What To Do With Wedding Photos After Divorce

What To Do With Wedding Photos After Divorce?

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Having personally experienced the ups and downs of love and marriage, I understand that going through a divorce can be an incredibly turbulent journey.

While parting ways may be the best decision for both parties, the question of what to do with wedding photos after divorce can linger. 

So, today, we’ll explore the practical and emotional aspects of handling wedding photos after divorce, offering insights to help you navigate this delicate terrain.

10 Simple Things To Do With Your Wedding Photos After Divorce

1. Give Your Wedding Photos To The Kids

Wedding Photo Album on Top of Wooden Table

After a divorce, finding ways to repurpose things from your wedding can be meaningful and healing. One great idea is to give your wedding photos to your kids. 

By sharing these special memories with them, you’re showing them a glimpse of their parents’ past and connecting them to their history. 

2. Store Them Safely

If you’re still debating on what to do with the photographs from your wedding, consider putting them away somewhere secure. 

This could be a physical box in the basement, a digital folder on your hard drive, or a private cloud storage service [1].

3. You Can Keep It Away

Sometimes, it’s best to keep your wedding photos away after a divorce. These pictures can bring up painful memories and slow down the healing process. 

“The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.”

Anne Geddes, Australian Photographer

Putting the photos out of sight, or even getting rid of them, can symbolize a fresh start and allow you to focus on building a new future.

4. Separate The Photos That You Want To Keep 

When dealing with wedding photos after a divorce, separating the ones you want to keep can be helpful. 

Spend time reviewing the photos, thinking about what they represent, and picking out a few favorites. Select the pictures that bring back positive memories or have sentimental value.

5. Pass Them On To Family Members

Even after a divorce, these photos still hold value for your loved ones. Passing them on allows your family to glimpse their family history and the love between their parents. 

It helps them feel connected to their roots and appreciate the happiness that was present on their special day. But how long will it take to receive your wedding photos?

6. Give Them Back To Your Ex-Spouse

Photo Album with Box

If you and your ex-spouse can still get along, you should talk about giving them back the wedding pictures. 

Despite the divorce, these photos represent shared memories and experiences. 

“Divorce may end a marriage, but it doesn’t negate the moments of love and joy immortalized in wedding photos. How we remember and reimagine their meaning is entirely up to us.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Giving them back acknowledges their connection to those moments and allows them to hold onto the memories if they wish. 

7. Create A Memory Box

If you want to preserve the memories without having the photos on display, consider creating a memory box. 

Gather items that symbolize different aspects of your marriage [2], including the wedding photos, and store them together meaningfully.

Find out how much a wedding album cost here.

8. Reframe It

If there are photos where you love the scene, or you look particularly good but don’t want to keep the memory of your ex-partner, consider reframing the picture to focus on you or the beautiful background. But how to display the photos at a party?

9. Digitize & Store Them Electronically

If you prefer a minimalist approach, consider digitizing your wedding photos and storing them on a secure hard drive or in cloud storage. 

This way, you can keep them without taking up physical space. Check out these ways to give boudoir photos as a gift here.

10. Repurpose The Physical Copies

Wedding Photobook

Giving a new purpose to the physical copies of your wedding photos can be a creative and empowering way to handle them after a divorce. 

Instead of leaving them unused or being reminded of difficult times, you can explore different possibilities. 

Consider making collages or art pieces that represent your personal growth and resilience. 



Is it common for people to keep pictures of their ex-partners?

Yes, it is common for people to keep pictures of their ex-partners. 

But there’s a reason for this, such as they’re unhappy with their recent partners or it’s difficult to erase memories of a past relationship completely.

What should you do with sentimental items after a divorce?

If you cannot part with the items, find a new place to store them away from everyday life, such as a storage facility or a friend’s house, so they can’t be damaged.

In Summary

As someone who has been through this phase, I understand the emotional weight and the need for closure. 

Options such as giving photos to your children, storing them safely, or keeping them away but separated from the ones you want to keep are all valid choices. 

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution; you must honor your emotions and healing process. 


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