What Items Do Veterans Need The Most

What Items Do Veterans Need the Most? Essential Items

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Having had the opportunity to work closely with veterans, I have observed the urgent needs that many of our ex-service members encounter when they reintegrate into civilian life.

Whether recently discharged or those who have been out of the military for years, veterans often require specific items to help them transition successfully. 

But what items do veterans need the most? With that, I’ll give the best practical items veterans need the most, shedding light on how we can assist and honor their sacrifices.

10 Essential Items That Veterans Needed The Most

1. Wheelchair Access Ramps

Wheel Chair Ramp

Wheelchair access ramps are very important for veterans because they help them get around more easily. 

These ramps are essential for veterans who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices. 

“Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts.” 

Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Statesman

They let them enter and leave their homes without problems, so they don’t have to rely on others for help. But what should you get a veteran for Veterans Day?

2. Medical Care & Medications

Access to medical care and medications is extremely important for veterans. These brave men and women have served our country and deserve the support they need to stay healthy. 

They may have physical injuries or mental health issues from their service, and they must receive the necessary care and medications to address these challenges. 

This support shows gratitude for their service and helps them successfully transition into civilian life. But how can you make a veteran feel loved?

3. Walking Canes

When veterans come back from military service, they might have trouble walking because of disabilities or injuries. Walking canes [1] give them support and help them stay balanced. 

This way, they can still do things independently and not rely on others for assistance. Walking canes are light and easy to carry so veterans can take them anywhere.

4. Seated Rollator Walkers

Seated rollator walkers are one of the most important things that veterans need. These walkers help veterans with trouble walking or standing for a long time. 

They have a seat built in, so veterans can take a break and sit down whenever needed. It makes things easier for them and keeps them safe. 

The walkers also have storage spaces so veterans can carry their stuff or medical things.

5. Clothing & Personal Care Items

If veterans don’t have enough money or a place to live, having clean clothes and personal care items can make a big difference. Things like underwear, socks, and warm clothes are essential. 

They also need basic hygiene items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap [2], and razors. 

“Veterans’ needs are not just about what they’ve done for our country but what we can do for them in return.”

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With proper clothing and personal care, veterans can attend job interviews and join social activities without feeling self-conscious.

6. Electric Power Wheelchairs

Rubicon Electric Wheelchair

Electric power wheelchairs are designed to help veterans with trouble moving independently. 

With electric power wheelchairs, veterans can go places they couldn’t before, like bumpy surfaces or crowded areas. 

They have features like adjustable speeds comfortable seats, and are easy to control. 

7. Batteries For Scooters & Wheelchairs

These batteries are like the fuel that powers their mobility equipment, allowing them to move around independently. 

With good batteries, veterans can stay home and rely on others for rides. And they are essential for veterans to be able to go out, run errands, and be part of social activities. 

Having reliable batteries for their scooters and wheelchairs is crucial in helping veterans live active and fulfilling lives.

8. Furniture & Household Essentials

Furniture and things we need in our homes are essential for veterans. Giving them beds, tables, chairs, and dressers to fill their homes is a big help. 

They also need stuff for the kitchen, like pots and pans, and things for the bathroom, like towels. 

All these essential things make a big difference in their lives and help them feel safe and stable. 

It also helps them focus on rebuilding their lives and rejoining their community.

9. Folding Aluminum Walkers

Folding aluminum walkers are lightweight and can be folded up, which means veterans can use them when needed and store them away easily. 

They help veterans feel more stable and confident when moving around their homes or going out. 

Whether for everyday tasks, like getting to the store or for physical therapy, these walkers offer a helping hand. 

10. Food & Groceries

Groceries on a Cart

Access to food and groceries is a critical necessity for veterans. 

It ensures that veterans and their families have regular access to healthy meals, helping to ease financial pressures and improve their overall well-being. 

Returning to civilian life can bring challenges, and having a dependable food source can make a significant difference in their transition. 

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How do I donate to veterans in my community?

Research reputable charities focused on veterans’ issues to contribute to veterans in your community. 

Once you’ve identified a trustworthy organization, decide whether to donate funds, offer your time and skills as a volunteer, or both. 

How can we better commemorate our veterans?

To better commemorate our veterans, it’s essential to demonstrate genuine respect for their service and feelings while being open to their suggestions. 

Besides, providing veterans with opportunities to share their stories can be a powerful way to honor their contributions.

Find out how you can greet a veteran on Veterans Day here.

Bottom Line

Through firsthand experiences and conversations with veterans, it becomes abundantly clear that certain items hold importance in their lives as they transition back into civilian society. 

First, wheelchair ramps make getting around easier for veterans with mobility issues. They help them move freely and independently. 

Second, food and groceries are essential because they ensure veterans have enough to eat without worrying about hunger. 

These basic items show our appreciation for their service and helping them transition back to civilian life with dignity and support.


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