What To Wear To A Vegas Pool Party

What To Wear To A Vegas Pool Party? Answered (Updated)

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Planning for a Las Vegas pool party demands extra time compared to organizing a swimsuit party. Dress codes at these pool party spots are typically strict, just like at local night and day clubs. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in being turned away at the door.

So, before heading to the pool party location, here’s what to wear to a Vegas pool party to make you stand out from the crowd!

Top 10 Outfits for Vegas Pool Party 

Top 10 Outfits for Vegas Pool Party 

1. Hot Red Two Piece Swimsuit 

Wear a hot red two-piece swimsuit if you dare to be bold. This is one of the Vegas pool party outfits we like the most. It adds color to any Vegas pool party, and especially perfect for an encore beach club, Wet Republic, or even day clubs. 

2. Teeny Weeny Bikini

If you opt for a bolder look, a teeny weeny bikini is right for you! A stylish bikini like this is a must-wear for Vegas pool parties, especially if you like to flaunt your sexy body. The Vegas sun will surely add shine to your alluring presence. 

But what should you bring to a pool party as a guest?

3. Sparkly Cover-Ups

Sparkly Cover-Ups

If you’re a fan of glamour, you can wear a sparkly cover-up. You can wear a black sparkly cover-up or a bright-colored swimsuit cover-up to add glow to your Las Vegas strip party look. Also, match it with your favorite flip-flops or stylish wedge sandals. 

4. Above-the-Knee Boardshorts 

Las Vegas pool parties are not only for women but also for men. For men, we suggest wearing above-the-knee trendy board shorts, not too long or short. We don’t recommend wearing athletic wear like gym shorts or sports jerseys as it’s off the theme.

5. Sleeveless Tank Top

For men and women, you can stick with a sleeveless tank top as your outfit for pool parties. If you want to be simple and comfy at any Las Vegas pool party, you can try on this outfit. 

6. Floral and Flowy Dress

Floral and Flowy Dress

A floral and flowy dress is an excellent choice for a casual and cute party look, perfect for beach clubs. Make sure to choose something light and comfortable, like a loose maxi dress with fun prints. Then, pair it with trendy flat sandals! 

Check out these cute outfits you can wear to a pool party if you’re not swimming here.

7. Bodycon Dress 

If the dress code requires a bit more sexy, then a bodycon dress is a perfect choice. It will show off your curves and make you look hotter under the equally hot Vegas sun. If you don’t plan to swim, then go for this dress and slay the dance floor! You can wear high heels but make sure it’s a non-slip sole. 

8. Crochet Cover-Ups

Another trendy outfit for Vegas pool parties is wearing crochet cover-ups. If you don’t want the sparkle and remain fully clothed, this outfit is for you! You can wear a sexy swimsuit under and top it with a crochet cover-up for an added fab feel. 

9. Matching Three-Piece Swimsuit

Matching Three-Piece Swimsuit

Wear a matching three-piece swimsuit to show off a classy yet sexy look. You can put on a two-piece suit plus a see-through swimwear cover-up and wear heels. 

10. Nice Top and Shorts

If you don’t like to wear a dress, then a pair of shorts and a top are all you need for a summer party. We suggest wearing short shorts as it looks sexier. You can also wear various outfits, such as a one-piece suit or sleeveless tank tops, to make you feel more confident.

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What Not To Wear 

What Not To Wear 


You should avoid wearing hard-soled shoes and athletic shoes at pool venues. Most pool party dress codes desire their guest list to wear boating shoes or flip flops (for men) and sandals or heels (for women).

Sweat Pants

Wearing sweat pants is a no for pool parties. Like we mentioned above, no athletic attire, please. Go for board shorts or linen shorts, instead. 



You shouldn’t wear jeans to a swim party unless you want to be turned away. That’s a swimming party and wearing jeans is inappropriate. 

Streat Clothing

A pool party dress code requires proper swimming attire. So, street clothing is a fashion faux pas at pool parties. No baggy clothes, offensive prints, fun cut-outs, or any kind of street t-shirt. For shoes, no hard-soled shoes and cheap flip-flops (as much as possible). 


Can you wear jean shorts to the Vegas pool party?

No, wearing jean shorts to the Vegas pool party is not acceptable. Make sure to know the pool party dress code before going to the venue. 

Should you wear makeup to a Vegas pool party? 

You can wear makeup to a Vegas pool party but go with lighter makeup. Venues like Elia Beach club, Marquee, Tao, and Liquid ban wearing liquid makeup. 

Beat the Heat! 

You’re in Las Vegas (a sin city [1] to some folks), so you should dress up and show your most glamorous self. For a Las Vegas summer party, leave your casual clothes behind, know the dress code, and show your Insta-worthy look. 

With our quick style guide above, you now know what to wear to a Las Vegas swim party. So, consider the dress code, get ready to party, and enjoy the champagne showers all day and night!


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