What To Put In A Care Package For Girlfriend

What To Put In A Care Package For Girlfriend: Guide

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Sending your girlfriend a care package now and then is a lovely way to show your love and appreciation.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, a care package full of thoughtful items will surely put a smile on her face. 

But what should you put in it? 

With that, we’ll explore ideas for what to put in a care package for your girlfriend so you can express your deepest feelings to her.

10 Must-Have Items For Your Girlfriend’s Care Package

1. Put A Note Or Letter 

writing a letter

Taking the time to express your feelings in a letter or note is a very thoughtful gesture that your girlfriend will appreciate. 

In the letter or note, you can express your appreciation for the relationship, the things that make your girlfriend unique, your hopes and dreams for the future, and everything you love about her.

2. Her Favorite Snacks Or Candies 

Not only can snacks and candies provide a sweet treat while she is away, but they are also a thoughtful reminder of your affection. 

Gifts like chocolate, jelly beans, and gummy bears are always a sweet gesture of affection, but healthier options like granola bars and trail mix are often appreciated.

If your girlfriend has a favorite candy or snack, including that in the care package can be a great way to show her you care and are thinking of her. 

3. Cozy Blanket Or Pillow

Blankets and pillows are perfect for snuggling up with your special someone and having a movie night or a lazy day of talking and relaxing. 

A cozy blanket or pillow will provide warmth, comfort, and a relaxing time to share. 

Not to mention, they are great for cuddling and keeping each other warm. Plus, this item can be a nice reminder of your love when you are away and out of sight. 

4. Relaxing Bath Bomb Or Bubble Bath

A relaxing bath bomb or bubble bath will allow her to take a moment to recharge. 

The essential oils and fragrances in these products will create a calming atmosphere and help her to unwind. 

Also, they are a great addition to any spa day, making the water feel luxurious and silky. If your girlfriend isn’t a fan of baths, you can opt for a shower bomb instead. 

Still, it provides her with the calming and soothing effects of the essential oils but without the need to take a bath. But what do you put in your boyfriend’s gift box?

5. Scented Candle & Essential Oil Diffuser 

If you want to send a care box to your girlfriend, some lovely ideas include scented candles and essential oil diffusers. 

Not only can they bring comfort and relaxation, but they can also help create a cozy atmosphere. 

Scented candles come in various fragrances, so you can pick out a scent your girlfriend loves. 

Meanwhile, essential oil diffusers are a great addition to any care package, allowing your girlfriend to enjoy their therapeutic benefits. 

With an essential oil diffuser, she can choose the right scent to help her relax, improve her mood, and even help support her health.

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6. Skincare Products

skin care products on a box

Taking care of the skin is an essential part of self-care, and gifting skincare products [1] to someone special can remind them to take the time and show themselves some love. 

When choosing skincare products, it’s essential to consider your girlfriend’s unique skin type. 

If you need to decide which type of products to choose, you can always opt for various travel sizes so that she can test out a few different products. 

The key is to choose something that will be gentle and nourishing for her skin. But what items you should put in a beach bag gift?

7. Book Or A Journal

A book can provide much-needed distraction and relaxation, while a journal can be an outlet for her to express her thoughts and feelings. 

The book could be something she wants to read or something you’ve read and think she’d enjoy. 

“Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness.”

Harold Kushner, American Rabbi

If you need help deciding what to get, a gift card to a bookstore can be a great way to let her pick out something she’d like. 

A journal can be a place for her to explore her thoughts and feelings in a safe space and record her progress as she works through difficult times. 

8. Soft, Comfortable T-Shirt Or Hoodie 

Whether it’s a snug hoodie to snuggle up in or a lightweight t-shirt for a casual day, these items will surely put a smile on her face. 

Not only are they perfect for lounging around the house, but they’re also great for a day spent out and about. 

Choose a t-shirt with a funny saying or a hoodie [2] with her favorite colors, and she’ll be sure to think of you every time she wears it. 

9. Fun Puzzle Or Game 

Jigsaw puzzles are fun and an excellent method to keep the brain and hands busy while killing time.

Finding and fitting all the pieces together can be incredibly satisfying, and the finished product can be a source of pride. 

Plus, with so many different puzzle designs available, there is sure to be one that suits your girlfriend’s interests.

10. Cozy Pair Of Slippers

wearing soft cozy slipper

Warm slippers are a must-have for every girlfriend’s care package.

Not only are slippers a practical item that can be used daily, but they can also give a sense of comfort and relaxation. 

And they can provide a warm and comforting feeling on even the coldest days. 

Whether it’s a pair of fuzzy slippers, comfy boots, or something in between, a cozy pair of slippers will be appreciated by any girlfriend.

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What should I do to surprise my long-distance girlfriend?

Plan a surprise visit to her hometown and bring her favorite flowers and chocolates. 

Schedule a romantic getaway for the two of you and keep it a secret until you reach your destination.

What items should you avoid giving your girlfriend?

Expensive items such as jewelry and designer clothing should be avoided as gifts for your girlfriend unless you know she will appreciate them. 

Avoid giving your girlfriend items such as lingerie or other intimate items that make her feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Key Takeaways

No matter what you put in your care package for your girlfriend, the most important thing to remember is to make sure it comes from the heart. 

Whether it’s something small or something big, make sure she knows how much you care and appreciate her. 

A care package is an excellent tip to show your love and appreciation without having to say it out loud, and it’s something that she can keep and remember for a long time.


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