What Not To Do In A Haunted House

What Not To Do In A Haunted House: Tips & Guide

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Whenever one enters a creepy haunted house, it’s like stepping into another realm where a mixture of fear and thrill consumes you.

I’ve been in many of these creepy places and learned that certain things can turn a fun adventure into a bad experience. So, what not to do in a haunted house? 

I’ll share what I’ve learned to help you enjoy spooky haunted houses without getting too scared or having a bad time.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do In A Haunted House

Haunted House

1. No Running, Pushing, Or Pulling

The allure of a haunted house lies in its spine-tingling ambiance, not in racing through it like an Olympic sprinter. 

Running jeopardizes your safety and diminishes the carefully crafted atmosphere for others [1]. 

Resist the urge to shove or pull others into your panic; the ghosts are here to startle you, not your fellow visitors.

2. Avoid Complaining About Line Delays

Patience is a virtue, especially when awaiting your turn to enter the eerie realm. Complaining loudly about the line length only sours the mood for everyone. 

“Most of the women I like have a haunted quality – they’re sort of like women who live in a haunted house all by themselves.” 

John Malkovich, American Actor

Remember, anticipation adds to the thrill; share stories or predictions to pass the time instead.

3. Walk Carefully, Avoid Crowding

Haunted houses often boast narrow corridors and confined spaces. Crowding these areas spoils the experience and could lead to accidental collisions. 

Keep a respectful distance from the group ahead to maintain the fear factor while preserving safety.

4. Don’t Take Stuff From The Gift Shop

Yes, haunted house gift shops often house intriguing trinkets, but swiping them without paying is a ghostly move. 

Support the haunt’s efforts and buy your memorabilia legally. True scares come from within the attraction, not from stealing a plastic skull.

5. Don’t Spoil the Surprise

Loudly predicting scares or revealing plot twists to fellow visitors can dampen their experience. 

Keep the element of surprise alive for everyone by refraining from spoilers and letting them enjoy the journey.

How Can You Get Out Of A Haunted House?

A. Maintain Composure

If the fear inside the haunted house becomes too much, resist the urge to panic. 

Instead, gather yourself and politely ask a staff member or actor for assistance finding the nearest exit. Most haunted attractions have planned escape routes for such situations.

B. Rely on Yourself

It’s important to adopt a self-reliant mindset inside the unsettling environment of a haunted house. 

Even if you’re in a group, avoid assuming that someone else will guide you out. Haunted houses are designed to disorient and surprise, so relying on fellow visitors may lead to confusion.

C. Timing & Approach

Planning your exit strategically is key. Aim to position yourself in the middle of your group rather than being at the front or back. 

“Avoid treating a haunted house as a mere attraction; it might be a stage for unfinished tales.”

Howkapow Gift Site

This allows you to gauge the reactions of those ahead and behind you. When encountering actors within the attraction, maintain eye contact to project a sense of confidence. 

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What Should You Do To Prepare For A Haunted House?

Image of an Abandoned House
  • Strategic Attire: Opt for darker, muted colors to blend into the shadows and evade the scrutiny of black lights. Leave the flashy clothing at home; it only attracts unwanted attention from scare actors.
  • Positioning in the Group: Walk ahead for better pace control. Scare actors target the middle, making the front a more advantageous spot.
  • Appear Calm: Project a demeanor of tranquility to avoid being the prime prey. Keep your eyes relaxed and make brief eye contact to convey confidence.
  • React with Laughter: When startled, let out a hearty laugh. This soothes nerves and reduces your appeal to scare actors, diminishing the chance of repeated scares.
  • Familiarity with Themes: Immerse yourself in the maze’s theme by watching related movies or shows. Recognizing familiar elements enhances your experience and helps you maintain composure.
  • Observe Flooring Changes: Keep an eye on shifts in flooring or walls, as they often signal upcoming scares. Be prepared for new effects or noises that might be introduced.
  • Embrace Spoilers: Preview online walkthroughs or trailers of the maze. Acclimating to the atmosphere through previews can alleviate nervousness and boost your confidence.

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Should I use earplugs if I’m going to a haunted house?

Absolutely. When visiting a haunted house or any noisy venue, wearing earplugs or ear molds is a simple yet effective measure to safeguard your hearing.

When is the best time to go to a haunted house?

For a less crowded experience, aim to arrive before the peak hours of 8-11 p.m.

So, avoid the crowds and get a more intimate experience by arriving early in the evening. But how do you work at a haunted house?

Is a haunted house a good place for a date?

Yes, a haunted house offers a unique date idea, fostering a chance to bond while sharing thrills. 

Navigating through the scares allows you to know your partner deeper, making it an engaging and memorable experience for both of you.

On A Final Note

Thinking back on my trips to haunted houses, I remember feeling scared and excited. Remember these important rules to have a good time and not mess up. 

Don’t run or push – the fun comes from the journey, not finishing quickly. Be patient; only complain about boring stuff. 

Follow the design of the haunt – too many people make it less spooky. And, of course, don’t steal from the gift shop – that’s a big no-no.

In those spooky halls, staying calm and handling things yourself lets you leave smoothly if needed. Be there, but don’t upset [2] the actors. 

So, with these tips, enjoy the scary adventure while still looking brave and cool.


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