What Is A Good Gift For Someone With Dementia

What Is A Good Gift For Someone With Dementia? Our 10 Picks

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It can often be a challenging task to find the perfect gift for a loved one suffering from dementia, regardless of whether it’s for a birthday or any other festive celebration.

Dementia can cause a person to lose interest in things that used to bring them happiness. So what is a good gift for someone with dementia? Read on.

Top 10 Gifts For Someone With Dementia

1. Matching Card Game With Large Images

matching cards on a wooden table

Matching card games can be an ideal way to engage a person living with dementia and keep their mind active. 

It also helps to reinforce social interaction, building and memory connections through activities involving thinking and speaking. 

“A man does not consist of memory alone. He has feeling, will, sensibility, moral being… It is here… you may touch him and see a profound change.”

Oliver Sacks, Author and Neurologist

The large images make it easier for people with sight or other visual impairments to participate in the learning experience. 

Gifts like these can be invaluable in providing dementia-friendly activities that bring joy, understanding, and shared enjoyment to those affected by this condition.

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2. Easy Relaxing Puzzles

An easy, relaxing puzzle can provide Something fun and engaging, which may help a person with dementia stay active and stimulate memories. 

With a wide range of pieces and pieces not locked into tiles, they provide lots of creative freedom while remaining easy to put together. 

Not only do they help keep the mind sharp, but they provide beneficial physical activity too. 

Whether it’s putting together a jigsaw puzzle or challenging oneself to assemble a tricky 3D construction set, these enjoyable puzzles are ideal for someone with dementia.

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3. Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles are fun to do, and they offer educational advantages too. 

This puzzle requires problem-solving skills while improving cognitive functioning, fine motor skills, and communication. 

A crossword puzzle can encourage a person’s memory recall, language aptitude, concentration, and focus. 

It can also be beneficial in providing moments of calm during trying times. Gifts like crossword puzzles give your loved one a sense of balance and security.

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4. Modeling Clay

Clay-based activities can provide a source of sensory pleasure and tactile stimulation. It can also help in improving concentration and focus.

Further, it teaches problem-solving skills that can bring joy to the person with dementia and their loved ones. 

With modeling clay, no two outcomes are ever the same – each offers Something unique and often surprising.

This encourages exploration and imagination while providing a secure space to express creativity without fear of judgment. 

All materials needed for sculpting are available at most craft stores; this makes model clay an accessible gift option for someone with dementia.

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5. Amazon Echo

With voice recognition technology, the Echo allows users to access many helpful features, from streaming music and radio stations to having information read out loud. 

It provides entertainment and a sense of independence by allowing seniors to interact with their devices without going through cumbersome commands or extensive menus. 

Moreover, its hands-free design means caring for your elderly family member can become easier than ever – instruct Alexa to play soothing music or check the weather from anywhere in the house. 

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6. Fidget Apron

making fidget apron

Fidget aprons, also known as dementia aprons, are gaining popularity as gifts because of their versatile functionality. 

These full-length aprons feature pockets of varying sizes and shapes filled with objects like textured scarves, fabric animals and dolls, wooden instruments, tactile puzzles, jewelry pieces, and more. 

The recipient can remove or replace the items for different sensory experiences, allowing those living with dementia to calm restlessness while providing them with something to focus on. 

And unlike many traditional fidgets, fidget aprons provide hands-free stimulation.

7. Coloring Books

For someone with dementia, it can be a fantastic way to connect to the more creative side of their personality as they may have smaller motor tasks, such as coloring, that still bring great joy and satisfaction to their mind. 

Gifts of coloring books offer ease of use and are already laid out with designs or images for them to color, giving the user a sense of accomplishment and peace when marked off. 

8. A DVD With Their Favorite Shows & Movies

A carefully selected compilation of movies or TV series can provide enjoyable hours for anyone with dementia. 

DVDs can be easily transported from one place to another, which makes them perfect for taking along on visits or helping a loved one stay entertained when visiting nursing homes or rehabilitation centers. 

Additionally, DVDs allow problem areas of memory loss to be offset by recognizing recognizable characters, storylines, and visual imagery familiar to the person with dementia – familiarity provides comfort and understanding.

9. Digital Photo Album

Digital photo albums are easy to use and provide those suffering from memory loss an opportunity to look back on photos and memories that stir memorable conversations and reminiscence. 

With the availability of options such as large-screen displays or personalized slide shows, digital photo albums act as both a precious keepsake and a useful tool in providing comfort to those living with dementia.

10. Weighted Blankets

woman holding weighted blanket

These blankets [2] have extra weight evenly distributed throughout the fabric, allowing them to simulate a gentle and comforting hug. 

This can also boost serotonin levels and reduce restlessness, leading to a deeper sense of calmness. 

Research has also found that people with dementia who used weighted blankets experienced improved moods, less agitation during the night, lower cortisol levels (the hormone associated with stress), and increased sleep quality. 

Whether it be to offer calming benefits or provide comfort and warmth, the gift of a weighted blanket is sure to be appreciated by any person with dementia. 

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How can you make someone with dementia feel better?

First, spend time with them and talk to them. Even if they don’t respond, the sound of your voice will be comforting. 

You can also try playing music or showing them pictures or videos. Anything that brings back happy memories is sure to make them feel better. 

Finally, make sure their environment is as calm and comfortable as possible. Remove any distractions or excess noise, and keep things organized and tidy.

What shouldn’t you tell a parent who has dementia?

Parents with dementia should not be told that they can no longer care for themselves. It will only upset them and make it harder for them to cope. 

Instead, try to find ways to help them feel independent and capable. Maybe you can help them with tasks around the house or run errands. 

Whatever you do, ensure you respect their autonomy and independence as much as possible.

In Summary

Dementia can be very difficult for the sufferer and their loved ones. 

If you’re looking for a gift to give someone with dementia, it’s important to choose something that will help stimulate their brain function and make them feel comfortable. 

Some ideas include books on tape, memory games, and music boxes. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that will bring your loved one joy. 


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