What To Give For A Baptism Gift For Adults

What To Give For A Baptism Gift For Adults: Solved

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Should you receive an invitation to a baptism from someone you care about, it’s considerate to prepare a present to commemorate the event. In case you’re uncertain about selecting a suitable baptism gift for adults, you’ve arrived at the right spot to gather some ideas.

Rejoice in your friend’s new life journey with God, and check out these adult baptism gifts to mark this sacred occasion!

Top 15 Baptism Gifts for Adults

Top 15 Baptism Gifts for Adults

1. Devotional Book

If in search of adult baptism gifts that will help your friend enjoy the word of God, a devotional book is an excellent choice. It contains Bible verses for each calendar day to increase Christian faith and connect with God daily. 

In addition, it is an ideal gift for any age and can be purchased for an individual, group, family, and an adult friend. 

2. Bible


Baptism is a religious occasion and a sign of acceptance by the church [1]. If you’re looking for an excellent gift for an adult friend getting baptized, you can never go wrong with a Bible that contains the word of God.

Through this, you can enlighten a baptism candidate with God’s word and teaching what a true Christian should always embody. 

Note: Before purchasing a study Bible, check if your friend hasn’t yet owned one.

3. Bookmark

If you’re shopping for adult baptism gifts on a budget, a bookmark is surely a good choice. This is a great gift idea to add to another present, especially if you’re getting a Bible for your friend.

Also, if you’ve got art supplies, you can make a handmade cross bookmark or decorate it with the word of God using your calligraphy skills. With some creativity, you can definitely make baptism gifts at no extra cost!

4. Christian Art Print

Christian Art Print

If you’re not into arts and crafts, Christian Art Print baptism gifts are a great choice that your friend will certainly appreciate. You can easily source this at home decor or even at book shops.

So, if you’re running out of time to hunt for a gift, this is the perfect wall art that bears either the cross or the image of Jesus Christ.

5. Bag or Pouch

Although it’s not obligatory to bring gifts for kids at baptism, it’s only ideal to give something that they can use for many years [2]. The same thing goes when looking for a baptism gift for adults, and one good example is a bag or pouch that your friend can carry around for everyday use.

This is a great gift idea that you can match with a t-shirt, proclaiming Christian faith and hope from Jesus.

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6. Journal

Aside from a Christian book, journals are another perfect baptism gift for adults. This is where your friend can write about the words of God that inspire their Christianity and the teachings they have learned from the church and the Bible. 

So, grab a beautiful journal for your adult friend and let them note down their prayer requests, favorite Bible verses, sermon notes, and answered prayers which they can later read to strengthen their faith. 

7. Cushion

Maybe one of the most unusual adult baptism gifts that anyone is not expecting to receive is a cushion. However, this gift idea is very functional as you can use it daily, from snoozing on the sofa to cuddling at bedtime.

The good thing with a cushion featuring words of God or a simple quote from Christianity is that you can display it in any space, be it the living room or bedroom.

8. Ceramic Plate

Ceramic Plate

If you’re searching for a nice gift for women, go for a beautiful ceramic plate. You can grab a set of ceramic plates – the perfect dinnerware to glam up the dining table for special occasions! These can also serve as a display on kitchen shelves. 

Ceramic Plates are also treasured gifts to someone who loves cooking and socializing or who’s into decorating.

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9. Coasters

Coasters are one of the best gifts for coffee lovers and mug collectors that will complement their hobby and lifestyle. You can also grab a mug and coaster together and personalize it based on the message you want the receiver to always remember. 

Furthermore, it is available in different materials from leather to wood, a multi-functional gift that will remind one of their faith while protecting furniture surfaces. 

10. Bible Verse Wall Art

A functional yet simply eye-catching gift, the Bible verse wall art is a great piece that everyone can enjoy. This piece of art contains a meaningful scripture that is perfect to hang on the walls of the dining or living space, a great daily reminder of the teaching and word of God.

To make it personalized, you can print a Psalm and get a beautiful frame for long-lasting use.

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11. Abide in Me Bracelet

Now, if you happen to attend a baptism, whether for men or women, or a couple reconnecting their faith, the Abide in Me Bracelet is one of the good unisex accessories you can get as gifts. It is engraved with “Abide in Me” – a perfect reminder of God’s teaching.

Additionally, you can personalize this bracelet by engraving a name or using beads, leather, plastic, and other materials. 

12. Baptism Card

Baptism Card

Since not everyone has the time to shop and look around for baptism gifts, going to the nearest bookstore or mall and grabbing a baptism card for adults will do the trick. If you’re one of those with a busy schedule, this is the gift you can easily buy, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

However, if you don’t have the time to go out, you can always make one at home and add a Psalm along with your message.

13. Customized Keychain

If you’re bothered that you might buy the same present as other guests, a customized keychain is a unique baptism gift that you can go for. This is one of the ideal (and easiest) baptism gifts that are surely unique in their own way, as you can pick the design and the engraved passage.

With the varying keychain designs available in the market, you can ensure that your gift will be one of a kind.

14. Cross Pendant

Cross Pendant

Cross Pendant is a dainty yet fancy piece that will last for a lifetime if you’re in for the best baptism gifts. A cross necklace is another great unisex accessory that anyone can wear for all occasions – the perfect gift for your special someone who is getting baptized or even a close relative. 

In addition, cross pendants have varying designs and materials used, so you can choose which one to go for, depending on your budget.

15. Embroidery Kit

For art enthusiasts, an embroidery kit is one of the great baptism gift ideas that will surely bring joy! Faith-based embroidery kit gifts featuring the image of Jesus or a Bible verse can help create beautiful artwork and be entertaining at the same time.

So if you’re giving a gift to someone who loves needlework, grab an embroidery kit to help them create a great art decor that will remind them of the special event in their life.

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Things to Consider

Things to Consider


First, giving baptism gifts should always be based on your relationship with the receiver. If it’s your husband or some children you’re close with who reached adulthood before getting baptized, you should pick an appropriate gift based on the status of your relationship. 

For instance, necklaces are the perfect gift for your life partner.


The second common factor to consider is the gender of the receiver. As stated in our baptism gift ideas, certain pieces are ideal for women, such as ceramic plates or embroidery kits. Nonetheless, some gifts work for both males and females.

No matter what the gender is, you can always purchase a gift that will suit them.


Lastly, looking for gifts shouldn’t be too troublesome. Spending within your budget is only right since the essence of baptism is in God’s life teachings and not on material things. However, if you’re looking for quality products that will last longer, be prepared to spend more.

Baptism vs Christening

Baptism vs Christening

While baptism and christening are often referred to as the same terms, these two sacred events have differences. Baptism is a sacred ceremony involving an adult or child immersed in the water to wash away their sins and welcome them into the Christian world [3]. 

On the other hand, christening is practiced by Christian parents, where their child is sprinkled with water by a priest and officially named. 

Therefore, baptism is an individual’s rebirth to receive the Holy Spirit and God’s salvation, while christening involves other later sacraments, like first communion, confirmation, and the like.  


How much money do you give for a baptism gift for adults?

You can give $100 for a baptism gift for adults if you are a godparent, and around $50 if you’re a close relative. If you’re buying something for a friend, you can always choose to spend within your budget. 

Note that there is no specific budget for baptism gifts for adults, and they can range from cheap to expensive, depending on your budget.

Do you give money for a baptism for adults?

No, you don’t have to give money for a baptism for adults. Although its customary to give money during baptism, some families may not be at ease receiving cash. So before you prepare a check or an envelope with cash, you can ask the hosts first what they prefer.


With our baptism gift ideas, we hope that this celebration with your loved ones and friends is made more memorable and meaningful. If you’re attending a baptism soon, check on our guide, so you never have to worry about coming empty-handed. 

Apart from giving them gifts, add them to your prayer and guide them as they walk a new beginning with Jesus Christ.


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