What To Wear To A Memorial Service In The Summer

What To Wear To A Memorial Service In The Summer: 8 Outfits

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Attending a summer memorial service requires finding the perfect outfit that shows respect while also keeping comfortable in the warm weather.

Having recently attended a memorial service, I’ve learned valuable lessons on what to wear to a memorial service in the summer, and I’m here to share them with you. 

With that, I’ll provide practical advice that combines style, appropriateness, and practicality, allowing you to pay your respects while feeling at ease. 

8 Summer Outfit Ideas For A Memorial Service

1. Classic White Linen Ensemble

Man Wearing White Linen Shirt

A white linen ensemble is traditionally elegant for a summer memorial service. Lightweight and breathable, linen can help you stay cool during warm weather. 

This timeless ensemble typically includes a white linen shirt paired with either trousers or a skirt [1] for a polished look. 

Accessorize with subtle gold or silver jewelry, and pick sophisticated footwear to complete your look. But what should you wear to confirmation as a guest?

2. Sleeveless Chiffon Maxi Dress

A sleeveless chiffon maxi dress is a great choice for combining elegance and comfort in warm weather. 

Crafted from light chiffon fabric, the dress hangs loose, making it comfortable and airy, even in the humidity. 

“It is easy to forget now, how effervescent and free we all felt that summer.”

Anna Godbersen, American Writer

Opt for a neutral color such as navy blue or gray for a touch of solemnity. To complete this ensemble, choose simple jewelry that shows respect without being too showy. 

3. Lightweight Cotton Blouse & Skirt

Attending a summer memorial service is solemn but must not be uncomfortable. 

Try a lightweight ensemble of cotton blouses and skirts for a respectful and graceful look. 

Choose a peaceful color like white or pale pastel, and ensure the skirt ends below the knees. Check out these formal outfit ideas for guests to wear to confirmation here.

4. Elegant Short Sleeve Floral Dress

Try an elegant floral dress with short sleeves for a summer memorial service. 

The muted and monochromatic patterns convey sophistication and respect, while the soft fabric keeps you comfortable in the warm weather. 

To complete the look, accessorize with neutral tones and subtle jewelry. The floral pattern adds a gentle, feminine touch that won’t overpower the event’s solemnity. 

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5. Cotton Slacks & Button-Up Shirt

Man Wearing Slack Pants

Go for a timeless combination of lightweight cotton slacks and a button-up shirt. 

Slacks in a neutral tone like navy or khaki give a sense of formality and look polished when paired with a subdued shirt. 

Remember a belt and sleek shoes to turn up the sophistication. Comfort and class go hand-in-hand with this classic outfit. 

6. Lightweight Linen Suit

Choose a light-hued color like beige, light gray, or soft pastel shades of linen suit for maximum breathability and comfort. 

Complete the look with a crisp button-up shirt, a subtle tie, polished dress shoes, and minimal accessories. 

“While the summer air dances around us, let our attire be a gentle symphony, harmonizing our grief with dignity and grace.”

Howkapow Gift Site

You’ll look cool, sophisticated, and respectful in this timeless suit combination.

7. Linen Shirt & Cotton Trousers

A lightweight linen shirt is a great choice – aim for neutral shades like light blue, white, or pale gray. For trousers, stick to a well-fitted cotton fabric in colors like khaki or navy. 

Together, this combo will keep you feeling comfortable as you pay your respects on the day.

8. Khaki Pants & Chambray Shirt

Person Wearing Khaki Pants

Choosing the right outfit for a memorial service is easy with this timeless combination of khaki pants and a chambray shirt. 

The breathable fabrics of both pieces provide a comfortable option for hot summer days while also allowing you to look polished and respectful. 

Go for khaki pants in a neutral shade and pair them with a complementary colored chambray shirt, such as light blue or gray. 

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Tips On Dressing Up For The Funeral In Summer

  1. Choose Breathable Fabrics: Opt for lightweight and breathable materials such as linen, cotton, chambray, or certain light wools [2] (like tropical wool). These fabrics will help you stay cool under the summer sun.
  2. Sun Protection: Don’t forget about protection from the sun. You might be outside for a considerable period, so wear a hat and sunglasses if appropriate. Also, applying a high-factor sunscreen is a good idea.
  3. Stick to Subdued Colors: Even though it’s summer, a funeral is solemn. Stick to muted, subdued colors, with black, gray, navy and white being the most traditional. Bright colors or flashy patterns are generally considered inappropriate.


Should people always wear black to a funeral?

As a mark of respect and seriousness, wearing black is customary at funerals across most cultures. 

But other muted colors may also be appropriate to pay respects and remember the deceased.

What to avoid doing at a funeral service?

Avoid talking loudly or laughing, as it is inappropriate to show respect to the deceased and those in attendance. But how long do memorial services last?

Let’s Sum It Up

Dressing appropriately for a memorial service in the summer requires a thoughtful balance of respect and comfort. 

Based on my experience, I recommend classic options such as a white linen ensemble, which exudes timeless elegance while keeping you cool. 

Alternatively, a sleeveless chiffon maxi dress can provide a graceful and comfortable choice. 

Remember to opt for subdued colors, avoid excessive patterns, and ensure your attire is modest and respectful. 


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