What To Wear To A Wedding Brunch

What To Wear To A Wedding Brunch: 8 Outfit Ideas

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Selecting the ideal attire for a wedding brunch can frequently feel daunting.

As someone who has been to countless weddings and observed the dos and don’ts of attire, I’ve learned something about dressing to impress without stealing the spotlight. 

In this concise guide, I’ll explain what to wear to a wedding brunch, so you can feel confident and stylish while enjoying the celebratory atmosphere.

Top 8 Wedding Brunch Outfit Ideas For Him & Her

1. Linen Suit

Two Men Wearing Linen Suit

For the perfect wedding brunch look, why not try a linen suit? It’s the ideal combination of style and comfort. 

From classic shades of beige and gray to bolder pastel blue and pale pink hues, linen is an undeniably sophisticated look. 

Whether worn with a crisp, tailored shirt and patterned tie or left open-collared and paired with leather loafers, a linen suit will guarantee that you look your best and will be effortlessly elegant. 

2. Elevated Midi Dress

The elevated midi length provides a chic and sophisticated look, allowing you to show off your style without compromising comfort.

Delicate lace details, embroidered cutouts, and vibrant prints add a touch of glamor and draw attention to the outfit. 

With a simple pair of strappy heels [2], minimalistic jewelry, and a stylish clutch, you’ll look your best and bask in style at the occasion.

3. The Classic Look

Want to look great for a wedding brunch? Choose the classic look. It’s a timeless choice for men’s style, consisting of a light gray suit to show off style without being over-the-top formal. 

“Brunch lends itself to feeling casual and laid-back, though it can definitely be a celebration.” 

Gale Gand, Pastry Chef

Dress with understated elegance by sporting a white shirt and a pastel-colored tie. To complete the elegant yet casual look, choose black Oxford shoes.

4. Classic Sundress

Woman Wearing Floral Sundress

This dress boasts a flattering silhouette such as A-line or fit-and-flare cuts with knee-length or midi-length hemlines. 

Achieve an effortlessly chic and feminine look by styling with delicate floral prints, pastel colors, wide-brimmed hats, statement necklaces, and strappy sandals.

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5. Pastel Perfection

An effortlessly dapper look for any gentleman attending a wedding brunch is achieved with a pastel-colored suit. 

Light blue, mint green, soft pink, lavender – all these hues bring the ensemble a stunning and tasteful touch. 

Accessories such as leather loafers or dress shoes in a complementing shade, as well as a coordinating pocket square or boutonniere, add to the irresistible pastel perfection.

6. Casual Jumpsuit

This one-piece ensemble is super easy to wear and looks trendy. Plus, it’s crafted from breathable fabrics like linen and cotton – so you’ll stay comfy all day. 

“When it comes to wedding brunch attire, think ‘effortless elegance’ and ‘casual sophistication.'”

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From relaxed shapes with wide-leg pants to a more tailored fit, you can find just what you need to suit your style. 

Add strappy sandals, minimal jewelry, and a stylish crossbody bag for a chic yet low-key look. But what should you wear to a garden party?

7. All-White Outfit

Wearing all white can give any man an effortlessly elegant look for any occasion, especially a wedding brunch. 

This chic style speaks of modern refinement, making a bold fashion statement. It starts with a classic or contemporary white suit cut to fit you perfectly. 

Layer a linen blazer over a cotton dress shirt with a subtle pattern for added depth and texture. But what should you wear to a wedding in Italy?

8. Printed Romper

Woman Wearing Printed Romper

These versatile pieces combine the comfort of shorts with the chicness of a dress, creating a standout outfit with ample opportunities to express your style.

Choose from a variety of eye-catching floral, geometric, or abstract patterned prints that flatter your figure and will give you the ease of movement to keep dancing all day long.


Can You Dress In Black For A Brunch Wedding?

It is okay to dress in black for a brunch wedding. Fashion now is more versatile, and you can be creative with your style. 

A black dress or a nice jumpsuit in a breathable fabric would look great for the daytime event. Spice it up with some fun statement jewelry or a colorful bag to complete the look. 

You can look fashionable and still keep it appropriate for the wedding celebration. But what do you wear to an African wedding?

Is It Alright To Wear Jeans To A Wedding Brunch?

Yes, it’s alright to wear jeans regardless of what type of wedding you’ll go to, as long as it’s not ripped or has no holes. 

For instance, you can wear neat jeans with a dressy top or blazer for a semi-formal look for casual or denim-friendly affairs.


Do you have to bring a present to the post-wedding brunch?

While gifts are typically given at the wedding itself, you are not generally expected to bring a present to a post-wedding brunch [2].

But bringing a small token of appreciation or a personal memento for the couple is thoughtful.

How long does the average wedding brunch last?

The average wedding brunch typically lasts three to four hours.

On A Final Note

I’ve found two impeccable options in my quest for the perfect wedding brunch attire. 

For men, nothing beats the versatile linen suit. It exudes sophistication while ensuring comfort, especially in warm climates. And for women, the elevated midi dress is a chic choice. 

The length offers a touch of formality, while the style permits freedom to dance or roam the venue. 

Trust me; you can’t go wrong with these classics. Choose them, and your brunch wedding fashion will be a hit. 

In the end, it’s all about embracing the event’s spirit while looking your best and feeling comfortable.


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