What Is A Ring Bomb Party? Answered

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If you’re a person with a passion for jewelry, surprises, and social gatherings, rest assured, you’re in for a fantastic experience.

In the ever-evolving jewelry industry, a fresh trend has surfaced that fuses the excitement of discovering hidden treasures with the pleasure of connecting with like-minded individuals, which is the Ring Bomb Party. 

But wait, what is a Ring Bomb party? Well, keep reading to find out. 

The Ring Bomb Party: What Is It?


Ring Bomb Party is a unique direct-sales business that offers an exciting way to purchase beautiful jewelry. 

Their specialty is “Ring Bombs,” which are fizzy, bath bomb-like products that dissolve in water to reveal a surprise ring inside. 

Each ring is uniquely designed, sized, and valued, making the shopping experience thrilling and unpredictable. 

Besides, Ring Bomb Party works through a network of independent reps who sell the goods directly to you through home parties or online. 

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Who Is The Owner Of The Ring Bomb Party?

Lillian and Bella Coleman founded the Ring Bomb Party jewelry company in 2016, combining their passion for entrepreneurship, creativity, and jewelry to create an interactive and unique shopping experience. 

As the owners, they are dedicated to empowering individuals and lead a team of passionate and committed consultants who share their vision. 

With their ambition and hard work, they have succeeded and continue to make their customers happy. 

Are The Rings On The Bath Bombs Real?

The answer is a big, fat YES. These guys are quick when it comes to quality jewelry. They’ve got the real deal, from genuine sterling silver to stainless steel to gold-plated options. 

Each ring is handpicked and packed with love, making the bath bomb experience even more exciting. With various styles, from trendy to timeless, there’s something for everyone. 

“For years my wedding ring has done its job. It has led me not into temptation. It has reminded my husband numerous times at parties that it’s time to go home. It has been a source of relief to a dinner companion. It has been a status symbol in the maternity ward.”

Erma Bombeck, American Humorist

Plus, these rings are the cherry on top of an already fantastic bathtime experience and are guaranteed to bring a smile to whoever gets one.

What Materials Are Used To Create Bomb Party Rings?

Hand Holding Ring

When it comes to the rings inside their bath bombs, Ring Bomb Party carefully chooses the materials used to create their jewelry, including genuine sterling silver, rhodium plated, and rose gold-plated rings [1].

These materials are chosen for their strength, affordability, and beauty, ensuring you get a product that looks amazing and will last for years. 

Hence, they believe everyone should have access to a little bit of luxury, so they strive to make their products both high-quality and affordable.

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How Much Do The Rings In Bath Bombs Cost?

The rings’ price can vary based on what it’s made of and the design. But on average, you’re looking at spending around $15 to $5,000. 

Of course, if you’re feeling fancy and want a ring made of genuine sterling silver or gold-plated materials, it might cost a bit more. 

But don’t worry; there are plenty of choices at different price points, so you’re bound to find one that fits your budget. 

And they often have special deals and promotions so that you might score a sweet discount on your purchase.

Is It Possible To Resize The Bomb Party Rings?

No, bomb party rings cannot be resized, especially if you already placed your order. 

Primarily because of the high volume of orders they receive each week—hundreds of them, to be exact—, it is strongly advised that clients double-check their sizing before placing an order. 

Also, intricate designs and certain types of metal can make it difficult to resize them without compromising the original design. 

How To Make A Bath Bomb With A Ring Inside?

  • Gather 1 cup baking soda, half a cup citric acid, Epsom salt [2], and cornstarch. Then, 2.5 tablespoons coconut or almond oil, 3/4 tablespoon water, and 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil for fragrance.
  • Combine the dry ingredients in one basin and then the liquids in another; whisk the two together until the mixture resembles moist sand.
  • Place the ring in a heat-resistant plastic capsule and tightly pack the mixture into each half of a spherical bath bomb mold.
  • Lastly, press the capsule into one half, join the halves, and press firmly. Allow the bath bomb to dry for at least 24 hours before removing it from the mold.

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Are bath bombs a profitable business?

Bath bombs are a popular and profitable business, as customers or shoppers are willing to pay a premium for their luxurious and fragrant qualities. 

With the right marketing strategy and retail channels, bath bombs can be a lucrative business venture for entrepreneurs.

Do you take a shower after a bath bomb?

No, it is unnecessary to shower after using a bath bomb, as the bath bomb’s ingredients are designed to dissolve in the bath water. 

But if you need to rinse the remaining residue, a quick shower is an excellent way. But what are some gift ideas for people who like baths?

What kind of rings can’t be resized?

Rings made of metals such as tungsten or titanium cannot be resized due to their hardness. 

How often can a ring be resized?

A ring can usually be resized 2-4 times, depending on the type of metal used. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the Ring Bomb Party is the ultimate fusion of fun, fashion, and friendship in the jewelry world. 

They turn the ordinary into the extraordinary by wrapping stunning rings inside fizzy bath bombs, ready to be unveiled in a splash of excitement.

So, if you want a new accessory, consider buying it from the Ring Bomb Party – you never know what surprises await. 


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