What is a Frat Party?

What is a Frat Party? Things To Expect (Updated)

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A fraternity party essentially combines amusement and fundraising for a noble initiative. These functions typically take place in campus accommodation and are frequently held in the night. However, excessive alcohol consumption and loud celebrations are also usual features of these gatherings. Hence, how would one accurately describe a fraternity party?

What Exactly is a Frat Party?

What Exactly is a Frat Party?

A frat party is for college students who want to have fun. While there’s a truth in it, the real main goal of these events is to bring people together and create long-lasting friendships. 

One example is Sigma Chi, one of the largest organizations in North America that hosts frat parties but also help its members meet new people. Also, this event is usually hosted for fundraising to help their chosen charities.

But what are some ways to get into frat parties?

Things To Know

Things To Know

Choose the Right Frat House

To choose the right frat house, you need to know what makes a fraternity so special and unique. The first impression can be everything considering that it is in school and reputation must be preserved.

If you want to know if there are frat parties on weekends with girls, alcohol, beer pong, a flip cup, etc., you should ask the guys in charge. Choose the house that has creative and on-point ideas for events. After all, many fraternities host parties for fundraising for charities [1].

Things To Bring

You need to bring things such as ID and cash for drinks or donations. While some frat events are free, you may still need to pay for certain items. So, make sure that you bring enough money to cover everything.

You might have heard that bringing liquor to these events is okay. However, bringing them back to your dorm is a big no for many [2]. The point is to check beforehand so you don’t get caught and get your life in trouble.

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What To Wear

While wearing anything comfortably in events like this is usually allowed, some may still require a dress code for a frat party. The reason is not all of them are about partying. For instance, some of them may require a suit and tie attire because it’s a formal event.

It is best to ask the guys who will host so you won’t miss the memo. And if it’s a casual event, remember to get dressed comfortably but would still follow the house rules. There’s an image that every frat organization represents, and you don’t want to ruin that reputation.

When To Arrive

When To Arrive

Like any other college party, frat parties follow a set schedule. You may want to arrive early enough to avoid missing anything important. It’s not just about dancing; there are also meetings and activities you’d want to participate in.

For instance, a meeting could be a recruitment session where new members are introduced to the rest of the brothers or a night for charity.

It’s also important to remember that frat events are memorable – a moment to join groups and mingle, meet new people, sway on the dance floor, and enjoy the music.

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Choose Who To Go With

You may feel nervous when you’ve been invited to a crowded house and don’t know anyone there. Don’t worry as you’re safe with whoever you go with. If you want you can bring a friend and talk to others who also went with someone else. It’s a chance for you to meet new people.

You can even ask the host to introduce you to their friends. They’ll probably appreciate it since they’ve been waiting for you to come over.

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Safety Tips

Safety Tips

When Talking To Strangers

Talking to strangers at parties can indeed make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. But, when you do it right, it can lead to meeting new good friends. However, you should stick to the rule of thumb, such as not sharing with strangers too much. You may be tempted to ask a person from the crowd for their phone number for girls and boys. 

While this is your discretion, remember not to go overboard. Always set boundaries. And if you’re the one being asked, not wrong to decline. Just smile and say “no thanks” politely to the person.

When Getting Tipsy

When Getting Tipsy

Watch yourself around alcoholic drinks. If you drink too much at frat events, you might become careless, act stupid, and start to forget, which is dangerous for your life. Alcohol affects people differently, which is some fraternities ban alcohol, according to Elite Daily [3].

So, take things slow and take one sip at a time. And, if you feel like you start getting tipsy, leave. Don’t let your inhibitions get the better of you. Remember that people are watching. So, if you start acting crazy, it could ruin their night.

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When Feeling Awkward

Feeling awkward at the moment is normal at any party, especially when surrounded by people you don’t know. On the other hand, you can overcome it. You can ask your frat brother to introduce you to a friend he knows [4]. 

Remember that you’re still a guest at this party. So, it would help if you didn’t force yourself into anything. If you feel like you’re being pressured, then you should politely excuse yourself and walk away from the room. Check out some Trunk Party ideas you can try here

What Happens At A Frat Party?

What Happens At A Frat Party?

There can be a lot of happenings at a party aside from endless music, seeing a group of people on the dance floor, and a bunch of guys getting drunk. You can also partake in other activities, such as games, food, and contests, while attending a frat event.

While it is not wrong that these events can go wild and crazy, the true definition is not all about partying. It can be a very social event where you can get a chance in your life to meet people and make good friends.

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Can you go to a frat party alone?

Yes, you can. However, if you’re looking to meet people, you may want to consider going along with a friend.

Can anyone go to a frat party?

You don’t have to be a fraternity guy to attend these events. Also, most frat events welcome all genders unless member exclusivity has been set before the event.

Key Takeaways 

In conclusion, frat parties are great places to mingle and a good opportunity to learn more about the organization’s advocacies.

There’s no doubt that parties are a great way to help you unwind after a long week of classes. But, they can also help you get better acquainted with your fraternity brothers.


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