What To Wear To Church On Easter Sunday

What To Wear To Church On Easter Sunday: Full Guide

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Mark the occasion of Easter in a fashionable way this year. Whether you plan to visit a conventional church ceremony or prefer a laid-back get-together, there are options to suit everyone’s taste.

From classic dresses to chic separates and bright colors, there are plenty of options for what to wear to church on Easter Sunday. 

With creativity and some fashion-savvy, you can quickly assemble a stylish and appropriate look for the occasion. Read on. 

10 Elegant Outfits To Wear To Church On Easter Sunday

1. Navy Blue Blazer With A White Dress Shirt & Khaki Trousers

Woman Wearing Blazer and White Dress

Your navy blue blazer, perfectly tailored to your form, is a commanding presence that exudes confidence and poise. 

The fabric has a slight shimmer that catches the light and gives the jacket’s deep color an air of sophistication.

Underneath the blazer, a crisp white dress shirt adds a touch of purity and simplicity to the ensemble. 

The khaki trousers complement the look, which provides a warm and grounding tone to the outfit. 

The subtle tan color of the pants is understated but still gives the outfit a sense of relaxed sophistication. 

2. Light Blue Button-Down Shirt With Gray Slacks & Black Oxfords

The light blue button-down shirt you’re wearing is a refreshing sight, with its airy and breezy fabric that perfectly captures the spirit of spring. 

Paired with the shirt are white and gray slacks that hug your legs just right. Its straight cut creates a modern, streamlined silhouette that perfectly complements the classic shirt. 

Then, a pair of sleek and shiny black oxfords reflects the light mesmerizingly, and the black color adds a touch of sharpness to the overall outfit.

3. Navy Blue Maxi Dress With White Cardigan

If you’re wearing a navy blue maxi dress, it will indeed be a work of art, with its flowing fabric and intricate details making it a perfect fit for the season. 

It falls in graceful folds around your legs, swaying with each step you take. 

The deep navy blue color of the dress is rich and luxurious, giving you an air of regal sophistication that’s impossible to ignore. 

To complement the dress, choose a crisp white cardigan that adds a touch of warmth and coziness to the outfit. 

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4. Cream Lace Blouse With Navy Blue Trousers & Beige Heels 

With its light and airy fabric, the cream lace blouse style suits your figure, and the intricate lace detailing makes a statement about your beauty.

Its color perfectly complements the season’s bright and colorful palette, creating a timeless, classic, and contemporary look. 

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”

Lauren Hutton, American Model

Then, pair it with navy blue trousers with clean lines and sharp angles, which perfectly contrast the blouse’s flowing fabric. 

Finishing it off with beige heels will add earthiness and warmth to the overall look. 

5. White Eyelet Shift Dress With Blush Belt 

The white eyelet shift dress has a simple yet chic design, making it an attractive and stylish option that will complement your figure in all the right ways.

Pair it with a blush belt to accentuate your figure and add a touch of color to the outfit. 

Its soft and muted color perfectly complements the white dress, while the simple yet chic design adds a touch of understated elegance.

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6. Cream Lace Dress With Pearl Earrings & Silver Pumps

A cream lace dress is a vision of beauty with its intricate patterns, flowing skirt, and graceful neckline [1]. 

Its lace fabric, with its airy and light quality, is a nod to the season’s breezy atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a warm spring day.

Adding to the sophistication of this outfit are the timeless pearl earrings, elegantly dangling from the ears, illuminating the face with their subtle glow. 

The silver pumps, with their delicate ankle straps, add a touch of glamor to the look while also providing comfort for the long day ahead.

7. White Blouse With A Beige Skirt & Brown Ankle Boots 

A white blouse paired with a beige skirt and brown ankle boots is the perfect choice for an Easter Sunday outfit that radiates freshness and lightness. 

The outfit is centered on the white blouse, the focal point due to its polished look and flattering neckline.

While the white blouse [2] complements the beige skirt’s soft neutrality, enhancing the outfit’s air of refined elegance.

Lastly, the brown ankle boots add a touch of warmth and grounding to the outfit, providing a perfect contrast to the light and airy top and skirt. 

8. Mint Green Pleated Skirt With White Blouse & Black Ballet Flats

This outfit’s highlight is the mint green pleated skirt, which impresses with its airy fabric. 

The pleats add a touch of movement and texture to the outfit, while the mint green color is reminiscent of blooming flowers and lush greenery. 

On one side, a white blouse will add simplicity and clean lines that allow the mint green skirt to be the main focus while also providing a refreshing contrast to the colorful skirt. 

Plus, with black ballet flats, you can be comfortable standing for a long time during church service. 

9. Floral Print Shift Dress With Beige Sandals 

Woman Wearing Floral Print Shift Dress

Why not try to combine the floral print shift dress and beige sandals to create an ensemble that’s both feminine and sophisticated? 

The dress’s eye-catching colors and patterns bring joy to the overall appearance. 

And to complete the outfit, pair the dress with a pair of beige sandals. It provides a neutral base for the look and will keep your feet comfortable throughout the service. 

With the sandals, you can add a pop of color with a bright belt or a statement necklace to add a touch of elegance.

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10. Ivory Blouse With Navy Blue Trousers & Black Pumps

Make a good impression on Easter Sunday by donning a silky ivory top, dark blue pants, and black heels.

The ivory blouse is not only airy and light, but it also has exquisitely delicate lace detailing on the neckline and the cuffs.

The black pumps complement the tailored navy blue pants and give the outfit a professional air.

No doubt about it, this ensemble is ideal for a Sunday morning service because it embodies the best of both traditional and contemporary church attire.

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What color should Catholics wear on Easter Sunday?

Catholics traditionally wear white clothing for Easter Sunday as a symbol of purity and joy. Bright colors such as pastels are also commonly worn to celebrate the joyous occasion.

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Are jeans okay to wear on Easter?

Yes, jeans are perfectly acceptable to wear on Easter. 

As long as they are nicely fitted and accessorized with a festive blouse or sweater, jeans are an excellent option for an Easter celebration.

Wrapping Up

No matter what you wear, remember to dress with style and grace in honor of the Easter season. 

Choose clothing that reflects your style and allows you to express your faith and reverence for this special day. 

As long as your heart is full of joy, you can never go wrong.


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