What Happens At A Bachelorette Party?

What Happens At A Bachelorette Party? Solved

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The period preceding a wedding can generally be filled with anxiety for the bride, her bridesmaids, and the party organizer. Regardless, functions like the rehearsal supper and the bachelorette party tend to provide a welcomed relief.

But what happens at a bachelorette party? If you haven’t been to one, let’s find out! 

Top 10 Things That Happens at a Bachelorette Party 

Top 10 Things That Happens at a Bachelorette Party 

1. Everyone Gets Drunk 

One thing that happens at a bachelorette party is lots and lots of drinking.  

Whether it’s a pool party, intimate party, a big cocktail party, or an all-out destination weekend, there will be tons of alcoholic drinks, so everyone will surely get drunk.  

2. Strippers Make the Night Hotter

Strippers are expected not just in bachelor parties but also in bachelorette parties. These strippers will make the night hotter as they dance seductively along with mellow music. 

But, don’t take this seriously as this is purely for fun and excitement and to let the young unmarried woman experience enjoyable things before she settles. 

3. Awkward Naughty Gift Giving

Awkward Naughty Gift Giving

In addition to typical gifts, such as jewelry, wine, and cookies, some girls are also giving the bride-to-be gifts that are sexually explicit, such as sex toys, lingerie, vibrator, or a thong. 

Naughty gifts are common at bachelor and bachelorette parties and other games that reveal intimate details.

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4. Ladies May Get Kinky

Since there can be sexually explicit things everywhere, ladies may get kinky. Well, when surrounded by naughty ideas, things, gifts, and themes at pre-wedding gatherings, it’s just a normal feeling. 

5. Naughty Games

The basic bachelorette party is not complete without a few bachelorette party games. There are twists by modifying the games into something naughty. 

For instance, there are fun and interactive bridal shower games like double-meaning trivia, bra pong, naughty Jenga, and more. 

6. Girls Being Emotional

Girls Being Emotional

If there’s a party for a close group of people, chances are that some of them will feel sentimental about the occasion. This is especially true for pre-wedding events like bridal showers [1] or bachelorette parties (or hen parties). 

The invited women, and even the bride, will likely have a girl talk and share their memories. There will probably be tears and laughter throughout the party, and some of these memories may even be embarrassing.

But who should attend your bachelorette party?

7. Very Expensive or Trashy Foods

Even if you try to stay on track with your diet plan, the stag night will not stop you from getting hungry. There will be cheese-filled burgers, doughnuts, and pizza at some point. 

The bride shedding for the wedding will also bow down to the extra cheese. But don’t feel guilty, as it’s not like your calories count. Just spend a couple of hours in the gym the following week to increase your exercise.

8. Things Don’t Go As Planned

This is usually the most common thing that happens at a bachelorette party. After crazy nights of planning and organizing the party, things don’t go as planned at the end of the day. 

Due to the burst of emotions, enjoyment, and pleasure, people at the party didn’t mind the flow of the program or what they needed to do. All they want is fun, so why bother following the program? 

9. Matching Outfits

Matching Outfits

The only bachelorette party trend that’s very positive is coordinating wedding dresses and props. This includes tank tops, hats, and bags. These items can be personalized with the names of the couple, the bride’s interests, or the wedding’s theme. 

At the end of the hen party, the bride-to-be can also give away various favors such as photo books or glassware. 

10. Lots of Screaming 

The wedding party atmosphere can induce screaming and shouting throughout the night. The party’s activities, such as games, can heighten the energy and excite everyone more. The presence of intoxicated individuals can also exacerbate the noise.

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Common Myths 

Common Myths 

Bride-to-be Will Cheat

One of the stereotypes associated with a wedding is that the bride-to-be will cheat on her partner. 

This is because the public sees that there will be plenty of adult entertainment during a party, such as stripping and escorts. While a family affair may be true for some occasions, not all bridal parties feature such activities.

What Happens at the Party, Stays at the Party

What Happens at the Party, Stays at the Party

An unwritten rule is that any spilled tea during the party should remain among the guests. Some of these include embarrassing stories about former partners or any naughty and embarrassing stories. 

But, if the secret is harmful to another person, you are responsible for not sharing it with them. It is yours to inform the other people involved in it is threatening or deceitful.

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Last Fling Before Marrying

Many people believe that a bachelorette party is the last chance for a woman to have fun before she ties the knot. 

Some friends might encourage her to flirt with a fellow partygoer during the party or tell her to get naked. The reality is that what happens during the party does not affect the woman’s overall fidelity [2]. 

Bachelorette Parties are Expensive

Bachelorette Parties are Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, pre-wedding traditions or any other special occasion should not be extravagant. A simple, overnight sleepover is more than enough to make a party fun. 

There’s no need for intricate and ornate designs. Also, the cost of the entire party can be determined by the bride’s defined preferences.  But who can you invite to a bachelor’s party


Who gets invited to a bachelorette party?

Bridesmaids, female bride’s relatives, and some girlfriends are usually invited to a bachelorette party, especially in the South Asian cultures and Bulgarian pre-wedding tradition.

How long should a bachelorette party last?

A bachelorette party typically lasts for one to two days. If you’re planning on the dates for this pre-wedding tradition, you must consider how long the festivities will last.

Can a bachelorette party ruin a wedding?

Unfortunately, it can. Bachelorette parties can get too messy, wild, and intense that some weddings even get canceled right after the event. It’s best to set some ground rules for yourself and your guests who are already committed.

Shake that Wedding Jitters!

What happens at a bachelorette party is almost identical to a bachelor party. Strippers, naughty games, loud screaming, drinking, and more are all part of the bachelorette party history. 

Though for sure, the movie “The Hangover” bothers you for its depiction of a wild party, it’s not exactly a common occurrence in real life.

One of the most important factors to consider when planning a bachelorette party is having clear communication with the couple. A good communication channel can help prevent any problems during and after the event. 


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