What to Wear on a Yacht Party

What to Wear on a Yacht Party: Dress Code Guide

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Having a party on a yacht or boat offers an exciting method to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and summer celebrations. Like any other type of party, attending a yacht party requires abiding by certain regulations, such as adhering to a specific dress code.

Knowing what to wear on a yacht party will help you let your hair down so you can enjoy your day out on the water. Read on. 

Top 10 Must Try Outfits on a Yacht Party

Top 10 Must Try Outfits on a Yacht Party

1. Rompers and Jumpsuits

A one-piece outfit with notable wide-leg pants for its bottom. It can come in either long-sleeved or sleeveless versions with catchy colors. 

Most yacht parties and yacht cruises worldwide allow it under their dress code. It is best suited to nautical colors.

2. Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are a type of bottom apparel made with linen fabrics. They’re best paired with a top with light colors for a chic look.

A common choice of top apparel for this would be with long sleeves tucked in loose or tightly (depending on the wearer). You may also try a shirt dress as an option.

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3. Wrap Around Skirts

Wrap Around Skirts

This type of bottom apparel can be easily paired with semi-formal tops, like a long-sleeved dress top. This bottom clothing is a favorite by many women during summer because it is easy to wear and will blend into most occasions.

4. Flowy Dress

A flowy one-piece dress is known for its skirt length, which can either be short or almost cover the wearer’s legs and shoes. This outfit usually works best on larger yacht parties or in a different boat party that has lots of space to move in.

You may opt for a version with a shorter skirt length, making you able to match your favorite pair of shoes or flip-flops.

5. Maxi Dress

This ankle-length dress might not apply to a small boat party (particularly smaller yacht parties) but instead work perfectly well with other events such as a boat wedding.

If you want something similarly elegant looking but easier to move in and wear, your next option is a cocktail dress.

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6. White Top

White Top

You can never go wrong with a white top. For instance, you can choose a shirt with long sleeves. If that isn’t an option, you can wear a t-shirt with short or no sleeves instead. Both genders can use this kind of top apparel to pair with their choice for a bottom one.

Some bottoms that most pair with the apparel above are dress slacks for men and wide-leg pants for women.

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7. Bikini Top and High Waist Trousers

Since swimming activities are usually involved in a yacht party, wear something that can serve as your swimsuit and a well-put-together outfit for land.

Wearing a bikini top and high waist trousers will work. You can opt to wear something over it when not swimming, such as t-shirts and chino shorts.

8. Matching Three Piece Suit

In specific situations, a boat party will require attendants to wear formal attire if a special occasion calls for it (i.e., night party, wedding event, company event, etc.).

A full three-piece suit with matching formal shoes for male attendees will be the correct apparel. You can wear some accessories such as sunglasses for a daytime event. 

9. Jeans and Tube Top

Jeans and Tube Top

For those attending a party with a casual affair, this combination is the perfect look for you. You can wear jeans of your choice in this combination. Wear clothes that are comfortable for your upper body without having to think about other considerations.

You can choose a tube top with light aquatic colors. You can wear flip-flops for your footwear. Add sunglasses for a complete look.

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10. Accessories

You can wear some accessories such as a piece of statement jewelry to complete your outfit for a yacht party. You can also wear additional accessories like a sun hat and shades.

However, it’s better to check the invitation or ask your friends what jewelry to wear. But make sure not to overdo it in the end [1].

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What Not To Wear?

What Not To Wear?

High Heels

Avoid wearing high heels at a yacht party. Although it makes you stylish, you will easily lose your balance in any boat, especially if it moves at high speeds.

Fitted Clothes

Fitted Clothes

Fitted clothes aren’t exactly known for being comfortable when worn for long hours. You are meant to have fun at a yacht party by mingling with other guests, and enjoying the food, scenery, and drinks.

Dresses such as a knee-length summer dress for women and oxford shirts and shorts for men with fitting boat shoes for either gender are recommended as basic outfits for boat wear.

Formal Attire

Normally, wearing formal attire on a yacht cruise is a big no-no, except if the event being held there requires formal wear (i.e., company gathering, wedding, night party). 

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What do you wear on a night yacht party?

You can wear light apparel with light color choices on a night yacht party unless there’s a dress code indicated on the invitation. 

What shoes can you wear on a yacht?

You can wear a nice pair of flat shoes on a yacht, as long as it has sufficient surface grip and can protect your feet from the elements such as the sun and saltwater. Achieve a chic look by wearing other kinds such as flat shoe sandals (flat sandals).

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Key Takeaways

Wear something light and airy like sundresses or flowy pants when going on a yacht or boat party unless it’s a formal event.  

To protect yourself from harmful elements such as the sun, you can use a light jacket over your garment of choice. [2]

Make sure to apply sunscreen to your exposed skin during day parties to avoid getting your skin dry and burned.


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