What To Wear To A NFL Draft Party

What To Wear To An NFL Draft Party: 10 Outfits

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Attending an NFL draft party can be an exciting experience, but choosing the perfect outfit can present a challenging dilemma.

With dress codes ranging from casual to formal, it can take time to decide what to wear. 

But don’t worry; we’ve listed some of the best outfits that anyone can show their team spirit and fit in with the crowd. So, what should you wear to an NFL draft party? Read on. 

10 Best Casual Outfits For An NFL Draft Party

1. Classic Team Jersey With Jeans & Sneakers

Violet and Red Jersey

A classic team jersey paired with jeans and sneakers is one of the fabulous outfits you can wear to an NFL Draft party. 

This casual look is comfortable and stylish, perfect for a laid-back gathering. 

With the jersey, you can show your team spirit in style, get relaxed vibes from the jeans, and complete the outfit with sneakers for a sporty touch. 

2. Graphic Team T-Shirt With Joggers & Sneakers

Rock a graphic t-shirt with joggers and sneakers for a trendy, comfortable look. Its eye-catching design will make a bold statement while the joggers provide a relaxed fit. 

Add a pair of sneakers to the look to finish off the sporty vibe. This fashionable and comfortable outfit will prepare you to take on any impromptu games or competitions.

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3. Quarter-Zip Pullover & Chinos

Cheer on your favorite sports team in style with this casual-yet-put-together look. The quarter-zip pullover is made of soft, comfortable fabric to keep you cozy. 

Meanwhile, the chinos add a touch of sophistication. Whether you’re at the draft or just enjoying the excitement of the game, this outfit will have you looking sharp and feeling confident.

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4. Athleisure Set & Team Cap

This comfy and on-trend look, with its fusion of sporty and casual elements, will have you feeling and looking fantastic throughout the day. 

The set, featuring bold hues and graphic accents, will let everyone at the party know which squad you’re rooting for. 

To complete the look, don a classic team cap with your favorite team’s emblem, adding a sporty edge. 

5. Flannel Shirt & Ripped Shorts

The checked shirt exudes a rough-and-tumble vibe, while the frayed shorts bring a contemporary and spunky flair. 

Wearing the two together creates a cozy yet chic outfit that catches the eye. 

“At the end of the day, it’s not about starting a game in the NFL, winning a Super Bowl, or getting to the Hall of Fame. It’s about representing yourself in a way that represents your faith.” 

Kurt Warner, Football Quarterback

The soft flannel shirt [1] will keep you warm as you root for your preferred squad, and the tattered denim of the shorts contributes a carefree attitude to your look. But what do you wear to a casual summer party?

6. Sports Bra & High-Waist Joggers

Woman Wearing Bra

A sports bra will deliver comfort and stability, perfect for a long day of festivities, while the high-rise sweatpants bring a touch of elegance and femininity. 

The union of these two articles creates a sporty yet stylish appearance bound to make a lasting impression. 

7. NFL Jersey & Joggers

Consider sporting a bold NFL jersey paired with sleek joggers for the upcoming NFL Draft party. 

The jersey, emblazoned with the colors and logo of your favorite team, will have you showing off your loyalty and spirit. 

On the other hand, the joggers, with their comfortable fit and stylish design, will have you ready to cheer on the next big draft pick in style and comfort.

8. Bomber Jacket With White Shirt & Tapered Pants

The bomber offers a hint of attitude to the timeless white shirt in its fashionable design and striking hues. 

At the same time, the tapered pants elevate the entire outfit with a contemporary, streamlined look.

This easy-going yet chic outfit is ideal for a fun football day, ensuring you can support your team in style. 

9. Crewneck Sweater & Colored Chinos

Gather your friends and prepare for the NFL Draft with a cozy crewneck sweater and a pop of color from a pair of colored chinos. 

The crewneck sweater offers a soft fit and a neutral hue, while the chinos add some cheerful vibrancy with their bright shade and tailored fit. 

10. Color Block Windbreaker & Distressed Denim

Man Wearing  Color Block Windbreaker

This season, make a statement with a bold, stylish color-block windbreaker and distressed denim. This look brings together the best of both worlds – sporty and fashionable. 

The windbreaker, featuring shades of blue and green, pays homage to your favorite team, while the distressed denim adds a bit of edge to the outfit.

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How do you get an invitation to the NFL draft?

To receive an invitation to the NFL Draft, a college football player must be considered a top prospect and garner significant interest from NFL teams [2]. 

The league typically extends these invitations based on a player’s performance, potential, and evaluations from scouts and draft analysts.

How much does attending the NFL Draft cost?

Attending the NFL Draft is free, but fans may purchase VIP packages or reserved seating, ranging from $100 to several thousand dollars. 

Final Thoughts

The key to dressing for an NFL draft party is to show your team spirit while being comfortable. Opt for team apparel and accessories, and don’t be afraid to have fun with your outfit. 

Remember, the most important thing is enjoying the experience and cheering on your favorite picks. So, make a statement at your next NFL draft party with a winning outfit. 


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