What Should You Do For Your Parents' 40th Wedding Anniversary

What Should You Do For Your Parents’ 40th Wedding?

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Through organizing various notable celebration events, including the 40th wedding anniversary of my parents, I’ve acquired knowledge on how to render these moments genuinely unforgettable.

So, what should you do for your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary? 

Today, I’ll share some heartfelt ideas to help you plan a memorable celebration honoring your parents’ four decades of love and commitment. 

From poems to meaningful gestures, let’s dive in and create an anniversary they’ll cherish for years. 

10 Things To Do For Your Parents’ 40th Wedding Anniversary

1. Write Your Parents A Poem 

Woman Writing on a Notebook

Crafting a beautiful poem for your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to show them your love and celebrate their incredible journey together. 

As you write, memories of special moments, whispered vows, and shared laughter [1] fill your mind. 

This poem will be a cherished gift and a constant reminder of their profound impact on your life and the love they’ve nurtured throughout the years.

2. Compose A Song For Them

Think of how your parents’ relationship has impacted your life, and pick out the memories that stand out the most. 

Then, use those memories to inspire your lyrics. Add a musical accompaniment to bring your melody to life, or find some instrumental tracks to help you.

3. Write Heartfelt Letters

Express your love and appreciation through handwritten letters. Share personal anecdotes, memories, and their love’s impact on your life. 

“When the wedding march sounds the resolute approach, the clock no longer ticks; it tolls the hour. The figures in the aisle are no longer individuals; they symbolize the human race.” 

Anne Morrow Lindbergh, American Writer

Present these letters to your parents as a heartfelt gift during their anniversary celebration. But how to celebrate an anniversary if you have a bad marriage?

4. Create A Personalized Photo Album

Collect cherished family photos from over the years and create a beautiful photo album or collage. Add captions and heartfelt messages to capture the essence of their love story.

5. Cook Them Their Favorite Meal

Person Cooking a Meal

Surprise your parents with a special meal on their 40th wedding anniversary.

Find out what they like to eat, get the necessary ingredients, and spend some time in the kitchen preparing their favorite meals. 

Making their favorite meal with care and work will make them feel extra special. But what to do for your parents’ 60th wedding anniversary?

6. Plan An Anniversary Dinner

Start by selecting the perfect venue – a special restaurant, your home, or private event space. 

Then, choose a menu that will make them smile. Include some of their favorite dishes and innovative flavors to surprise them. 

Finally, add those special touches that will make the event even more special – like a personalized cake or decorations. 

7. Throw A Ruby-Themed Surprise Party

For your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, why not surprise them with a ruby-themed party? Decorate the venue with deep red items, like ruby-colored tablecloths and balloons. 

Make sure to treat your guests to ruby-colored goodies, like red velvet cupcakes and ruby-colored cocktails. 

“On their 40th wedding anniversary, give your parents an experience that encapsulates the magic of their relationship—a day filled with laughter, surprises, and a renewed sense of love.”

Howkapow Gift Site

Have a beautiful ruby cake with a “Happy 40th Anniversary” inscription as a special touch. Lastly, for the special gift, get your parents ruby jewelry.

8. Surprise Them With Gifts

Buy them a gift that symbolizes the strength and duration of their relationship. 

Traditionally, the 40th anniversary is associated with ruby. For instance, a piece of ruby jewelry could be a fitting present.

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9. Recreate Their First Date

Bring them back to the original location where they had their first meal or enjoyed their first picnic together. 

Talk about how they have supported each other and been together all these years. Capture the memories in photos, and make it a special night for them. 

10. Wine Tasting

Pouring Red Wine on a Glass

If they’re wine lovers, arrange a wine-tasting tour or event. 

They will have the opportunity to try various wines [2], learn about the nuances of flavor and scent, and understand how to pair foods with various wines properly. 

Add icing to the cake by taking your parents to a nice meal at a restaurant in the area. 

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What is the traditional gift for a couple’s 40th anniversary?

The traditional gift for a couple’s 40th anniversary is a ruby. Check out these gift ideas for your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary here.

What flower symbolizes the 40th anniversary of a marriage?

The flower that symbolizes the 40th anniversary of a marriage is the Gladiolus. 

This flower represents integrity, infatuation, and strength of character, echoing the profound journey a couple has shared at this stage of their marriage.

Wrapping Up

From first-hand experience, I can say that creating a memorable celebration requires a combination of thoughtfulness, creativity, and love. 

So, why not pen a heartfelt poem that encapsulates their journey? Or compose a song that strikes a chord of nostalgia? Besides, try cooking their favorite meal, serving love on a platter. 

Remember, sincerity trumps complexity. It’s not about grand gestures but genuine reflections of your gratitude for their enduring bond. 

Trust me, a personal touch makes all the difference as someone who’s been there. Bottom line: Make it a special, personal day they’ll treasure.


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