What To Wear For St. Patrick's Day Party

What To Wear For St Patrick’s Day Party: 10 Outfits

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Prepping for a St. Patrick’s Day event can be very enjoyable. My experience at a party last year emphasized the significance of choosing the perfect outfit.

This special holiday celebrates Irish culture, and the color green is a big part of it.

So, if you want to blend in and look festive, wearing something green is a must. But what to wear for a St. Patrick’s Day party?

Now, I’ll recommend some cool ideas for what to wear to stand out at the party.

10 Trendy Outfits For St Patrick’s Day

1. Green Utility Jumpsuit With White Sweatshirt

utility jumpsuit

Are you seeking a cool, comfy outfit idea for your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day bash? How about rocking a green utility jumpsuit with a cozy white sweatshirt?

This jumpsuit has a relaxed fit and is made from breathable fabric, ensuring you can dance and enjoy without discomfort.

The bright green color screams Irish pride and guarantees you’ll stand out in the crowd. Pair it with a fresh white sweatshirt for a stylish contrast and a fashionable look.

2. Lime Linen Babydoll Mini Dress

If a fun and lighthearted vibe is what you’re after for your St. Patrick’s Day party attire, a lime-colored babydoll mini dress made of linen is a terrific choice. 

This bright, breezy dress usually falls above the knee, introducing a spirited, youthful feeling to your party ensemble. 

Its unique lime hue fits with the Irish celebrations and makes it an ideal outfit as we approach the warmer seasons. 

3. Emerald Green Sweater With Black Leggings

An emerald green sweater pairs perfectly with black leggings for a fun and fashionable St. Patrick’s Day party outfit. 

The emerald green color is a bright, festive hue that will make you stand out at any celebration. 

“St. Patrick’s Day is the one day a year when it’s totally acceptable to be green with envy – envy of my awesome outfit, that is!”

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Paired with black leggings, the outfit is comfortable and practical for a day of festivity. A simple black belt can be added to the ensemble for a more polished look. 

Alternatively, the look can be dressed with a pair of black boots. 

4. Green Sweater, Jeans & Combat Boots 

man wearing green knitted shirt

When it comes to putting up an outfit to wear to a party celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, a green sweater, jeans, and a pair of combat boots are a combination that is both fashionable and comfy.

The green sweater, the day’s color, brings out the festive spirit of the occasion, while the jeans offer comfort and versatility. 

The combat boots add a touch of edge and ruggedness, making the outfit ideal for casual and more laid-back celebrations. 

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5. Green Plaid Button-up Shirt & Khaki

This St. Patrick’s Day, why not wear a classic outfit that will surely be a hit with everyone? 

A green plaid button-up shirt, khakis [1], and white sneakers are a great choice that is comfortable and stylish. 

The green plaid button-up shirt is an excellent choice for the holiday as it works to tie in the traditional St. Patrick’s Day color while still being a timeless look. 

Next, the khakis anchor the look and provide a great contrast to the green shirt. 

Lastly, the white sneakers add a casual flair to the look and are perfect for a day of celebration.

6. Green Tartan Mini Skirt & White T-Shirt

Try teaming a green tartan mini skirt with a plain white t-shirt, a pair of high-top sneakers, and some basic gold hoops for the best look at a St. Patrick’s Day party. 

The green tartan mini skirt is the perfect way to add a touch of Irish flair to your St. Patrick’s day look. 

“Some women think that if the look this season is minis, they have to wear minis. If you don’t have great legs, there are plenty of alternatives.” 

Ralph Lauren, American Fashion Designer

Its mini-length is great for showing off your legs and dancing the night away, while the traditional tartan pattern looks timeless. 

Meanwhile, the crisp white t-shirt paired with the sneakers looks a modern twist. The high-top sneakers also add a sporty vibe and make the look comfortable and stylish.

But is it possible to wear a kilt on St. Patrick’s Day?

7. Green Blazer, White T-Shirt & Jeans 

The iconic combination of a green blazer, white t-shirt, and jeans is a stylish choice that will never go out of trend. 

A blazer is an excellent choice for elevating an otherwise casual attire to a more refined level of sophistication.

And you can accessorize it with a statement piece like a green Saint Patrick’s Day-themed lapel pin. 

The white T-shirt is simple and classic and perfectly matches the green blazer. 

The jeans are a great way to add a bit of casualness to the look and provide a great contrast to the blazer.

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8. Striped Green & White Shirt Dress

Try pairing a striped green and white shirt dress with white ankle boots for a stylish and charming look that’s perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

The green and white stripes evoke the traditional colors of Ireland and the holiday, while the shirt dress style is comfortable and versatile. 

On the other hand, the white ankle boots add a clean, modern touch to the look and can be easily styled with tights or bare legs, depending on the weather. 

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9. White Top & Green Pleated Midi Skirt

woman wearing white top and green pleated skirt

Pair a white blouse with a green pleated midi skirt, and you’ll be ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style. 

The white top has a classic look and can be paired with a green pleated midi skirt, adding some fun and color to the outfit and making it perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. 

On top of that, the skirt has a flirtatious and feminine touch thanks to the wrinkles, and its length guarantees that you won’t be showing off too much skin.

To complete the look, add a pair of suede booties [2]. The booties will add a touch of sophistication to the outfit and ensure you look stylish and put together.

But what do you wear to a Mardi Gras-themed party?

10. Kelly Green Sweater Dress With Black Tights

Kelly green is one of the shades of St. Patrick’s day. And what better way to show your festive spirit than wearing a Kelly green sweater dress? 

The color is playful and cheerful and instantly brightens up any outfit. And the dress itself provides comfort and versatility as you can style it in different ways. 

Pairing the dress with black tights and ankle boots makes the outfit practical and adds a touch of edgy sophistication. 

The contrast between the bright green and black creates a visually appealing look that will turn heads at any St. Patrick’s day party.

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What shade of green do you wear on St. Patrick’s Day?

You can wear emerald green on St. Patrick’s Day to show your Irish pride. 

Or choose a more subtle shade of green, such as a light mint shade of spring green, olive color, or shamrock green.

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Does wearing green clothing on St. Patrick’s Day bring good luck?

Yes, wearing green clothing on St. Patrick’s Day is believed to bring good luck. 

It is said that those who wear green on St. Patrick’s Day won’t get pinched by leprechauns as they are considered to be ‘invisible’ to them.

Wrapping Up

Feel free to let your imagination go wild while deciding how to dress for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. 

You can make any outfit appear festive and celebratory with the right accessories. 

And remember to have a good time, eat some delicious food, and wear something that makes you feel your best. 


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