What To Wear To A College Party For Guys

What To Wear To A College Party For Guys: 10 Outfits

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Choosing the perfect outfit for your first college party can be a daunting task.

As a guy, you want to look stylish and feel comfortable in what you wear, but you’re also mindful of the dress code. 

With the right clothing pieces, you can make a great impression at the party and have a great time.

So, what to wear to a college party for guys? Read on.  

10 Cool College Party outfits For Guys

1. Jeans With A Polo Shirt & A Blazer 

Man Wearing Polo Shirt and a Jeans

A great outfit for guys to wear to a college party is a pair of well-fitted jeans paired with a polo shirt and blazer. 

This outfit perfectly balances casual and dressed-up, making it appropriate for various events. 

The jeans offer comfort and versatility, while the polo shirt adds a touch of class and sophistication. 

Plus, the blazer takes the outfit to the next level, elevating it from casual to formal and giving the wearer a polished and put-together look. 

2. Khakis With A Plaid Button-Down Shirt & A Baseball Cap 

For a more laid-back and comfortable option, guys can opt for a pair of khakis paired with a plaid button-down shirt and a baseball cap. 

The khakis offer a relaxed fit perfect for a casual party, while the plaid shirt adds a pop of color and pattern. 

And the baseball cap gives the outfit a sporty touch, signaling that the person is ready to have fun [1].

3. Khaki Short With A Graphic T-Shirt & A Jean Jacket 

At college parties, guys can look casual and cool by wearing khaki shorts, a graphic t-shirt, and a jean jacket. The khaki shorts offer comfort and breathability, perfect for a warm summer night. 

And the graphic t-shirt adds a fun and playful element to the outfit, with endless design options that can showcase the wearer’s personality and interests.

To finish the overall look, pair it with a jean jacket to add a touch of ruggedness. Check out these cute St. Patrick’s day outfits for guys here.

4. Jeans With A T-Shirt & A Hoodie 

If a guy is looking for a comfortable and stylish outfit for a college party, jeans paired with a t-shirt and hoodie are a perfect choice. 

The jeans offer a timeless, versatile, and comfortable look, while the t-shirt provides a simple and clean canvas to build upon. Then, add a hoodie to the look to feel cozy and warm. 

5. Collared Shirt & Chinos With Loafers

collared Polo Shirt

Collared shirts, chinos, and loafers are the ideal outfit for any man who wants to look dapper at a college party and make an impression.

The chinos give the wearer a more dressed-up appearance than jeans or khakis, while the collared shirt lends an air of class and charm.

“Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person” 

– Oscar de le Renta, Dominican-American Fashion Designer

The loafers complete the look, giving the ensemble a polished and refined finish. But what should you wear to a grad party?

6. Plaid Shirt With Cuffed Khaki Pants & White Sneakers

Looking for a classic yet stylish outfit to wear to your next college party? Look no further than this plaid shirt paired with cuffed khaki pants and white sneakers.

The plaid shirt adds a fun and hip vibe to the ensemble, while the cuffed khaki pants give a polished touch. 

On top of it all, the white sneakers finish off the look with a laid-back, casual look that’s still put together. Check out these cool outfits for bachelor party here.

7. Sweatpants With A T-Shirt & A Varsity Jacket 

Don’t hesitate to slip into your sweatpants, t-shirt, and varsity jacket and get ready to make some memories at your next college party.

The sweatpants provide ultimate comfort and flexibility, allowing you to dance the night away without restriction. 

Meanwhile, the simple yet classic t-shirt adds a casual style, and the varsity jacket elevates the outfit with its sporty and edgy vibe.

Together, this outfit makes you feel confident and cool as you navigate the party scene. But what do you wear to an after-prom party?

8. Casual Button-Down With Dark Jeans & Low-Top Sneakers

This easygoing button-down shirt, teamed with dark trousers and low-top sneakers, is the ideal ensemble for a college guy who wants to look good without exerting too much effort.

Dark jeans create a sleek and fashionable foundation, while the button-down adds a touch of elegance and class.

Paired with low-top sneakers, this outfit is perfect for hitting the dance floor or mingling with friends. Check out these outfits for a police academy graduation here.

9. Gray Hoodie With Light-Wash Jeans & Sneakers

It’s hard to go wrong with a gray hoodie and light-wash jeans for a guy’s basic but trendy college party outfit [2]. 

The hoodie can be paired with a graphic or plain white tee for a more polished look. 

Besides, the light-wash jeans give a relaxed and comfortable feel, while the sneakers add a sporty vibe. A pair of stylish sunglasses and a few accessories can be added to finish the look.

10. Distressed T-Shirt With Joggers & High-Top Sneakers

You won’t regret dressing up with a distressed tee, some joggers, and high-top sneakers for a college night out.

The distressed t-shirt gives the outfit an edgy, stylish look, and the joggers provide comfort and mobility. 

And the high-top sneakers complete the look with a bit extra height, making the outfit look more put together.

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Does what you wear to a college party matter?

It doesn’t matter what you wear to a college party, but your clothes can make a statement about who you are and what kind of person you want to be seen as. 

What to wear to a fraternity party for guys?

A nice button-up shirt and khaki shorts are good for guys when attending a fraternity party.

Plus, pair it with Vans and Nike crew socks then you’re ready to go. But how do guys dress up for homecoming?

In Summary

No matter what you wear, have fun with it. 

Let your style and personality shine through, and remember to dress for comfort—you’ll be dancing and having a good time. 

College parties are about having fun and letting loose with your pals, so wear something that makes you feel fantastic about yourself.


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