What to Say When Giving a Gift

What to Say When Giving a Gift: Answered (Updated)

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The search for the perfect gift can be a tough quest on its own, but the challenge amplifies when you have to forge the right words to go with the present.

The recipient’s culture, tradition, and situation should be considered when thinking of a message.

Good thing we made a guide on the best things to say. Please read on. 

What To Tell A Person When Giving A Gift

What To Tell A Person When Giving A Gift

Formal Situations

  • As a form of gratitude to you, here is a gift from us.
  • [Name], we formally want to show our thankfulness and gratitude by giving you this gift. 
  • [Name], we would like to show our appreciation for you with this gift. 
  • [Name], I’d like to give you this gift for your birthday.
  • [Name], this is a present we got you.
  • I want to give you this present in the name of [xyz].
  • Here is a token of our appreciation, [name].

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Informal Situations

Informal Situations

  • Hey! I got you something; I hope you like it.
  • [Name] here’s something I got for you!
  • I thought you might like this as a gift, so here you go!
  • Happy Birthday (or Happy Anniversary)! Here’s a little present for you (or our anniversary).
  • (In the act of handing a present to someone) Enjoy!
  • It’s only something small, but I hope you like it.
  • Here’s a little present for you.
  • Can you guess what I bought for you?
  • Hey, thanks for everything you’ve done for me. Here’s something I’d like to give you in return.
  • Here’s something I’m sure you’ll like.

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Keep In Mind

Keep In Mind

About the Person Who Will Receive It

Always think of the person who will receive the gift. It is normal in most Western countries to give a gift to someone on occasion. That occasion can be a birthday, wedding, family gathering, etc.

You can be personal when giving a message to the recipient, especially if it is your close friend or a family member. If you share memories, you can say it when giving a gift.

If you want it to be more special, write it on a card and give it along with your gift. But what should you say in a birthday video message?

About the Gift You Will Give It To

About the Gift You Will Give It To

You can say something about the gift you will give someone. If you will give a watch as a gift, you can tell them the reason why you bought it for them. You can say meaningful quotations and inspirational words that can be connected to your gift. In this way, they will appreciate the gift you gave them. 


About the Occasion

You can say something about the occasion when you’re going to gift someone. You can add some celebratory message in conjunction with the occasion. 

For example, adding a “Happy Birthday!” greeting card to the gift of the birthday celebrant. You can also say some heartfelt messages that will suit the occasion. 

However, if there’s no occasion and you want to give a gift to a person randomly, you can say, “I got this for you.” But how do you give hints about a gift?


What do you say when giving money as a gift?

It would help to say that you’re acknowledging their efforts and sacrifices when giving money as a gift. Moreso, giving money as a gift can be socially awkward, so it would be better to give the gift discreetly to reduce the awkwardness. 

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What should I say to a stranger so that they will accept a gift?

It would be best to say your true good intentions when giving a stranger a gift so they will accept it and not get the wrong idea. If there’s an occasion like Christmas, you can greet them and hand over the gift. Even if you don’t know each other, there’s a chance that they will accept it. Also, don’t forget to smile.

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If you give someone a gift and don’t get a thank you, should you say something?

You should say nothing if you gave someone a gift and didn’t get a thank you. Confronting them about it might show your pettiness. Even if the recipient owes the giver a “thank you” [1],  be understanding and move on if you don’t get any. But how do you leave a gift for the trash collector?

Let’s Sum It Up

There are several things to consider on what to say when giving a gift. Depending on your relationship with the receiver, you can use the formal and informal phrases above. Also, you can say something about the gift, the occasion, or the person you give the gift to. 

What you say when giving a gift can be important as it leaves an impression on the receiver. They will appreciate the gift you will give, especially when you become more personal with your message. It is the thought that counts, so nothing beats a personal message. 


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