What Is A Coming Out Party?

What Is A Coming Out Party? Full Guide (Updated)

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When a woman transitions into adulthood, a festive assembly is usually put together to commemorate this pivotal milestone on a particular day. Typically embodied by an upscale ball, this event is most commonly scheduled during the spring or summer.

Guests are expected to follow a dress code that will match the event’s theme. But, really, what is a Coming Out party?

What’s a Coming Out Party For Debutantes?

What's a Coming Out Party For Debutantes?

Usually related to the word “debutante,” a coming-out party (also called a debutante ball) is meant to celebrate the time when a young lady reaches the proper age of being considered a fully-fledged adult. It serves as a celebratory moment wherein the debutante herself is welcomed into society.

Celebratory parties with music and dancing like this one is usually a social gathering of the debutante’s family, close relatives, friends, and invited individuals.

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Things To Know

Things To Know


The common consensus regarding what age is socially accepted as part of adulthood is between the ages of 16 to 18 years old. Although that age bracket can differ depending on the culture, the debutante grew up with. 

For example, in the United States, a young adult in her 16s to 18s can be considered debutantes for their oww debutante ball or cotillion.

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For this, no default theme is standardized for a coming-out party. However, the tradition of wearing formal wear continues to this day (more on that later) and is usually required for attending a debutante’s celebratory party [1]. The young adult can choose what kind of theme she wants for her special occasion.

Some popular themes are a fairy tale, monochrome, great gatsby, galaxy, tropical, oriental, Parisian, Candyland, Bohemian, and Hollywood series.

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The general rule of most coming-out parties and debuts is that formal attire is required. The common dress code for attendees is white tie and tails for men, while women must strictly wear a floor-length pure white ball gown.

Matching the women’s gown is the pair of long white gloves meant for the debutante to make her stand out from the crowd as the one whose special day is being held for. However, what do I wear to a pajama party?



The main pillar for this kind of event, a cotillion, is the word used for a social dance, wherein it originated to teach manners to young people in social gatherings. However, at a coming-out party, a cotillion represents the moment wherein it symbolizes the moment a young lady is accepted into society.

Technically, there is no difference between a cotillion held at a social gathering and a debutante’s coming out party.

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Benefits of Being a Debutante

Benefits of Being a Debutante

There are several key benefits for a young lady being a debutante. Listed below are some of the best benefits you can experience:

  • Meeting people outside of your circle.
  • Growth in your confidence levels.
  • Learning the proper dress etiquette for social events like these.
  • Learning how to dance properly at a social ball or gathering.
  • Making new friends and acquaintances.
  • Learning how to properly socialize as a true adult.
  • Learning about the tradition of social gatherings and their meaning.

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How much does a Coming Out party cost?

Although there is no standard rate on how much it will cost, prices for a coming-out party/debutante ball start at $1000 ($500 for each parent).

However, some might cost up to five digits, depending on the company or organization holding the said event. It highly depends on how willing a debutante’s family is to spend for their celebratory event.

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Should debutantes only wear white?

Not necessarily, as the color white isn’t strictly the only color a debutante can choose from. She can choose other soft colors, such as ivory or eggshell, as long as the said color is over a white background.

However, there are some instances wherein a different color is picked for the debutante, although rarely. But what’s a formal dance party?

Key Takeaways

Once a young lady reaches the age of 18, a special celebratory event is held in honor of her entrance into the society of adults. It is primarily celebrated through a social dance gathering, wherein 18 of the most important men in her life are present in the celebration and will be her dance partners as she dances to adulthood.


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