What To Wear To A Graduation As A Guest Male

What To Wear To A Graduation As A Male Guest: 8 Outfit Ideas

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As a visitor, it is crucial to dress appropriately for the occasion and show respect to the graduate and their accomplishment.

For men, the attire for a graduation ceremony can range from full tuxedos to more relaxed suits and ties. 

The key is to dress smartly and comfortably while looking sharp and put together. So, what to wear to a graduation as a male guest? Let’s find out. 

8 Semi-Formal Attire For Attending A Graduation As A Male Guest

1. Knit Collared Polo & Dress Pants

Man Wearing Knit Collared Polo

This classic combo indicates whether you’re heading to a formal graduation event or a casual gathering. 

For a more sophisticated look, opt for a darker hue like navy or black, and pair it with matching dress pants. 

Pair a light-colored polo in pastel shades with beige or khaki pants [2] if you feel more playful.

2. Monochromatic Formal Suit & Boots

Step out in a monochromatic formal suit and boots for a sleek and edgy look. 

Choose a deep, rich color, such as midnight blue or forest green, and pair it with boots in the same hue to create a cohesive and eye-catching ensemble. 

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”

Arthur Ashe, Professional Tennis Player

The boots will add height and draw attention to your feet, making a statement at any black-tie event or stylish soirée. But what do you wear to a high school party?

3. Roll Neck Sweater & Corduroy Pants

Try pairing a roll-neck sweater with corduroy pants for a comfortable and stylish look. Neutral colors like gray or beige lend the perfect blank canvas to let the corduroy pants pop. 

Choose a daring hue like forest green or rust to bring a touch of autumnal color to your ensemble. 

You’ll be ready to take on any event with the roll-neck’s warmth and coziness and the corduroy’s textured depth. But what do you wear to a basic training graduation?

4. Burgundy Suit With Black Turtleneck

Man Wearing Burgundy Suit

The deep, vibrant burgundy of the suit embodies confidence and sophistication, while the black turtleneck hints at a mysterious elegance. 

And the striking contrast between the two colors will surely turn heads and help you stand out in the crowd. So, make an unforgettable impression with this timeless, unique combination.

5. Cream-colored Sweater & Navy Blue Dress Pants

This timeless pairing is the perfect way to showcase your style, with the warm feel of the cream-colored sweater and the sophistication of navy blue dress pants. 

To add a bit of flair, consider accessorizing with a bold red tie or pocket square – the neutral palette allows you to get creative.

6. Charcoal Gray Sweater & Black Dress Pants

This timeless look will make a statement, perfect for any occasion, from a fancy dinner party to someone’s graduation. 

The charcoal gray sweater provides a warm and cozy feel, while the black dress pants give off a sharp and polished vibe. 

“Dress for the achievement, not the occasion. Show respect for the graduate’s hard work by dressing sharp and confident, but never upstage the star of the day.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Go for a medium-weight knit sweater that fits your body well, and pair it with tailored black dress pants for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

7. Dark Gray Chinos & Light Blue Linen Shirt

Dark gray chinos and a light blue linen shirt are perfect for a summer graduation ceremony. 

The chinos provide a sleek and classy look, while the linen shirt will keep them cool in the warm weather. Plus, the light blue hue adds a cheerful and cheerful touch to the outfit. 

Get the perfect fit with a slim-fit shirt, and you’ll have a timeless look with everyone talking. Check out these semi-formal outfits to wear to a grad party here.

8. Navy Blue Dress Shirt With White Dress Pants

Man Wearing Navy Blue Dress Shirt

This classic color combo exudes sophistication and elegance to make you look sharp. 

Opt for a well-tailored shirt in crisp cotton and pair it with well-fitted white dress pants for a sleek and streamlined silhouette. 

Add a pop of personality with a colorful tie or pocket square for the perfect finishing touch.

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Tips On How To Dress For Graduation As A Guest

  1. Opt for smart and stylish attire: Graduation ceremonies are formal events, so it’s important to dress smartly. Men should wear something conventional and suitable, such as a suit or sport coat with dress slacks and a dress shirt and tie.
  2. Consider the weather: Make sure to dress for the weather conditions on graduation day. Opt for lighter and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen if it’s hot. If it’s cold, consider wearing layers that can be easily removed.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes: You’ll likely be on your feet for a long time during the graduation ceremony, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Avoid wearing sneakers or sandals, and choose dress shoes or loafers [2].
  4. Accessorize appropriately: To complete your look, consider wearing a belt, wristwatch, and other accessories that complement your outfit. Keep your jewelry simple and understated.
  5. Avoid over-the-top or flashy clothing: Graduation ceremonies are not the time to make an overly fashion statement. Stick to classic and understated attire, and avoid wearing clothing that’s too revealing, flashy, or distracting.


What not to wear as a guest at graduation?

Avoid wearing too flashy or formal clothing, attention-grabbing, and not formal enough. Find out why people wear white outfits for graduation here.

Is it important what you wear to your graduation?

Yes, what you wear to your graduation is important as it is a special occasion, and your outfit should reflect your pride in the accomplishment.

Find out the percentage of guests who attends a grad party here.

In Summary

If you’re a male guest, dressing for a graduation ceremony requires careful consideration of the dress code, venue, and weather conditions. 

Remember, the goal is to look sharp, put-together, and respectful. 

So, choose an attire that makes you feel good, and you’ll be sure to make a positive impression on the day of the graduation.


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