What To Wear To A Jewish Wedding

What To Wear To A Jewish Wedding: 5 Outfit Ideas

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It is important to dress appropriately when attending a Jewish wedding, as it is a sign of respect and allows for seamless integration into the meaningful cultural customs.

Having attended a Jewish wedding once, I’ve learned valuable insights on what to wear to these joyous celebrations.

Today, I’ll share practical tips and outfit ideas on what to wear to a Jewish wedding so you can make a stylish statement while still honoring Jewish customs.

5 Simple Outfit Ideas For A Jewish Wedding

1. Timeless Black Tie

Man Wearing Black Tie

For a Jewish wedding, a black tie [1] ensemble is an unbeatable choice for conveying a look of timeless elegance and sophistication. 

Start with the classic tuxedo and dress shirt combination to create the foundation, then add a black bowtie and a crisp white pocket square for impeccable formality. 

Finish with polished black leather shoes and charming cufflinks to elevate the ensemble to an even more elevated level of style.

2. Chic Cocktail Dress

Charm your guests with a classic yet dazzling cocktail dress. Knee-length or mid-length garments crafted from luxurious fabrics like silk or chiffon will do the trick. 

Accent your figure with silhouette-enhancing details such as lace or sequins, and choose an elegant and timeless hue from the deep jewel tones or classic neutrals. 

“The dress must follow the body of the woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.”

Hubert de Givenchy, French Fashion Designer

For the finishing touches, accessorize with statement earrings or a dainty necklace and opt for a pair of sophisticated yet comfortable heels.

3. Traditional Attire

Women should opt for a dress or skirt covering the knees and select a top that covers the shoulders and elbows to abide by the principles of modesty often followed in Jewish communities. 

Dresses or skirts can be embellished with intricate lace, embroidery, or prints for an elegant look. Men should sport a suit in hues like black or navy, complemented by a tie or bow tie. 

Notably, Jewish attire for men includes a “kippah” or “yarmulke,”: a skullcap signifying respect. But what should you wear to a Pakistani wedding?

4. Modest Skirt & Blouse

Woman Wearing Skirt and Blouse

Getting dressed for a Jewish wedding requires a respectful and stylish wardrobe. 

Choose a beautiful skirt in a classic length, like a midi or knee-length, and create a classy ensemble with a blouse in a complementary shade. 

Silk and satin fabrics are ideal for a luxurious feel, while colors like navy, burgundy, and emerald green make for sophisticated contrasts. 

To finish off, add a pair of comfortable yet stylish shoes and some tasteful accessories like a dainty necklace or a bracelet.

5. Lounge Suits Or Double-Breasted Blazer & Slacks

A classic lounge suit or smart double-breasted blazer paired with tailored trousers is a tailor-made, stylish look for a Jewish wedding. 

Ensure the blazer is well-fitted and timelessly styled, such as navy, charcoal, or deep burgundy. 

“Create a stylish and culturally sensitive ensemble for a Jewish wedding, blending traditional and timeless fashion.”

Howkapow Gift Site

The trousers should complement the jacket, and a crisp, high-quality dress shirt in a coordinating color plus a stylish tie or bowtie will pull out the formal touch. 

Finish the look with sophisticated leather shoes that match the outfit’s tone. 

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Few Things To Remember When Dressing Up For The Wedding

  • Modesty is Key: In many Jewish communities, modest dress is preferred. This typically means avoiding clothing that’s too revealing. For women, it’s generally recommended to wear dresses or skirts that fall below the knee and to avoid low necklines or bare shoulders. For men, long pants are a must.
  • Head Coverings: Men may be expected to wear a kippah (a yarmulke) during the ceremony. In some cases, these might be provided at the wedding venue. Some orthodox communities may also require married women to cover their hair, so women might want to bring a scarf or hat.
  • Cover Your Shoulders: Women should have a shawl [2], wrap, or jacket on hand in case the ceremony is conservative and requires that shoulders be covered.
  • Comfortable Shoes: Jewish weddings often involve much standing and dancing. Comfortable shoes are a must, especially for the hora dance. 
  • Dress Code: Check the invitation for information about the dress code. Jewish weddings can range from casual to black ties, and the expected level of formality should be specified.

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What colors are appropriate to wear to a Jewish wedding?

Most colors are considered appropriate at a Jewish wedding except for all white, typically reserved for the bride. 

Opting for tasteful, muted colors or pastels is always a good idea unless the wedding invitation specifies a particular color scheme or theme.

What is the average monetary gift for a Jewish wedding?

In a Jewish wedding, guests give gifts in multiples of 18, as 18 is a numerically significant, “lucky” number in Jewish culture, symbolizing “chai” or life.

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Let’s Sum It Up

Attending a Jewish wedding requires careful consideration of your attire to honor the traditions while showcasing your style. 

There are various options, from the timeless black tie to the chic cocktail dress. 

But it is crucial to remember a few key points. Modesty should be at the forefront of your outfit, ensuring your shoulders are covered and your attire reaches the knees. 

Additionally, remember head coverings like a kippah for men, and for women, consider bringing a shawl or scarf. Lastly, prioritize comfortable shoes to dance the night away. 


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