anything dangerous or illegal to send and any items that may spoil, such as fresh fruit or perishable items.

How can you create a quality care package?

Start by researching what items best suit the recipient’s needs and interests. 

Consider including non-perishable food, toiletries, books, and games to create a thoughtful and helpful care package.

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In Summary

Sending a care package to a loved one is a beautiful way to let them know you are thinking about them, no matter how far away you are. 

And it doesn’t matter if you’re sending a good old-fashioned letter or a more modern care package because a heartfelt message can brighten their day and make them feel special. 

So remember to include a card with your care package, and let them know how much you care.


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