What To Put In 1st Birthday Party Bags

What To Put In 1st Birthday Party Bags: 10 Options

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Are you organizing a celebration for your child’s first birthday? Planning the perfect party can be tough, especially when choosing the right snacks and presents for party favors.

Here are some cute items on what to put in 1st birthday party bags to make your guests smile. Keep reading. 

10 Things To Put In Your Kid’s 1st Birthday Party Bags

1. Teething Rings

Wooden Teething Ring

Teething rings [1] make an ideal addition to 1st birthday party bags. Not only are they cute and playful items, but they also serve an important purpose. 

Teething rings are made of varying materials, such as rubber or plastic, and help soothe babies’ tender, swollen gums. 

The varied textures and shapes of teething rings also help stimulate babies’ gums, aid in developing speech and language, and give little ones something to focus on during teething. 

2. Playdough

This play material enables kids to use their imaginations and create shapes, sculptures, and even pretend food. 

Playdough can be adapted to any age with various colors, shapes, and sizes available. 

Plus, it can be used as a party favor or decoration, encouraging children to express themselves and have a blast. 

3. Bath Toys

Not only do these bath toys provide kids with hours of fun in the water, but they can also help young children to develop their motor skills and learn basic shapes, colors, and counting. 

With so many different types of bath toys, kids can find their favorite to take home and keep playing with in the bath. 

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4. Stickers

Kids love stickers, and they’re sure to bring a smile to their faces when they get them. So, choose stickers that match the theme of the celebration, like animals or cartoons. 

Or you can go for something more generic so they can use them to decorate their notebooks or school supplies. 

Stickers are also a great way to keep the kids busy during the party and can be used for fun activities like arts and crafts.

5. Mini Coloring Book

Hand Holding Mini Coloring Book

Coloring books make a great addition to first-birthday party bags. 

When you have a long road trip ahead of you or a long wait at a restaurant, these books are a welcome companion because they are entertaining, educational, and compact. 

Plus, there are so many options – you can find coloring books featuring beloved characters like Disney princesses and superheroes. 

6. Small Box Of Animal Crackers

These bite-sized treats are a classic snack that the kids will love. 

With various shapes, from lions and giraffes to zebras and elephants, the little ones will have a blast trying to guess which animal is which. 

“There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why.” 

William Barclay, Scottish Author

Animal crackers [2] are the perfect addition to any first birthday party bag and make for a sweet and playful treat. 

7. Small Cars Or Figurines

Perfect for tiny hands, these cars and figurines are perfect for creating endless adventures. And, with various themes, you can find the perfect ones for your kid’s first birthday party. 

Not only are these toys budget-friendly, but they can be reused for hours of fun.

8. Water Bottles Or Sippy Cup 

Water bottles and sippy cups help keep the kiddos hydrated while adding a fun and unique touch to the special day. 

Choose from various sizes, colors, and shapes when selecting water bottles and sippy cups – small favors, large gifts, and personalized items with the birthday child’s name or special message.

9. Mini Rubber Balls

From colorful shapes and sizes to durable rubber material, these toys make a great addition to any party favor bag. 

Plus, they’re the perfect size for your kid’s little hands and can help to encourage imaginative play. You can even decorate them around the party area to create a festive atmosphere. 

Kids will love playing with these bright and bouncy mini-rubber balls, and you’ll love seeing how much fun they have.

10. Hair Accessories

Different Hair Accessories

Give your little one’s first birthday party guests something they’ll love and use: hair accessories.  

Many options exist, from bright and colorful hair ties and clips to glitter barrettes and headbands. 

These accessories are not only a fun way to jazz up their style, but they may also keep their hair out of their face during active play. 


How much should you budget for a first birthday party?

Depending on the number of visitors and the planned activities, a first birthday party might cost anywhere from $50 to $500.

But how many gifts should kids get for their birthday?

Is it ok to throw your kid’s first birthday party late?

It is perfectly acceptable to throw your child’s first birthday party late as long as it is a special and memorable event for them. 

When you plan a late first birthday party, you may be able to invite family and friends who couldn’t make it to an earlier party.

Find out how you can entertain adults at a first birthday party here.

In Summary

You can include many fun and unique items in 1st birthday party bags. Think beyond the typical candy and toys – including personalized, educational, and memorable items. 

With creativity and planning, you can quickly assemble fun and unique 1st birthday party bags that your little one and their guests will love. 


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