What To Wear to a Frat Party

What To Wear to a Frat Party: 10 Ideas To Try (Updated)

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You have received an invitation to your very first fraternity party, and you are unsure of what to wear. Do you opt for a cute or sexy outfit?

If you are wondering what to wear to a frat party, read further as we discuss the best outfit ideas you can never go wrong with. 

Top 10 Outfits to Wear to a Frat Party

Top 10 Outfits to Wear to a Frat Party

10. Ripped Jeans and White Top

Starting the easiest fashion outfit ideas from this list is the ripped jeans and white top ensemble. The white top can be either a polo for men or a t-shirt for women. As for the jeans, the usual choice would be the denim variety. 

9. Suede Skirt

Originally meant for “the boys only” over the years, frat events have changed and allowed girls to be invited.

A girl wanting to look super cute with their outfit can wear a suede skirt. The skirt can be a comfortable replacement during warm weather, unlike high-waisted jeans that can be too hot to wear.

8. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a classic yet timeless outfit worn at a frat house. It can also serve as an extra layer of clothing if the venue’s location has a cold climate. This clothing of choice easily pairs well with a regular top, jeans, and your trusty shoes. 

7. Sexy Skirt and White Polo Tie

One of the daring frat outfit ideas for a girl is a sexy skirt that will emphasize the wearer’s bottom curves. However, it may become uncomfortable to wear for hours due to its length and design.

6. Shorts and Crop Top

One of the frat party outfit ideas that you can wear well in a warm climate is shorts and a crop top. It can also be a nice idea to wear during events held on a warm night.

Basically, a loose crop top is perfect for women who want to be cute with style while having the lightest and most comfortable shorts possible.  

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5. Jeans and Tank Top

Jeans and Tank Top

Jeans and tank tops can be a great clothing idea for women because these won’t break their banks. Don’t forget to pair it with nice shoes or sneakers. It may be the simplest dressing theme on this list, but it will look good on the dance floor. Alternatively, a shirt top can be used if you aren’t comfortable with a tank top.

4. Halter Bodysuit

A halter bodysuit top apparel can be a one-piece swimsuit if the frat house or location has a pool. A halter bodysuit shows off the curves and sexiness of your body due to its design. 

When worn at the party, you can match it with long denim pants and light shoes or sandals to complete the style. 

3. Jersey

Jersey is a simple kind of top apparel, and any person can wear this kind of clothing. You can pair it with any appropriate bottom clothing [1], and it easily matches most shoes (except formal leather ones). Popular choices to pair the top with will be jeans or short shorts.

2. Sexy Dress

Sexy Dress

Being dressed more daringly can be comfortable for others. Wearing this apparel helps show off your body’s curves and will get the public’s attention.

On top, you can add some additional clothing, such as a mini blazer. Doing so helps to enhance your overall look and can provide a contrast to your bottom apparel. 

1. Leggings and Bikini Top

Leggings and a bikini top would be the best choice if you want your fit and toned body physique to stand out. It is a comfortable, stylish, and sexy outfit to wear to your first frat party! Gather your friends and head to the dance floor in these comfortable clothes. 

Of course, you can also use this style during a pool party at the location. 

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What Not To Wear

What Not To Wear

There will be some outfits that will not be applicable and shouldn’t be considered at all.

Some examples of apparel that you can throw out from your ideas would be the following:

  • Heels
  • Unnecessary jewelry
  • Very tight clothing
  • Your night clothes

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What is a Frat Party?

A fraternity party is an informal gathering or event held by a group of college males in a university. The event involves drinking, eating, and hanging out with friends. Attendants are encouraged to make a friend or two by striking up a conversation with other attendees.

A girl can attend one. However, it is usually frowned upon as a history of past events led to some bad outcomes; some dirty looks led to sexual harassment.

Things to Consider

Things to Consider


You need to consider the event’s location when choosing your garments. Fashion and styles of clothing can greatly differ from city to city. For example, people in busier cities tend to wear more updated clothing, while folks in smaller areas might settle for less.



Choose one of your frat party outfit ideas based on the event’s weather. If the event is located in a warm climate, then wear lightly. The same goes if the location is in a cold climate; wear thicker clothing. But what should you wear to a high school party?


When securing one of the many frat party outfit ideas, you will need to budget your expenditure for clothing. Check your wardrobe first to see if there’s anything you can use as one. If there’s none, try looking for one in a thrift store first, then malls as your last option.


Is it hard to get into frat parties?

No. It is not that hard to get into frat parties as long as you have been invited to one. To get in without trouble, you must have been personally invited. Just wear the appropriate apparel to blend in the event properly.

Check out some tips to get into frat parties here.

What happens at college frat parties?

Knowing new people amongst your peers and having fun while drinking with them as friends is what happens at college parties. Aside from that, your social credibility among them increases, showing that you are willing to mingle and socialize with them by attending to it.

Dress to Impress

Wearing the right and appropriate apparel and accessories can make or break your presence and status amongst your peers in your college years.

Aside from that, learning the rest of how to handle yourself while attending one to avoid being wasted [2]. You don’t want it to be filled with bad memories after being unable to handle your drinks. Being dead drunk is one of the worst ways to be in one.


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