What State Consumes the Most Turkey Every Thanksgiving

What State Consumes the Most Turkey Every Thanksgiving?

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On Thanksgiving, a day of indulgence and appreciation, holds a significant spot in the hearts of Americans. Additionally, our thoughts turn to the delectable turkey consumed on this momentous occasion.

But have you not been curious about what state consumes the most of Turkey every Thanksgiving? 

As someone who loves eating Turkey and traveling, I researched the state that loves to eat turkey the most on Thanksgiving. So, keep reading to find out which state that is.

Which State Eats The Most Turkey During Thanksgiving?

Person Preparing Turkey

California wins the title for eating the most turkey on Thanksgiving. People in California love having turkey as their main dish on this holiday more than any other state in America. 

The big population and diverse communities in California [1] mean lots of families get together for Thanksgiving, which means lots of turkeys are cooked and eaten. 

“Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence.” 

Erma Bombeck, American Humorist

Whether you’re in Los Angeles or San Francisco, people in California enjoy this tradition, making it the top place for turkey consumption on Thanksgiving.

What State In The United States Produces The Most Turkey?

Minnesota takes the crown for producing the most turkeys in the United States in 2021. 

They raised 40.5 million turkeys, which equals an enormous 1.04 billion pounds of turkey meat. 

Minnesota is so good at this because it has the right land, skilled workers, and lots of experience in turkey farming. 

This accomplishment shows that Minnesota is crucial in ensuring enough turkey for Thanksgiving tables nationwide. But why should you not eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Which State Has The Least Number Of Turkeys?

In the United States, nearly every state has some turkeys strutting around, except for one notable place: Alaska. 

It’s too chilly and challenging for turkeys to call Alaska home. Harsh winters and tough conditions make it tricky for these birds to survive there. 

So, when it comes to turkeys, Alaska stands out as the state with the fewest due to its unique and unfriendly environment for these feathered friends.

What Is The Best State For Turkey Hunting?

When it comes to hunting turkeys, Texas takes the crown. 

The Lone Star State lives up to its “everything’s bigger in Texas” reputation, boasting the largest turkey population in the country, with over half a million birds. 

Texas offers ample opportunities to bag a Rio Grande turkey, making it a paradise for hunters seeking a thrilling turkey-hunting experience.

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How Much Does A Thanksgiving Turkey Usually Cost?

The price of a Thanksgiving turkey can vary significantly across the United States. In 2022, the typical cost for a turkey in the U.S. was around $34.15. 

It means about $2.28 for each pound of turkey. However, if you’re in Alaska or Hawaii, it’s a bit pricier, with these states having the most expensive turkeys, averaging over $50 per bird.

“When the turkey platter is passed around, Californians lead the charge, proving that Thanksgiving is synonymous with turkey, especially in the heart of the West Coast.”

Howkapow Gift Site

In the rest of the U.S., like South Carolina, it tops the list with an average turkey price of $38.85. 

These price differences reflect regional variations in supply, demand, and transportation costs, shaping the cost of the centerpiece of Thanksgiving feasts.

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How Much Turkey Do You Need For Each Person At Thanksgiving? 

Roasted Chicken

If you want to plan the perfect Thanksgiving feast, it’s wise to follow a simple rule: prepare approximately 1 1/2 pounds of turkey for each guest. 

However, if you opt for boneless meat, a rough estimate is about 8 ounces per person. 

To ensure you purchase the perfect-sized turkey for your gathering, count your turkey-loving guests and do the math accordingly. 

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Why Do So Many Americans Enjoy Turkey?

Many Americans love turkey for a few simple reasons. Turkeys are big birds that were easy to find on people’s land, so they became a practical choice. 

But the real story of why they eat turkey and other Thanksgiving favorites like pumpkin and cranberry goes back to how people moved around the country. 

When folks from places like New England moved to different areas, they brought their food traditions, and turkey became a big part of Thanksgiving. 

So, a mix of convenience and history has made turkey a cherished part of the American Thanksgiving celebration for generations.

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Why is turkey so cheap in the United States?

Turkey’s affordability in the United States primarily stems from supply and demand dynamics. 

Besides, factory-farmed turkeys are cost-effective due to their close living conditions and diet efficiency, contributing to their lower prices.

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Which state has the most expensive turkeys?

Hawaii holds the title for the most expensive turkeys, with residents paying an average of $50.35 for a 15-pound bird.

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What three states in the U.S. have towns named Turkey?

Three states in the United States feature towns named after the turkey. It includes Turkey, North Carolina, Turkey, Texas, Louisiana, and Turkey Creek.

Are turkeys less expensive after Thanksgiving?

In Hawaii [2], turkeys, especially frozen ones, are more expensive after Thanksgiving. They are frozen, and stores are not pressured to sell them quickly.

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Final Words

When eating the most turkey on Thanksgiving, California is the clear winner. With its diverse and expansive population, California is where the turkey reigns supreme on the holiday table. 

Meanwhile, Minnesota takes the grand prize when producing these birds. In 2021 alone, they raised a jaw-dropping 40.5 million turkeys, making them the heavyweight champs in the turkey production game.


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