What To Wear To A Lingerie Party?

What To Wear To A Lingerie Party? Answered

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A lingerie party is a lively way to commemorate a bachelorette party or a girls’ night in. It gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your beautiful figure in a comfortable and safe atmosphere.

Getting the perfect outfit can be overwhelming, and knowing what to wear to a lingerie party will complete your look. With a little fashion inspiration, it’s possible to find an outfit that will work for your personal style.  

Top 8 Must-Try Outfits for a Lingerie Party 

Top 8 Must-Try Outfits for a Lingerie Party 

8. Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings are the most common fashion look for lingerie parties. It goes well with a skirt, to spice up the look.

Wearing lingerie with fishnet stockings can show some skin yet not too revealing. We suggest pairing your overbust corsets with fishnet stockings for a unique style!

7. Underbust Corset 

Underbust Corset 

Aside from wearing a bra or foundation garment, you can put on an underbust corset simultaneously.

It’s not too revealing, yet you get the alluring look. Also, you can match it with your favorite jeans or panties if you feel comfortable with something bold under. 

6. Lacy Underwear with Short Robe

One of the sexy lingerie ideas is putting on lacy underwear with a short robe. You can spice up your clothing by wearing lace underwear with a short robe to impose the daring concept. At the top is a conservative style. But, a seductive style at the bottom. 

5. Silky Romper

Silky Romper

A silky romper is a must-have if you want something more playful and fun. A solid color such as burgundy or navy can add a bit of sex appeal to the look, while a more feminine look with a floral or geometric print might be a little more daring.

You can quickly put on a leather jacket as a cover up for the romper. To add glamour, pair it with some delicate jewelry or add a topknot for an effortlessly chic look.

4. Black Sequin Bustier

Consider using a black sequin bustier if you want to be flashy or sparkly during the lingerie party. If you don’t want to show much of your skin, pair it with high-waisted jeans.

Just the sparks of the sequins on your top are enough to rock the party! 

3. Satin Set 

Satin Set 

Speaking of lingerie parties, who would forget the satin sets for this special occasion. It can be pairs of bras and undies or bras and mini shorts. Also, you can opt for a two-piece set with a silky robe. 

You can have personalized sets for your best girlfriends or women friends. And after using it for the party, you can wear it as your bedroom wear. Practical, isn’t it? 

2. Corset Dress

This is one of the most recommended attire to wear to a lingerie event. Usually, with the lace around the skirt, it suits well with some jewelry. It’s more interesting than adding a belt. Besides, it highlights your curves and is very attractive to see at lingerie parties. 

1. Hot Red Silky Lingerie 

Hot Red Silky Lingerie 

The main character in our list is the hot red silky lingerie. When we say daring and seductive, the first thing that comes to mind is red. So, opt for hot red silky lingerie to achieve the perfect look for the event.  

You can put on a red bra top and silky shorts or go with red bras plus a knitted shirt on top. Alternatively, you can purchase a red silky lingerie set online or at nearby lingerie stores. 

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Things to Consider 

Things to Consider 

Flirty and Feminine

Make sure to prepare something flirty yet still boasts your femininity. If you like something bold, you can literally wear a bra and panties. However, if you want a little more feminine, you can try a corset or silky romper.  


We love the combination of a pretty bustier with fishnet stockings [1], a fitted skirt, and a pair of black heels. It’s something about showing off one’s skin that makes one feel confident.



Whichever style you want to achieve, what matters most is the comfort. Make sure you feel comfy with the outfit your choose. To wear lingerie like a bra or underwear boldly needs confidence, and you should feel relaxed about it. 


Make sure to consider your budget. If you want to buy new lingerie for lingerie parties you go to, then that’s fine. But, if you’re on a budget, you can just check your present wardrobe for clothes you can use. 

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What is a lingerie party?

A lingerie party is one of those special occasions that women organize to bond with their girl best friends. It’s about celebrating the special day while showing their bodies in fun and safe surroundings. 

What do you put on to cover lingerie?

To cover lingerie, you can wear street clothes like a plain sweater, jacket, or coat. When you go to lingerie parties, you can bring these types of clothes as a cover-up, but make sure not to wear clothing with complicated buttons for an easy dress-up. 

Flaunt Your Body

For a lingerie party, you can put on corsets, silky robes, satin sets, fishnet stockings, hot red lingerie, and more to flaunt your body. You can achieve the daring look with the right fashion idea. 

But, no matter what you wear to a lingerie party, it’s important to feel comfortable with it. So you can have so much fun with your girl besties and enjoy the night to the fullest! 


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