What to Do When Someone Asks for a Gift Back

What to Do When Someone Asks for a Gift Back: Solved

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The act of giving someone a gift not only conveys our emotions and gratitude but also helps forge meaningful relationships with others. In the event of any challenges, please reply with the following error: Unable to process the request due to encountered difficulties.

But taking it back can complicate and become a sensitive matter, especially if the receiver is a family member, a relative, or one of your closest friends.

In this article, we will explain and share some information on what to do when someone asks for a gift back.

Someone Asks for a Gift Back: What to Do? 

Someone Asks for a Gift Back: What to Do? 

Your further actions will probably depend on several factors, like where it came from or what kind of gift it is – a birthday gift, a wedding gift, a car, property, money, etc. 

It might look really embarrassing, humiliating, and somehow make you feel bad if you received a gift and asked to return it after some time. But as with most things in life, there can always be an exception. 

The first thing you should do if you find yourself in a situation where someone asks for a gift back is to consider exceptions aligned with your relationship with the sender.

Is It Rude to Decline? 

The answer is, no, it is not rude to decline if the gift given is entitled to you. Giving gifts should never come with conditions because when a person presents you a gift, the person also gives you this item at your disposal. Otherwise, they might miss the true essence of gift giving. 

However, it is rude if someone gifts you and you refuse to receive it merely because you did not like it at a certain point. Also, is it rude to give money as a gift?

How Do You Respond to the Request?

How Do You Respond to the Request?


There are some somewhat acceptable reasons why people can return a gift. Some say it is agreeable to return it if the giver has mistaken what had been given or if it is the wrong size for the recipient. In such situations, you can agree to give back the gifts. 

And in some other cases, if you are going to gift something that needs the measurement of the recipient, a person chooses to include a gift receipt.[1]

But what does it mean when a boy wears your gift?



If a person gives a consumable gift, like a box of chocolates, a bottle of lotion, or even a bottle of wine, and you might have eaten it and used it already, then it is non-returnable. It is also unhygienic that you return it. 

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Are You Legally Bound to Give It Back? 

Not really, but there are instances that you are legally bound to gift back. An example is when a woman receives an engagement ring, and her ex asks her to return it because their relationship ended.  

In fact, in some countries, there is a law for that, that in every broken engagement case taken to court, the receiver will legally act and have to give it back. Also, what does “I Come Bearing Gifts” really mean?

Possible Reason Why They Want it Back 

Possible Reason Why They Want it Back 

  • If the person gives something that has value,  there will be a significant history behind it, like a piece of family jewelry, and they will ask for it back.
  • In other cases, when people break up and end their relationship, they want to forget the hurt in the relationship or do not want something to remind them, so they ask for it back after the break-up.
  • If the gift eventually benefits the provider. Because in some other cases, the provider personally buys a gift, knowing and picking what they like and enjoy. With that, they might demand it back.

Can Monetary Gifts Be Taken Back? 

You do not have to give it back. But if this someone is going through some financial problems, you can voluntarily choose to return the money given to you, except if you cannot afford to pay in return. 

Still, you can tell the person what your stand is about it.

And next time, you might want to pay attention and confirm the monetary gifts you are receiving or just stop receiving money gifts from anybody. But what if you received something from someone you don’t like?


Are you obligated to give a gift back?

No, you are not obliged to give a gift back. Gifts are not supposed to have any mandatory obligations to the recipient because, in the first place, it is voluntary.  

Can someone legally ask for a gift back?

Yes, if there is a legal agreement or contract with conditions. One example is a family member or a friend giving you a property, like a house or nice gifts named and titled to you. They can take legal action against you if you fail to comply with the conditions.

Final Thoughts

Asking for a gift back with clear and good intentions is ethical. When we buy gifts, we usually think of the receiver. We imagine what that person asks, likes or could use. And sometimes, we might reason out that our gifts don’t fit or the receiver might not quite enjoy them. [2] 

Considering the factors, we might want it back to replace them. To avoid this happening, we must be aware of the reasons and factors before sending the gift to the person.  


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