What Signs Do You Need For A Wedding

What Signs Do You Need For A Wedding: 10 Telltale Signs

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Organizing a wedding is a significant task, and one aspect that is frequently neglected is creating signage.

As someone who has planned my wedding and assisted many friends with theirs, I’ve learned that signs play a crucial role. 

They help guests find their way, add a touch of charm, and create a lovely atmosphere. So, what signs do you need for a wedding? 

Today, I’ll share the important signs you need for a wedding based on my experience. These signs are easy to understand and will make your big day unforgettable. 

10 Signs To Put On Your Wedding

1. Welcome Sign


The welcome sign offers a charming greeting, inviting friends and family to join the couple’s special day. 

Embellished with calligraphic lettering and floral designs, the welcome sign proudly displays the couple’s names and expresses heartfelt thanks and gratitude. 

This inviting visual should create an atmosphere of joyous anticipation – beckoning guests to enter a world of romantic enchantment.

2. Ceremony Sign

Having ceremony signs at any wedding is essential to help guide guests to their seats. 

These signs come adorned with elegant decorations and clear typography to assist as navigational aids. 

“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.”

Julia Child, American Cook

Lastly, they help direct family and friends to the beginning of the processional and provide guidance throughout the ceremony. 

3. Guestbook Sign

Your wedding guests must know where to sign in and leave special messages. So, put up guestbook signage at the entrance of the venue. 

Place a book or some stationery with it, and ensure enough pens or writing utensils. Give your guests clear directions, like reminding them of their names and marriage dates. 

Have someone close by to answer questions. That way, your guests can enter their messages in the guestbook safely.

4. Directional Signs

Directional signs can make navigating a wedding venue a breeze. 

Strategically placed at key locations, these signs can give guests a sense of ease and reassurance with clear, concise directions. 

They can help direct guests to the ceremony area, the reception, the restrooms, and the parking lot. 

5. Seating Chart Sign

At weddings, a seating chart sign is used to help guests quickly and easily find their designated tables. 

It shows each guest’s name, typically arranged alphabetically or by table number, so guests don’t have to worry about getting confused or lost. 

The elegant design and detailed layout make it easy to spot and can be placed near the entrance or reception area [1] for a convenient guide for guests. 

6. Bar Sign


With its eye-catching design and inviting typography, the bar sign has become a focal point, drawing guests to the party’s heart. 

Positioned close to the bar area, the sign showcases a variety of drinks, ranging from signature cocktails to exquisite wines and exotic spirits. 

Whether with a witty message or personalized art, the bar sign adds a unique aesthetic and charm to the occasion.

7. Menu Sign

Menu signs are a must-have at any wedding reception. The right sign will be eye-catching and coordinate with the couple’s wedding theme and decorations. 

It’s important to pick a font, design, and colors for the sign to make it stand out. 

Food items must be listed clearly and accurately so guests can quickly know what’s being served.

8. Favors Sign

At wedding receptions, favors signs are a very important sign that couples should have present. These signs assist in expressing thankfulness to everyone who attends the special event. 

Favors signs are of different shapes, sizes, and colors and can be put up on walls or proudly placed on tables for everyone to see. 

In this way, everyone will know they are being thanked for being at the wedding and know what kind of favor they are being given.

9. Photo Booth Sign

Photo booth signs are a blast at any wedding. They help everyone know where to go and what to do, plus they provide lots of fun opportunities for guests to create memories. 

“Wedding signs are the gentle reminders that love is the reason we gather, and happiness is the destination.”

Howkapow Gift Site

These signs feature bright, attention-grabbing visuals that make sure everyone sees them. So, have some extra fun and add somebody’s silliness to the day. 

10. Schedule Of Events Sign

Having signs that outline the day’s schedule can be super helpful at a wedding. 

These signs should be visible to guests when they come in and explain key events throughout the reception. 

That way, all the guests know exactly where they need to be when and that meals, dances, speeches, and other events are on.


What do wedding signs serve as?

Wedding signs are a friendly and inviting way to provide directions to different parts of the wedding, such as the reception, bar [2], and photo booth.

How much should wedding signage cost?

Wedding signage can typically range from $30-$200, depending on the type and size required.

What is the average size of a wedding sign?

The average size of a wedding sign ranges from 16×20 inches to 24×36 inches. But it still varies in size depending on the needs of the couple and the scale of their event.

Final Words

The right signage can work wonders for your wedding day. Drawing from my experiences and insights, I’ve highlighted some essential signs to elevate your celebration. 

The welcome sign sets the tone, inviting guests into a memorable experience. Meanwhile, the ceremony sign ensures everyone can witness your special moment. 

And the directional signs guide guests effortlessly through the venue, leaving no room for confusion. 

Incorporating these simple yet impactful signs enhance the ambiance, creates a seamless flow, and makes your wedding unforgettable. 

Remember, keep the design eye-catching and the messaging clear, and let the signs work magic.


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