What To Wear To A Toga Party

What To Wear To A Toga Party: 8 Outfit Options

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Toga parties have traditionally been a cherished method to celebrate the profound legacy of Roman civilization. Nonetheless, choosing appropriate clothing can pose obstacles for participants. So, what is the ideal outfit for a toga party?

To answer this question and more, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of dressing for a toga party, offering tips and tricks to help you feel confident and stylish. Keep reading. 

8 Greek & Roman Inspired Outfit Ideas For A Toga Party 

1. Classic Toga

Man Wearing Classic Toga

This look is easy to achieve with a single piece of fabric – usually a sheet – draped over the body. Secure the fabric at the shoulder with a fibula or brooch; it should reach the ankles. 

Add a belt or sash at the waist for a fun touch, and accessorize with a wreath of leaves or flowers [1] in the hair for a touch of greenery. 

2. Greek Goddess

A Greek goddess toga is a beautiful, feminine way to make a statement. 

This structured and fitted style is made with a lightweight fabric, like chiffon or silk, and is draped over the body in a particular fashion. 

To complete the look, accessorize with golden jewelry and a crown of olive leaves or flowers in your hair.

3. Spartan Warrior

The fierce and skilled warriors of Ancient Sparta inspired this bold and daring style. 

Constructed from sturdy fabrics like burlap or canvas, the Spartan toga is draped and practically over the body, held with a fibula or brooch and a leather belt around the waist. 

Lastly, I paired it with a metal breastplate, a red cape, and a helmet with a feather plume.

4. Athena-inspired Toga


A white or gray fabric, such as cotton or linen, is the perfect choice for a toga inspired by Athena, the Greek Goddess of wisdom and warfare. 

Secure the fabric with a golden belt and sandals, and drape it over one shoulder for a powerful look. 

“If you go back to the Greeks and Romans, they talk about all three – wine, food, and art – as a way of enhancing life.” 

Robert Mondavi, American Winemaker

Accessorize with simple gold jewelry, a golden headband, and a golden brooch for a touch of ancient Greek glamor.

5. Gladiator

Channel the look of a mighty gladiator from ancient Rome with a toga crafted from strong materials like suede or leather [2]. 

Choose an earth tone like brown or red to stand out. Remember to add the finishing touches with sandals, a leather belt, and arm cuffs. 

Top it off with a metal helmet or headpiece for a more authentic look.

6. Poseidon-inspired Toga 

Forget the fancy toga parties – this time, it’s all about channeling the god of the sea. Get ready for a nautical-themed bash with a Poseidon-inspired toga. 

Opt for a light blue or green fabric to symbolize the sea, then accessorize with a golden trident, seashell crown, and sandals with golden accents. 

Don’t forget the facial hair – a flowing white beard and mustache will bring the look together. Know how to dress up for a masquerade party here.

7. Roman Centurion

Put on a white tunic and a red cape, and pair them with a faux leather chest plate and a skirt made of leather strips. Complete the look with knee-high sandals and a Roman soldier helmet.

8. Aphrodite-inspired Toga

Woman Wearing Greek Goddess Inspired Costume

Start with a beautiful and elegant toga made from a soft, flowing fabric such as pink or rose. Drape it delicately and add a high slit to show off a hint of leg. 

Finally, pair the toga with a golden headpiece, strappy sandals, and delicate gold jewelry. 

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Tips On How To Dress To A Toga Party

  1. Stick to white or off-white: Toga parties often have a traditional Roman theme, so it is best to stick to white or off-white colored clothing to mimic the look of a toga.
  2. Choose the suitable fabric: A toga should be made from a lightweight and flowing fabric, such as cotton or linen. Avoid heavy fabrics that may be uncomfortable, especially in hot weather.
  3. Accessorize appropriately: Roman-style sandals or gladiator-style shoes are a good choice for footwear. You can also add a belt, a wreath of leaves, or a simple necklace to complete the look.
  4. Keep it simple: Togas are meant to be simple and elegant, so avoid adding too many embellishments or accessories.
  5. Pay attention to fit: A toga shouldn’t be tight or loose. Make sure you try it on before the party to ensure that it fits properly.


What color symbolizes a toga?

White typically symbolizes purity and is often chosen as the color of a toga. Gold is also a popular choice for togas, symbolizing wealth and power.

Do people at a toga party have to wear white?

Yes, people attending a toga party typically wear white togas. But you can still incorporate other colors into your outfit. But what’s a toga party?

Final Words

A toga party is all about having fun and embracing the spirit of ancient Rome. By following these simple tricks and using a few key accessories, you’ll be ready to party in style. 

Remember, the most important thing is to be comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. 

So, grab your trendy and modern toga, strike a pose, and let the celebration begin. 


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