What To Wear To A Diwali Party If You're Not Indian

What To Wear To A Diwali Party If You’re Not Indian

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A Diwali party is a highly significant festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil through the lighting of lamps, candles, and even fireworks along the streets.

If you are one of those who don’t know exactly what to wear to a Diwali party if you’re not Indian, then check out this in-depth guide our team has prepared for you!

5 Diwali Party Outfits To Wear If You’re Not Indian 

Diwali Party Outfits if You're Not Indian 

1. Sari

Sari is a famous dress that Indian women wear in different styles. It is a long cloth strip measuring approximately 3.5 to 9 yards. The fabric comprises various contemporary materials, including cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers, and does not require any safety pins [1].

There are hundreds of ways to drape the sari aside from the popular Nivi drape. However, this may vary depending on geography and the event to be celebrated.

2. Indian Kuri

Indian Kuri

Indian Kuri is a type of Indian clothing made from a cotton blend fabric that makes it comfortable even on hot summer days. Although the design exposes your neck, it will not flaunt too much skin, which is best for conservative people.

The sleeves are also not too long as they go just below your elbow compared to others that go down to your wrist.

3. Lehenga

Another outfit you can wear at the Diwali party is called Lehenga. It is a three-piece attire that Indian women usually wear to different occasions, including festivals. 

Lehenga is made from intricately hand-stitched cotton, royal fabrics like silk, and embroidered with beads, shisha mirrors, prints, and other ornaments.

It is composed of the Lehenga itself and a long Indian skirt that can be styled in numerous ways that would be appropriate for any body shape.

4. Kurta Suits/Pajama

Kurta Suits/Pajama

Kurta suits and pajamas are popular ethnic wears in India. You can buy different sets that feature silk, cotton, georgette, and satin fabrics with printed floral, making it a graceful outfit.

It is also a traditional outfit in the country that can sometimes fall below and just above the knees.

Kurta suits and pajamas are also famous for men, who prefer to wear them at night due to their comfortability.

5. Dhoti

Dhoti is worn by Indian men and is recognized as a traditional costume. It is a piece of cloth that can cover the lower part of your body and measures 5 yards in length. 

The usual colors of Dhoti include white, cream, or beige. Although you don’t need to wear your underwear while wearing it, keep in mind that the fabric is thin.

What is a Diwali Party?

What is a Diwali Party?

Diwali is the biggest and one of the most important holidays annually celebrated in India. It is a tradition where everyone lights candles and fireworks outside their homes. This event symbolizes the inner light which protects them from evil spirits and darkness.

This festival is celebrated for five days and Indians shop for gold or kitchen utensils to bring fortune to their homes. They also decorate clay lamps using colored powders, gather together for Lakshmi puja, visit friends and relatives, and brothers take time to visit their married sisters [2].

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Factors To Consider 


There are numerous locations where you can celebrate Diwali parties. Some choose to celebrate it on a farm or villa, and you can wear an Indian Kuri to stay comfortable even on humid environments. If the celebration will be held in a hotel, you can opt for a Lehenga or Kurta Suit.



Another thing you should consider is how much you are willing to spend. If you have a strict budget, you can consider a DIY decoration. A guest list is also essential to ensure the number of foods, drinks, and activities you will be preparing will be sufficient.

You can even consider borrowing an attire from your Indian friend to save more money.

Accessories / Jewelry

The traditional outfits mentioned above will not be complete without accessories. Women can wear Jhumka earrings designed with pearls in different sizes and shapes.

An Indian waist belt with an elegant design and pattern is also suitable for men and women to define the waist, especially if the theme is formal.

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Can non-Indian people celebrate Diwali?

Yes, non-Indian people can celebrate the Diwali festival. It is actually celebrated by people from America and Australia even though they are not Hindus.

This is to appreciate and recognize the beauty of Indian culture and build a sense of community and friendship with Indians by learning their values and culture.

What colors are worn for Diwali?

One of the standard colors worn on Diwali is brown, as it can bring out the Indian complexion. You may also consider Ivory white to look more classy.

Another is violet for women as it can make you graceful and elegant, especially if paired with dangling jewelry like big earrings.

Let’s Get Ready!

Diwali Party is one of the most important festivals that Indians celebrate for five days to rule out evil and darkness. If you are non-Indian planning to attend Diwali parties, you can wear Sari, Indian Kuri, Lehenga, Kurta Suits, and Dhoti to honor Indian culture. 

You can complete your outfit by pairing it with elegant accessories. India’s meaningful history deserves to be known and celebrated even by non-Indians!


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