What To Wear To A Catholic Wedding

What To Wear To A Catholic Wedding: 6 Outfit Ideas

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Going to a Catholic wedding is a special experience that demands respect and the following of certain rules, especially when it comes to what you wear.

As someone who has attended a fair share of Catholic weddings and pays attention to the small things, I’ve learned a lot about style and etiquette. 

Today, I’ll share my tips on what to wear to a Catholic wedding, so you can look great and understand the traditions and expectations of this important event. Let’s get started.

6 Outfits To Wear To A Catholic Wedding For Men & Women

1. Classic Suit & Tie

Man Wearing Classic Suit & Tie

Wear a classic suit and tie [1] to a Catholic wedding, and you’ll be stylishly dressed. 

This ensemble of suit jackets, crisp white shirts, and coordinating ties creates a universally sophisticated and respectful look. 

Whether it’s a daytime or evening event, stick to traditional colors like navy, charcoal, or black – they’ll give you a polished and formal appearance while still allowing you to display your personality through a pop of color in the tie. 

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2. Classic Cocktail Dress

It’s an ensemble that oozes timeless style and grace while providing an appropriate formality for the event. 

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is instant language.” 

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Select a dress that falls just above or below the knee and has flattering cuts and refined detail. Go for chiffon, silk, or lace fabrics, and choose colors complementing the occasion. 

Finish the look with classy heels, jewelry, and a small clutch. Find out the meaning of a red wedding dress here.

3. Polished Skirt Suit

Woman Suit on a Mannequin

The polished skirt suit is a well-tailored skirt knee-length or below-the-knee in fabrics like wool, tweed, or crepe. Choose a color palette that compliments the overall ambiance. 

Top it off with a coordinating blazer or jacket [2], a tailored blouse or top, elegant pumps, and subtle accessories for that polished effect.

4. Blazer With Silk Camisole & Khaki Dress Pants

Start with a fitted blazer in a timeless shade like navy, black, or charcoal. Layer it with a silky camisole in a complementary hue, adding a touch of grace and femininity. 

Finish with tailored khaki dress pants, ensuring the length is appropriate for the occasion. Then, pair it with classic pumps or dressy flats, and accessorize with delicate jewelry.

5. Traditional Tuxedo

A traditional tuxedo includes a black or midnight blue jacket with satin lapels and matching trousers with a satin stripe. 

Complete your look with a crisp white dress shirt – either pleated or with a plain front – and a bow tie. 

Add the finishing touches with polished black leather shoes and minimal accessories to pull the ensemble together. But what do you wear to a Hawaiian wedding?

6. Vest & Pants Combo

Man Wearing a Vest

With a well-fitted suit vest and tailored pants in charcoal, navy, or a subtle pattern, you can show off your style while maintaining proper formality. 

Pair the look with a crisp white or light-colored dress shirt, coordinating tie or bowtie, polished dress shoes, and minimal accessories for the perfect finishing touches. 


What Should You Not Wear?

a. Overly Revealing Clothes

Avoid wearing excessively revealing clothing, such as low-cut tops, plunging necklines, short hemlines, backless dresses, or skirts shorter than knee-length. 

“In your attire, let modesty and elegance intertwine as you celebrate the union of two souls in the embrace of a Catholic wedding.”

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It’s important to respect the sanctity of the occasion and dress modestly. But what do you wear to the confirmation as a guest?

b. Denim

Avoid wearing denim jeans or jackets to a Catholic wedding, as they are typically considered too casual for such an occasion. Opt for dress pants, skirts, or dresses instead.

c. Inappropriate Slogans Or Graphics

Avoid clothing with offensive or inappropriate slogans, graphics, or logos. Choose attire that is respectful and in good taste.

d. White Attire

Traditionally, white is reserved for the bride, and it’s best to avoid wearing a completely white outfit to avoid any confusion or distraction. Opt for other colors or patterns instead.

e. Overly Casual Or Informal Dresses

Avoid wearing extremely casual or informal dresses that are more appropriate for everyday activities. Opt for dresses that are elegant, tasteful, and adhere to the formality of the wedding.

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Is It Acceptable To Wear Black At A Church Wedding?

Black attire is generally accepted as an appropriate option. Over time, black has stopped being exclusively connected to sadness and has become a frequent choice for formal occasions. 

Nevertheless, it’s important to consider the specific wants of the couple getting married. 

If they prefer a cheerier atmosphere, you may want to add some color or unique accessories to your black outfit to avoid appearing too solemn. 

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What colors should you wear to a church wedding?

When attending a church wedding, wearing muted or pastel colors, or deep, rich tones, avoiding overly bright or flashy shades, and wearing all-white or all-black outfits is recommended. 

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Can you wear a dress with off-shoulders to a church wedding?

Yes, you can wear a dress with off-shoulders to a church wedding, as long as it meets the dress code of the church and the bride and groom. 

Modest off-shoulder dresses can look beautiful and still have the bride stand out on her special day. But what do you wear to a first communion?

Final Thoughts

When attending a Catholic wedding, dressing appropriately is a matter of style and a show of respect for the occasion. 

As someone who has embraced the intricacies of wedding etiquette, I can attest to the power of the classic suit and tie for gentlemen, exuding a timeless elegance that aligns perfectly with the solemnity of the ceremony. 

Likewise, the classic cocktail dress and polished skirt suit remain the go-to choices for women, striking the right balance between grace and sophistication. 

Remember, while personal style is important, it is essential to prioritize modesty and adhere to the traditions and expectations of this sacred celebration.


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