What To Wear To A Gender Reveal Party

What To Wear To A Gender Reveal Party: Solved! (2023)

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What could be more exciting than finding out whether the new addition to the family would be a baby girl or boy? Gender reveal parties are definitely fun occasions to celebrate with family and friends!

If it’s your first time attending this celebration, check out what to wear to a gender reveal party.

Top 5 Outfit Ideas for Gender Reveal Party 

Top 5 Outfit Ideas for Gender Reveal Party

1. Customized Gender Reveal Shirt 

The first option is for you to customize the shirt you will wear to the party. Parents usually search for a fitting theme before they decide and design the shirts to go exactly with it. 

If you are betting on a little lady, you may wear pink (shirt or dress) bearing the words “little princess”. On the other hand, those who are expecting a baby boy could wear blue printed with the words “team mustache”. Take this as an opportunity to be creative!

2. Light Tone Mini Dress 

Light Tone Mini Dress 

Ladies who plan to go to this special day may wear gender reveal dresses in a light tone. If you want a not too flattering yet gorgeous look, a light pink outfit or a blue dress paired with cute accessories will do.

3. Stylish Romper

A gender reveal party is a special occasion full of love and fun. Some even prepare games and activities for this celebration.

If you want to be comfortable, you can set aside the dress and consider one of the most casual outfits – a pink or stylish blue romper. This would be great, especially if the celebration occurs during spring or summer. 

4. Button-up Shirt 

Button-up Shirt 

If you are a man wondering what to wear to a gender reveal party, you may try wearing a pink or blue button-up shirt. You can pair it with jeans and sneakers for a simple yet casual look. Although it is a typical formal attire, no one can deny that men look elegant in this style.

5. Polo Shirt and Beige Pants

A pink or blue collared shirt is a formal outfit that can make a man stand out during the celebration. They may pair it with tailored pants or jeans in beige as it compliments any color.

Gender Reveal Dress Code

You must prepare for events like gender reveal celebrations or a baby shower, from the gifts to the clothes (or fashion style) since this is a memorable day for the parents and their baby.

Guests should follow the party’s theme, especially if there is a dress code or when the color symbolizing the baby’s gender is mentioned. But what’s a great gift for a gender reveal party?

Factors to Consider 

Factors to Consider 


Wear something comfortable. You can wear outfits made with soft materials like cotton or linen so you can move comfortably.

Aside from that, some parties have fun games and activities so make sure you can move around and enjoy the party. 



Be mindful of the weather or season on the day of the event. If you celebrate it during fall or summer, search for dress ideas that will not make you sweat a lot.

On the other hand, if you can’t bear the cold during a winter celebration, a coat may also help.


The location of gender reveal parties sometimes depends on the season. When held during summer, some prefer to do it in a garden.

With that, ladies must avoid wearing heels and only wear them when the celebration is inside a building or facility. Men can wear a pair of rubber shoes to make it casual.

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What Colors to Wear to a Gender Reveal Party

What Colors to Wear to a Gender Reveal Party

Gender Neutral Colors

To wear pink or blue clothing is common at a gender reveal party [1]. If you want a gender-neutral theme, you must choose a dress in light beige, cream, green, lilac, yellow, or silver. Using them is also wise since they look more formal and casual.

Reveal Your Vote (Team Girl or Team Boy)

Reveal Your Vote (Team Girl or Team Boy)

Guests usually choose pink outfits like a dress, shirt, or blouse if they are Team Girl and blue for Team Boy [2]. This has been a widely practiced tradition since then. It also makes the celebration more fun and those with the winning votes can be given exciting prizes!

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What do you wear to a gender reveal in the winter?

Both men and women can wear coats or cardigans if the party is during winter. Ladies must avoid short dresses to prevent getting cold. Guests must also not sandals but go for boots or closed shoes, primarily if the party takes place outside.

Are you supposed to bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

No, guests are not required to bring a gift since this event is different from a surprise baby shower. However, gender-neutral gifts would be fine and can prove helpful later on. The best time to give one is during the baby shower.

So, What Do You Wear To A Gender Reveal Bash?

Gender reveal parties are full of fun and excitement as a cute baby is welcomed to the family. If it’s your first time to attend and you lack outfit ideas, women can wear cute dresses while men may go with a polo or collared shirt paired with pants.

Also, consider the season and location when planning what to wear for the celebration.

If you are looking for a shop to buy outfits, the key is to search online, as many stores post fashionable items that might help you choose an outfit for the party!


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