What Is The Worst Topic To Bring Up At A Thanksgiving Table

What Is the Worst Topic to Bring Up at a Thanksgiving Table?

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Discussing controversial topics during Thanksgiving can turn a pleasant meal into a heated argument.

I remember one time I talked about a certain topic at our Thanksgiving dinner, which upset everyone in the room. 

Instead of having a nice meal together, we had a heated argument. So, what is the worst topic to bring up at a Thanksgiving table? 

Today, I’ll share the list of the worst topics that should not be included at a Thanksgiving dinner table. Read on. 

10 Worst Topics That People Bring Up At A Thanksgiving Table

1. Bad Academic Performance Or Grades

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Bringing up bad academic performance or grades is one of the worst topics to discuss at a Thanksgiving table. 

It can make people feel embarrassed and inadequate because they might already struggle with their studies. 

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” 

Oprah Winfrey, American Host and Television Producer

Sharing failures or disappointments about grades in front of critical family members or friends can be hard for students. But what can you do on Thanksgiving without a family?

2. Political Debates

This holiday is all about bringing families together and having a good time. But when politics are thrown into the mix, things can get tense and uncomfortable quickly. 

Everyone has strong opinions and beliefs, making it hard to find common ground. 

Instead of enjoying each other’s company, political debates can tear families apart and cause hurt feelings.

3. College Achievements

Although it’s natural for parents and relatives to be proud of their children’s accomplishments, constantly discussing academic achievements during a holiday meant for gratitude and shared experiences could make people feel compared or a sense of competition [1]. 

It’s best to focus on the joy and togetherness that Thanksgiving is about rather than making others feel inadequate or jealous. 

4. Body Image

Talking about how people look, or their “body image,” at Thanksgiving can be a not-so-great idea. This kind of talk can make people feel not so good about themselves. 

We should focus on enjoying the food and each other’s company instead of making anyone self-conscious or worried about their appearance. 

5. Family Conflicts

Family conflicts are among the worst things people can bring up at a Thanksgiving table. 

Bringing up old grudges or unresolved family disputes can quickly tense the atmosphere and lead to hurt feelings and arguments. 

These conflicts have the potential to damage relationships within the family. 

6. Dietary Choices

Conversations about dietary choices can sometimes be troublesome at the Thanksgiving table. 

People have preferences regarding what they eat, like vegetarian or gluten-free. 

But discussing these choices during a holiday about enjoying food and family can lead to arguments and tensions. 

Some may argue about which foods are healthier or criticize different diets, causing rifts and ruining the holiday spirit. 

7. Religious Matters

Religious matters can be a touchy subject. It has the potential to create arguments and awkwardness amongst family and friends. 

Since people hold their beliefs deeply, discussions about religion can get intense. Different religious beliefs within a group make finding common ground or keeping the peace even harder.

Find out the meaning of Thanksgiving in the Bible here.

8. Parenting Advice

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Parenting advice can be a tricky topic to talk about during Thanksgiving dinner. It can make people feel judged and cause a lot of stress.

Every parent has their way of raising their kids based on their beliefs and experiences. Giving advice or saying one way is better can hurt people’s feelings. 

Every child is different, so what works for one might not work for another. 

9. Fertility Issues

At Thanksgiving, when we talk about fertility problems [2], it can make people feel sad and uncomfortable. 

“In the feast of togetherness, let’s skip the bitter taste of controversial topics.”

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These personal problems make people upset, frustrated, and even embarrassed. It can remind them of the pressure society puts on them to have babies.

Let’s try to be kind and thoughtful during Thanksgiving and avoid bringing up topics like this that might make others feel bad.

10. Financial Matters

Having a conversation about money at the dinner table is not a good idea. 

People might start bragging about all the cool stuff they bought, complaining about how much money they owe, or judging others for how they spend it. 

This can make everyone feel upset and jealous. Thanksgiving is about being together, not comparing money. We should focus on being thankful and having a good time.

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What is considered impolite at the table?

Certain behaviors are universally deemed impolite when dining, like playing with food. Eating too slowly may imply a dislike of the food while eating too quickly is considered rude.

While manners can vary, burping or slurping loudly at the table is generally not okay. And don’t stare at someone else’s plate – that’s not polite either.

What are some neutral topics to talk about over Thanksgiving?

When conversing during Thanksgiving, consider neutral topics like the weather, sports, or even discussing delicious food. 

Most importantly, keep the conversations happy and avoid topics that might cause arguments.

But what should you be thankful for on Thanksgiving?

Final Remarks

When we have Thanksgiving dinner, it’s important to make it a nice and happy time. We shouldn’t talk about things that can make people upset. 

I’ve learned that talking about school grades or problems in the family can make everyone feel bad. 

Also, we should be careful when discussing politics (like who runs the country) and how we look because those topics can cause arguments. 

Instead, we should talk about things everyone can enjoy, like the weather, sports, or how yummy the food is. 

By avoiding these bad topics, we can make Thanksgiving a truly happy and friendly time for everyone.


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