What Is A Speakeasy Party

What Is A Speakeasy Party? Complete Guide (Updated)

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Are you prepared to host a memorable party that will have your friends talking for weeks on end? Consider throwing a speakeasy themed event!

Speakeasy parties add a fun, unique twist to any get-together and give your guests a true blast from the past. But hold on, what is a Speakeasy party? Why is it talking about the past? 

Keep reading if you want to know what kind of party it is and how you can throw one. 

What’s A Speakeasy Party?

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A Speakeasy Party takes us back to the era of Prohibition in the United States when alcohol was illegal. 

At these secret, underground gatherings, guests dress in 1920s-style attire and enjoy classic cocktails, beer [1], and wine. 

“For every prohibition you create, you also create an underground.”

Jello Biafra, American Singer

The lighting is low, and jazz music plays softly in the background, creating an intriguing and sinister mood. 

Partygoers can participate in flapper dancing, vintage card games, and other activities inspired by the era. To gain entry into the event, guests must know the password.

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How To Throw A Speakeasy Party

1. Choose A Theme

Select a specific era or style for your speakeasy party, such as the Roaring Twenties, Prohibition, or the Jazz Age.

It helps set the tone and guide your decisions for the rest of the event planning.

2. Select A Venue

Find a suitable location for your party, such as a private home, a hidden bar, or an underground space. The venue should evoke the secretive, intimate atmosphere of a speakeasy.

3. Send Out Invitations

Design invitations that reflect the theme of your party and include a secret password or phrase that guests need to know to gain entry. 

Encourage guests to dress in period-appropriate attire to enhance the immersive experience.

4. Create A Secret Entrance

Set up a hidden entrance or door for guests to enter, complete with a “bouncer” or doorman to check for the secret password.

5. Plan The Decor

To get the 1920s vibe just right, incorporate vintage-style decorations like feathers, pearls, and old-style furniture. 

Use old-style serving trays to hang vintage posters and string up black and white streamers. 

Light plenty of candles for a cozy, mysterious atmosphere, and keep the lighting low. 

Then add a few old-style props like a phonograph or a gramophone to bring the party to life.

6. Curate A Cocktail Menu

Research and prepare a selection of classic cocktails popular during the Prohibition era, such as the Sidecar, Manhattan, Bee’s Knees, and French 75. 

Make sure to stock up on various liquors, mixers, and garnishes.

7. Hire Entertainment

Book live jazz musicians, dancers, or singers to provide authentic entertainment throughout the event. Consider hiring a DJ to play a mix of jazz and contemporary music for dancing.

8. Plan A Food Menu

Serve up deviled eggs, sliders, mac ‘n’ cheese, shepherd’s pie, shrimp cocktail, stuffed mushrooms [2], and beef Wellington to keep your guests well-fed.

And to sweeten the deal, whip up some lemon bars or cupcakes with a speakeasy twist for dessert.

9. Set Up A (Fake) Gambling Corner

Recreate the excitement of an illegal gambling den by setting up a corner with poker, blackjack, or roulette tables. 

You can use play money for guests to gamble with or offer small prizes for winners.

10. Capture The Memories

To capture your guests in their period best, arrange for a photo booth or hire a photographer. 

Provide themed props such as feather boas, fedoras, and long strands of pearls to encourage guests to get in character.

11. Prepare For Safety

Ensure that your event complies with local laws and regulations. 

Take necessary safety precautions, such as having a designated driver program or providing transportation options for guests who have been drinking.

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What Should You Wear To A Speakeasy Party?

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For a truly authentic speakeasy experience, women should don flapper-style dresses decorated with fringe, sequins, or beadwork, accessorized with headbands adorned with feathers, long strands of pearls, and art deco-inspired jewelry. 

Put the finishing touches on your outfit with a crimson lip and a pair of T-strap or Mary Jane heels. 

Men should wear a tailored suit or tuxedo with a vest, crisp white shirt, and a tie or bow tie. 

Don’t forget to accessorize with a fedora, suspenders, a pocket watch, and polished dress shoes for a fun and memorable night. But what are the best outfits for a Roaring 20s party?

What Can You Expect From Speakeasy?

You can expect excitement and secrecy at a speakeasy, like returning to the Prohibition era. 

To enter, you might need a secret password; then, you’ll pass through a hidden doorway and find yourself in a cozy, intimate space filled with vintage decor and plush furnishings. 

There are classic cocktails such as Old Fashioneds and Negronis, expertly crafted by skilled bartenders.

Lastly, you’ll be transported to the Roaring Twenties with jazz music, sultry singers, and spirited dance performances.


Why were speakeasies bad?

Speakeasies were bad because they promoted illegal activities such as selling and consuming alcohol, which was prohibited during Prohibition. 

Additionally, the environment in speakeasies was often dangerous, and many people were at risk of being arrested for participating in these illegal activities.

How much should you tip in speakeasies?

It is generally expected that patrons tip around 20% for their drinks and service in speakeasies.

Are there still speakeasies today?

Technically, there are no real or true speakeasies in this generation. But the concept still exists today, and they are more commonly referred to as craft cocktail bars or underground clubs.

Key Takeaways

So don your flapper dress, grab your fedora, and get ready for the time of your life. Speakeasy parties are the perfect way to unite people and add a unique twist to any gathering. 

With Prohibition-era vibes, stylish atmospheres, and delicious cocktails, what’s not to love? So don’t wait – start planning your next speakeasy party today. 


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