What To Wear To A Hawaiian Wedding

What To Wear To A Hawaiian Wedding: 8 Outfit Ideas

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Discovering the ideal attire can be both thrilling and overwhelming when preparing for a Hawaiian wedding.

But as someone fortunate enough to witness the beauty of a Hawaiian wedding ceremony firsthand, I now know how to dress appropriately for such an event. 

In this brief introduction, I’ll share my insights on what to wear to a Hawaiian wedding, ensuring you make a stylish statement while respecting the rich cultural traditions of the islands. 

8 Chic Outfit Ideas For A Hawaiian Wedding

1. Floral Cocktail Dress

Woman Wearing Floral Cocktail Dress

A floral cocktail dress is the perfect pick for a Hawaiian wedding. Boasting a tailored fit and intricate floral design, this dress exudes elegance with a tropical twist. 

Lightweight and comfortable, it’s an inspired choice that combines sophistication with a laid-back island vibe. 

From vibrant colors to its captivating allure, this stunning ensemble captures the spirit of the Hawaiian Isles [1]. But what do you wear to a Catholic wedding?

2. Silk Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

Try wearing a gorgeous silk wide-leg jumpsuit for a stunning, stylish, and unique look at your Hawaiian wedding. 

This contemporary alternative to traditional dresses fuses the elegance of silk and the comfort of a wide-leg silhouette for a flattering, flowy, and sophisticated look. 

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.” 

– Tom Ford, American Fashion Designer

The lightweight fabric is ideal for events held in warm weather as it maintains a cool and comfortable appearance even when exposed to the sun. 

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3. Short Sleeve Ruffle Romper

This playful short sleeve ruffle romper is a lightweight, comfortable option for staying cool in the balmy climate. 

This stylish ensemble will turn heads, featuring feminine ruffles and an adjustable waistband to create a flattering silhouette. 

Choose from vibrant colors and patterns to add a vivid flair to your look. But what do you wear to a club country wedding?

4. Collared Button-Down With Slacks

Rather than settling for a casual ensemble, opt for a well-fitting, crisp collared shirt and tailored slacks to create a comfortable and classic look. 

Lightweight and breathable fabrics help you stay cool in the island’s tropical setting, while a coordinating belt and dress shoes add sophistication to your outfit.

5. White Linen Suit

Man Wearing Pure white linen tailored mens suit

This classic attire creates a look of sophistication while embracing the casual yet graceful vibes of the tropical setting. 

Whether you choose a single-breasted or double-breasted design, the timeless charm of the white linen suit will capture the relaxed atmosphere of the island wedding and make you stand out as a well-dressed guest.

6. Crisp White Shirt & Linen Pants

A crisp white shirt [2] and linen pants perfectly balance sophistication and comfort. 

The shirt’s clean lines and pristine white give the ensemble an air of elegance, while the linen pant is both lightweight and breathable – ideal for keeping cool amidst the island’s tropical climate. 

You can easily customize the look with stylish accessories such as a belt or a bright pocket square to express your unique style.

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7. Silk Slip Dress

As a woman attending a Hawaiian wedding, you’ll want to choose a stylish, comfortable, and timeless ensemble: a silk slip dress.

This luxurious garment is a perfect way to look and feel elegant, thanks to the soft touch of silk and its iconic shape that flows gracefully and effortlessly.

“Dress like you’re a part of the stunning landscape, where palm trees sway and the ocean sparkles, capturing the essence of a Hawaiian wedding.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Finish your look with delicate jewelry or a beautiful shawl, adding charm and color to your ensemble. But what do you wear to a Pakistani wedding?

8. Vintage Hawaiian Shirt & Chinos

man Wearing Floral Hawaiian Shirt

This combination’s relaxed yet refined feel is perfect for the event, with the shirt’s bright colors and bold patterns providing a touch of personality and flair. 

Chinos in a neutral or complementary color will provide a polished foundation to balance the shirt’s vibrancy and make the outfit more formal.

Accessorize the look with a leather belt or boat shoes to make it your own truly.

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How To Dress Up When Attending A Hawaiian Wedding

  • Understand the Dress Code: First and foremost, check the wedding invitation for any dress code information. A Hawaiian wedding could range from casual beachwear to a more formal event.
  • Check the Weather: Remember to check the weather forecast on the wedding day and adjust your outfit accordingly. You might need an umbrella or a raincoat if there’s a chance of rain.
  • Select the Right Colors and Patterns: Opt for tropical or floral patterns and bright or pastel colors that reflect the island’s vibe. Remember to avoid wearing white or cream unless the dress code specifies otherwise.
  • Dress Comfortably for the Venue: If the wedding is on a beach, consider wearing flat shoes or sandals, as heels can sink into the sand. Men might opt for loafers or boat shoes.


What is inappropriate attire for wedding guests?

Inappropriate attire for wedding guests typically includes revealing or flashy clothing like a sequined dress and casual clothing such as jeans, shorts, or flip-flops. 

What to wear if you do not know the dress code for a wedding?

A nice cocktail dress or suit and a dress shirt with a tie or trousers and a blouse are always safe for a wedding, regardless of the dress code.

On A Final Note

Attending a Hawaiian wedding presents an exciting opportunity to showcase your style while respecting the local customs and embracing the tropical ambiance. 

Based on my firsthand experience, consider a variety of chic outfit options. For women, a floral cocktail dress exudes elegance and captures the essence of the islands. 

Men can opt for a collared button-down shirt paired with well-fitted slacks, striking the perfect balance between formal and relaxed. 

Remember to choose breathable fabrics, embrace vibrant colors and prints, and accessorize thoughtfully.


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