What is A Toga Party

What is A Toga Party & How Do You Host One? (Updated)

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Have you heard of a toga party before? If not, there’s no need to fret; you’re not alone! A toga party is a traditional celebration that originated in ancient Rome. During these gatherings, attendees would don togas and revel in the festivities.

 In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about toga parties. 

What is a Toga-Themed Party? 


A toga party typically involves dressing up in a toga, a simple piece of cloth draped around the body. 

Guests may also wear sandals and other accessories to complete their look. The food and drink at a toga party often reflect the theme.  

Mediterranean-inspired dishes and drinks. A toga party is usually a lively affair, with music and dancing providing entertainment for guests.

5 Things to Prepare for the Party 

1. Invitations

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The first step is to send out invitations. You can go the traditional route and hand-write them on parchment paper or design a digital invite that captures the Roman spirit. 

Make sure to include all the important details, such as the party’s date, time, and location. And don’t forget to mention that guests should wear their best togas! Once the invitations are sent out, it’s time to start planning the party. 

2. Party Decorations

One of the great things about toga parties is that they can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. If you’re on a budget, you need some white sheets and some creative friends. 

But if you’re looking to turn heads, there are plenty of ways to step up your party decorations. 

First, you’ll need to transform your venue into a Roman paradise. Drape sheets over furniture and doorways and hang garlands of fabric or leaves from the ceiling. Then, set the scene with some eye-catching centerpieces. 

Fill bowls with fruit or flowers, or create miniature Roman temples out of cardboard boxes. You can also add some sparkle with glittery tablecloths and candles. Finally, don’t forget the finishing touches! 

Make sure your guests are decked out in their togas by providing costume accessories like leaves and headbands. 

3. Party Outfits

A toga party is a perfect opportunity to dress up in a creative and unique way. While there are many different ways to style a toga, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

For a classic look, drape a white sheet over one shoulder and fasten it with a gold sash or belt. If you want to add a bit of color, try draping a colored scarf or piece of fabric around your waist or over your shoulder. 

Try wearing a long dress or tunic with a gold belt for a more dramatic look. Or, for a truly eye-catching outfit, try layering several different colors of fabric to create a colorful and festive toga. 

No matter what style you choose, make sure to accessorize with plenty of jewelry and glitter. After all, it’s a party!

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4. Food and Drinks

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The menu for a toga party can be both simple and delicious. The key is to stick with classic Roman fare that is easy to eat without utensils. Start with a platter of fruit and cheese. 

For the main course, grilled chicken or lamb are both excellent choices. 

And for dessert, what could be more fitting than a Roman classic like honeyed figs? As for drinks, keep it simple with wine or beer. 

5. Entertainment and Party Games

A toga party is the perfect opportunity to let loose and have some fun. There are a variety of games and activities that can keep guests entertained throughout the night. 

For example, “pin the leaf on the vine” is a classic toga party game that is sure to get guests laughing. Another option is to set up a photo booth with props like laurel wreaths and fake grapes. 

Guests can also enjoy watching Roman-themed movies or TV shows, such as “Gladiator” or “Spartacus.” [1]


Do togas need to be white?

No, togas don’t necessarily have to be white. In fact, you’ll often see togas in a variety of colors at parties or collegiate events. 

Wearing a white toga may be more traditional, but it’s not a requirement. So feel free to experiment with different colors and see what you like best!

Who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest toga party?

QUT students reveled in the party atmosphere at their annual World’s Largest Toga Party, and this year the event may well have lived up to its name.

The sold-out event at Riverstage saw more than 7000 toga-wearing students pass through the gates to celebrate the beginning of a new semester, making it a world record.

Final Thoughts

A toga-themed party is a popular choice for college students and adults alike. These themed parties are a great way to add some excitement to an otherwise mundane event. 

A toga party is often held during the summer when the weather is warm, and people feel less stressed. 


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