What To Wear To A Housewarming Party?

What To Wear To A Housewarming Party? Solved

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Knowing what to wear to a housewarming party can be a bit of a struggle, especially if you’re not really into vogue. 

But hey, we got your back in this new adventure of getting the right outfit for that house party!

10 Failproof Outfits For A Housewarming Party

10 Failproof Outfits For A Housewarming Party

10. Printed Top and Denim Jeans 

Need a casual housewarming party outfit? Denim jeans and a printed top got your back! It’s a fashion statement for everyone who loves old-school trends to modern styling clothes. Who says denim can’t be a house party outfit?

With its easy-to-blend fabric texture, color, and fitting, you’ll never go wrong with its style. It’s comfortable, and anyone could carry it on with class and confidence.

Match your full or cropped jeans with a printed blouse or t-shirt, and you’re now off to go for the house party! [1

9. Jumpsuits or Rompers

Jumpsuits or Rompers

The jumpsuit outfit is one of the most trendy outfits for women that can be worn as formal attire or casual outfit at any kind of house party. Its chic and cool appearance can make you look fashionable and youthful because of its trendy style. 

If you’re not into long pants, a romper party outfit is to the rescue. Unlike jumpsuits, the romper style has short pants that are more suitable for casual-all-fun housewarming parties. [2

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8. Off-shoulder Dress

A dress can blend with different house parties and weather, especially for a housewarming party.

Be it a summer dress, a cocktail dress for an evening party, or a cocktail housewarming party theme, wearing a dress that showcases your personality and assets is most attractive. 

Depending on the party dress code, you have a lot to choose from with its various designs and styles. 

Off-shoulder floral summer dresses or cocktail dresses as a housewarming party dress is perfect for any dinner party theme.

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7. Plain Shirt and Trousers

Plain Shirt and Trousers

Do you want that calm and reserved image for a house party you’re attending? Try expensive-looking nice pair of plain shirts and dress pants that will not give you a simple and basic look but a sultry yet intellectual style. 

Like the Number 10 house party outfit, plain clothing has been proven among all generations to never go out of style. Plain is simple, and simplicity is beauty, right? 

Minimalist kinds of wear are now on the trend for a casual theme. Plus that it is one of the most easy-to-carry house party outfits for men and even women. [3

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6. Crochet Dress

Crochet became popular in the 1960s to 1970s as the perfect wear for summer and hot weather. It’s comfortable to wear by any body shape and can mix with any kinds of shoes or strappy sandals like flip flops or even high heels. 

That’s why it falls on our Top 6 spot as a housewarming party outfit: you can wear it at an indoor party scheduled for summer, and the weather is hot. Just pick the designs that suit the occasion and the most you’re comfortable wearing to a housewarming or dinner party. 

And, have we mentioned that you could make your own crochet house party outfit? Yes! You read it right, grab that yarn and do the needlework! Now, you have your own unique and personalized house party dress! 

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5. Ripped Jeans And Bodysuit

Ripped Jeans And Bodysuit

Here’s the modern chic housewarming party outfit that would undoubtedly give you the look of a hot-stuff. Ripped jeans are one of our favorite pants, and we often wear them on casual occasions or at a house party. 

It was also popular and quite a bomb in the fast fashion industry for decades because it can go well with different tops that you want to be mixed. With its unique design that will give you that badass look, most people worldwide prefer it as their go-to outfit at any casual party. 

Pairing it with an awesome bodysuit will add a great look to your attire at a house party. But because you’re wearing a bodysuit as your top, there would be a little trouble when you have to use the toilet. [4]

4. Button Front Skirt and Blouse

This pair of clothing is one of our go-to outfits for casual occasions or even trips! A button-front skirt paired with a blouse or a light-colored top is a cute combination that will give you a youthful and easy-going aura. 

This perfect outfit is comfortable to wear for a house party and easy to pair with any shoes, but it would look great with ankle boots or white sneakers. We bet this is also most women’s fave go-to OOTD worldwide. 

We’ve seen many famous personalities wear cute button-front skirts with different fabrics, designs, and lengths.

There are maxi skirts or the longer ones, and the shorter version is called the midi skirt. Whatever you choose, wear it with confidence! But how can you tell someone not to bring their dog to your house?

3. Tank Top and Flannel Shirt

Tank Top and Flannel Shirt

This outfit has been around the globe for decades and was never lost in the trend. We can all nail that laidback vibe with a plain tank top topped with a colored flannel. This pair of clothing is perfect for denim pants and ripped jeans to get that country look. [5]

Styles and tastes of attire trends have evolved, making this pair the most easy-to-carry outfit for indoor or outdoor parties. [6

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2. Mini Dress and Thigh-High Boots 

This cute attire did not fall on our number 2 spot for no reason. Yes, this is one of those outfits every woman wanted to pull off perfectly. 

Mini dresses in any color, fabric, or size blend well with a pair of thigh-high boots, be it pointed heels or block heels; they will definitely speak class when worn. The only con in wearing this is you might find it hard to move around the house with fitted boots. [7

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1. Turtle Neck Dress

Turtle Neck Dress

We love wearing and styling turtle neck dresses with different tops and footwear. That’s why we labeled it as our most versatile dress because even the outdated designs of turtle neck dresses can evolve into trendy outfits with simple ideas. 

Plain and dark-colored turtle neck can be worn at a night party that will give you a classy and cozy look. It is also perfect to wear during cold weather or winter. [8

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Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider


Housewarming parties sometimes require a dress code or party theme. Before deciding what to wear that best suits your personality, always take note of the owner’s house party theme so you won’t look like a gate crasher.

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If the party is held in cold or hot weather, you must wear an outfit that will provide you with enough protection. Cool blouses or dress is practical for warmer days. However, don’t forget to bring your jacket for colder nights. 



Yes, we all have to choose and act our age whenever attending parties with friends and unknown guests. But if you feel comfortable and fabulous in that candy-colored dress, go for it and slay them all with your outfit!

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It’s the comfort that matters. Parties usually last for hours. A house party may last up to 6 to 8 hours, depending on how far (or how long) your conversations take you. And wearing fabulous but uncomfortable clothes will just ruin your mood.

Also, instead of heels, go for comfortable flats or low-heeled boots. 

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Do you wear high heels to a housewarming party?

No. Always choose the footwear you’ll be most comfortable wearing during the long walks and hours of standing. High heels are fabulous, but if they make your legs hurt while at the party, it will make you uncomfortable and conscious. We recommend flats instead. [9

How long does a housewarming party last?

Housewarming parties with your close friends usually last 6 hours. If you’re conversant and love to be around your friends and new people, choose a dress that will make you comfortable, relaxed, and fantastic for hours.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right outfits for the housewarming party can be a little stressful. Still, you don’t have to be so dressy or flashy at a party if you don’t feel like it. Wearing an outfit that describes your personality and comfort is the most important. [10]

Always remember that it’s not the party outfit that defines us as a person; it’s still our hearts and approach toward a particular situation. Just be yourself, and everything will fall into its right places. After all, house parties or cocktail parties are more about meeting new people, right? 


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