What Is Open On Easter Sunday In San Antonio

What Is Open On Easter Sunday In San Antonio, Texas?

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As Easter approaches in San Antonio, there are many activities available to keep the family entertained.

But what is open on Easter Sunday in San Antonio? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

San Antonio has something to offer if you want to spend the day with your family, explore the city, or relax. 

So grab your baskets and explore what the city offers this Easter Sunday. 

What’s Open In San Antonio On Easter Sunday?

man buying shirt on a clothing store

Most stores, including grocery stores, are open on Easter Sunday, and many restaurants are open for business [1]. 

As such, significant retailers like Trader Joe’s, Walgreens, Walmart, Best Buy, and Home Depot maintain standard business hours, whereas Walgreens may have irregular operating hours. 

For those looking for some outdoor activities, the San Antonio Zoo is open from 9 am to 7 pm, whereas San Antonio Botanical Garden may have irregular hours of operation.

Visitors can enjoy the beautiful gardens, explore the educational exhibits, see the animals, and take a zoo train ride. 

Plus, if you’re looking for a place to worship, rest assured that there are churches in the city that welcome visitors. 

But does the ABC store stay open on Easter Sunday?

Are Stores Permitted To Be Open On Easter Sunday?

In many countries, stores are not permitted to be open on Easter Sunday. 

Specifically, large stores, defined as those with floor space greater than 280 square meters (3,000 square feet), must be closed on the designated day of observance.

It is due to the religious significance of Easter Sunday, as it is the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

As such, stores are typically closed to allow people to observe the day and attend religious services. 

“The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.”

Kate McGahan, Author

However, some countries have allowed exceptions to this rule, such as allowing convenience stores, gas stations, and pharmacies to remain open on Easter Sunday. 

This is done to ensure that people can continue commemorating the holy holiday while still having access to the necessary services and goods.

But is it okay to buy alcohol on Easter Sunday?

Do Small Stores Stay Open On Easter Sunday?

Retail Store

Small stores may stay open on Easter Sunday, but this will depend on the state’s laws and the owners’ policies. 

In some states, small stores are allowed to open on Easter Sunday, while others must remain closed. 

Those allowed to open may open for a limited time and offer different products and services than they do on other days. 

For example, they may not be allowed to serve food or provide certain services, such as haircuts. 

Owners of small stores may also choose to stay closed on Easter Sunday, even if their state allows them to open. 

This might be done for religious reasons or to give their employees a much-needed day off.

Is It Legal To Operate Business On Easter Sunday?

Yes, your business is allowed to operate on Easter Sunday in the United States. However, certain restrictions may vary depending on the state. 

Many states have laws that restrict certain businesses from operating on Easter Sunday, such as bars, nightclubs, and liquor stores. 

And some states have laws that may require certain businesses to close on Easter Sunday, such as certain retail stores and restaurants.

Conversely, in the United Kingdom, large stores are not allowed to open on Easter Sunday as part of their law, which is the Sunday Trading Act 1994. 

So for them to operate on Sundays or even on Easter Sunday, they must be registered with the council of trading in the UK and specify the hours of operation.

Sometimes, it may be a religious or cultural consideration that leads to businesses closing on Easter Sunday. 

Or others may choose to close on Easter Sunday to give employees an extra day off or a long weekend. 

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What stores in Texas closed on Easter?

Texas stores typically closed on Easter Sunday include Crate & Barrel, Belk, Costco, Best Buy, ALDI, and most major grocery stores.

Are stores open in the UK on Easter Sunday?

In the UK, many stores are closed on Easter Sunday, a public holiday. However, some small convenience stores and shops in tourist areas may be open.

But how will you say “Happy Easter” in Hawaiian?

Are banks closed during the Easter season?

Easter is not considered a federal holiday, so they are open for Easter. 

So you can expect starting on Easter Monday, several banks in the United States will be open on regular hours. 

Is it illegal to work on Easter?

No, it is not illegal to work on Easter. However, some employers may give their employees a day off as a holiday.

Are stores and shops open on Good Friday?

No, stores and shops close on Good Friday since it is a state holiday in many states, including Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Texas.

Is it a good time to sell around Easter?

No, it is not really a good time to sell around Easter as the market is typically slow during this time, so it doesn’t work well for sellers. It is best to wait until after Easter to put items up for sale.

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Final Thoughts

Easter Sunday in San Antonio is an excellent opportunity to explore the city and take advantage of the many open attractions and activities.

While some businesses and attractions may be closed, you still have plenty of options. 

From enjoying the beautiful parks and outdoor spaces to visiting one of the many museums or other attractions, you can find something to do on Easter Sunday in San Antonio [2]. 

So, come and celebrate the holiday with your loved ones and create lasting memories.


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