What To Wear To A Wedding In Italy

What To Wear To A Wedding In Italy: 10 Stylish Outfits

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If you’ve been struggling to pick out what to wear for a wedding in Italy, your search ends here.

As a seasoned traveler who has explored the vibrant landscapes and soaked up the rich culture of this beautiful country, I’ve had the privilege of attending an Italian wedding once that is nothing short of spectacular.  

From the enchanting countryside to the historic cities, I’ll reveal the key elements for a stylish and culturally appropriate outfit. Keep reading. 

Top 10 Elegant Outfits For A Wedding In Italy

1. Chiffon A-line Dress

Woman Wearing Chiffon A-line Halter Dress

Opt for a graceful and timeless A-line dress [1] in sumptuous chiffon fabric for the quintessential Italian wedding. 

This flattering silhouette will give you a dreamy, romantic look that will turn heads. The light, airy texture of chiffon allows for comfortable movement on a special day. 

Choose a soft hue, pastel pink, or light lavender, to create an even more enchanting atmosphere. 

2. Satin Mermaid Style Dress

Slip into a luxurious satin mermaid-style dress that will leave your guests speechless. 

The mesmerizing silhouette of this enchanting ensemble will perfectly hug your curves and make you look like a modern-day goddess. 

Make a grandiose statement by choosing deep colors like burgundy and royal blue, and top off the look with glittering beading or sequins to add a dramatic effect. 

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3. Off-Shoulder Satin Gown

This exquisite ensemble showcases your shoulders and adds a romantic flair. 

“How beautiful is sunset when the glow of Heaven descends upon a land like thee, Thou Paradise of exiles, Italy!”

Percy Bysshe Shelley, English Romantic Poet

The smooth and lustrous satin fabric cascades gracefully on the body to give you a majestic and feminine silhouette in the sun. 

For an alluring twist, you can choose a vibrant hue like emerald green or deep sapphire blue and be part of the vibrant and picturesque surroundings.

4. Cotton Wrap Dress

Woman Wearing a Cotton Wrap Dress

Glorify your curves in a cotton wrap dress for that romantic Italian wedding. 

This elegant garment highlights your silhouette and shapes with beautiful drapes of lightweight material, so you’ll stay comfortable even on warm evening nights. 

Whether you go for a classic solid or a beautiful floral print, you’ll add a touch of sophistication with this timeless wrap dress. 

5. Pastel Tulle Dress

This enchanting gown is made of soft, flowing fabric that moves gracefully as you walk. 

The subtle pastel color adds a touch of romance and femininity, like the blooming flowers in an Italian garden. 

The dress is beautifully detailed with delicate lace and shimmering sequins, enhancing your silhouette and giving you a timeless charm. 

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6. Emerald Green Satin Slip Dress

An emerald green satin slip dress [2] is a stylish choice for a wedding in Italy. The lush color adds a romantic atmosphere to the day, and the fabric is tailored to move with you comfortably. 

Spaghetti straps add a vintage touch, while the pleats at the waist create a modern style. 

Complete the look with glimmering silver earrings and strappy heels to create a stunning ensemble. But what should you wear to a country club wedding?

7. Floral Applique Gown

Feel like royalty in a magical Italian wedding with a breathtaking floral applique gown. Hand-sewn crystal appliques create a romantic glow that is sure to dazzle. 

“When dressing for an Italian wedding, remember that you’re not just attending an event, but immersing yourself in a tapestry of culture and beauty.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Feel at ease in a lightweight fabric, like chiffon or lace, and give the dress an extra hint of romance with a statement necklace or sparkling bracelet. 

8. Burgundy Velvet Wrap Dress

With its luxurious velvet material, wrap design, and figure-hugging silhouette, you’ll look and feel amazing – no matter the occasion. 

Stun in the vibrant red hue with statement accessories, or keep it simple with classic jewelry – however you style it, this timeless look will make you stunning.

9. Nude-Colored Mermaid Dress

The gentle shade puts a beautiful background for your big day – while the figure-hugging shape shows off your best assets. 

Create a head-turning ensemble with pearl stud earrings, a charm necklace, and a sheer lace top. 

To complete it, add gold strappy sandals and gorgeous earrings – and you’ll be ready to say “yes” to a magical night. Check out these chic outfits for a country club wedding here.

10. Broderie Anglaise Dress

Woman Wearing Black Broderie Anglaise Dress

Delicate lace embroidery adds a romantic feel to the outfit, while the lightweight fabric is perfect in warm weather. 

Accessorize with statement jewelry or a pair of elegant heels – both will look beautiful with the dress’s flattering style. 

Broderie Anglaise is a guaranteed winner for any body shape, providing the perfect feminine look for the day.

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Is it acceptable to wear black to an Italian wedding?

It is typically not considered appropriate to wear black to an Italian wedding as black is associated with mourning in Italian culture.

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What colors should you wear to Italian weddings?

Bright, cheerful, and classic colors like navy blue, light blue, or muted reds are usually the best choice when attending an Italian wedding.

Final Words

When dressing for a wedding in Italy, the key is to balance elegance and comfort. 

Whether you opt for a chiffon A-line dress that gracefully flows with the Italian breeze, a glamorous satin mermaid-style dress that accentuates your curves, or a charming floral applique gown that captures the essence of romance, remember that the focus is on celebrating love and creating unforgettable memories. 

By adhering to the traditions and customs of Italian weddings while adding your personal touch, you’ll exude confidence and style that will make you stand out most effortlessly.


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