What Happens If It Rains On Easter Sunday

What Happens If It Rains On Easter Sunday? Answered

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Although we wish for favorable weather on Easter Sunday, Mother Nature does not always cooperate with our hopes for clear skies and warm temperatures.

What happens if it rains on Easter Sunday? Will the rain dampen the spirits of those celebrating this important day, or will it add to the occasion’s magic? 

Today, we will explore the possible scenarios or legends that can happen if it rains on Easter Sunday and how you can still make the most out of this day despite the weather. 

So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, curl up in your cozy spot, and let’s dive into the world of Easter Sunday and rain. 

What Occurs When It Rains on Easter Sunday?

Three old wives’ tales claim that if it rains on Easter Sunday:

  • It will continue to rain on each of the succeeding seven Sundays. 
  • If there’s enough rain on Easter Sunday to wet a pocket handkerchief, there will be a good crop this year. 
  • Lastly, the weather prevailing on Easter Sunday tends to be a better sign of the weather throughout the summer.

And since these three claims are only a myth, the occurrence of rain on Easter Sunday still has other meanings and implications depending on the cultural and religious traditions of the area. 

In some Christian traditions, rain on Easter Sunday signifies blessing and renewal. 

Some other cultures believed that rain on Easter Sunday was an omen of unfavorable occurrences or a sign of impending misfortune.

But the holiday’s religious significance continues to be the same regardless of how a culture interprets it. 

Hence, many Christians continue to celebrate Easter regardless of the weather.

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Is It Bad When It Rains?

Rain on Easter Sunday can be a source of disappointment and frustration for many people. It’s especially true for those who have planned special Easter activities outdoors. 

A rainy day can cancel egg hunts and other seasonal festivities, as well as ruin any plans for a family picnic or other outdoor gathering. 

“Easter promises that what God does in the resurrection of Jesus is God’s intention for the entire creation.” 

– James A. Harnish, Author

Plus, it discourages people from attending church services and other Easter-related events. 

However, depending on how one looks at it, a rainy Easter Sunday can also be seen as a blessing in disguise. 

The rain can be a constant reminder of life’s awesome power. It’s a reminder to count our blessings and thank the gracious God who bestows them upon us.

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What To Do If It Rains On Easter Sunday?

1. Attend an online church service. Many churches offer online streaming of their services, so you can still participate in the Easter service from the comfort of your home.

2. Bake Easter treats. Spend time in the kitchen and bake delicious Easter treats such as hot cross buns, Easter sugar cookies, or Easter bunny cupcakes.

3. Have a movie marathon. Get cozy indoors and watch some family-friendly Easter movies such as “Hop,” “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown,” or “The Ten Commandments.”

4. Make Easter crafts. Get creative and make Easter-themed crafts such as Easter baskets, Easter wreaths, or Easter bunny masks.

5. Have a family photo shoot. Take advantage of the cozy indoors and have a family photo shoot. Wear your Easter best and snap some family photos you’ll treasure for years.

6. Make Easter brunch. Whip up a delicious Easter brunch with your family with pancakes, eggs, bacon [1], and fresh fruits.

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What Are The Good & Bad Things About Rain?


Rain can have positive and negative effects, depending on its timing and location. 

On the positive side, rain is essential for the survival of all living things, as it provides the water needed for plants to grow and for animals to drink. 

It cleanses the air of dust and pollutants, helping to keep the environment healthy. 

Besides, rain can help moderate temperatures, preventing extreme heat and cold [2]. 

But too much rain can lead to flooding, which can cause significant damage to homes and businesses. 

It will make roads and sidewalks slippery, increasing the risk of accidents. 

And heavy rain can lead to water shortages, as it can overwhelm water treatment systems and cause a backlog of runoff that can’t be processed. 

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What does it mean if it rains on your wedding day?

A legend says that when it rains on a couple’s wedding day, it will be the last tears the bride will shed for the rest of her life. 

Thus, it is a sign of good luck. 

When it rains during a funeral, what does that mean?

Rain at a funeral can be seen as a sign of hope that the deceased’s spirit will live on in the heavens. Also, it symbolizes tears from the heavens, providing comfort to those in mourning. 

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How did Jesus spend the week leading up to Easter?

From Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem, where he celebrated the Passover with his disciples, taught in the temple, and had his final supper with them. 

Judas then betrayed him and was arrested, leading up to his crucifixion on Good Friday. 

What had Jesus done before Easter?

Jesus instituted the Eucharist and washed the disciples’ feet the night before his crucifixion. 

This occurred on the Thursday before Easter when Jesus shared his final supper with his disciples.

Key Takeaways

Rain or shine, Easter Sunday is a special day to celebrate with family and friends and have fun, no matter the weather. 

With all the activities and events planned, a rainy Easter Sunday doesn’t mean the day has to be a washout. 

Trying to stay upbeat and embracing the day, no matter the weather, can help create an even more memorable Easter Sunday.


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