What Gifts Do They Give In Mexico For Christmas

What Gifts Do They Give In Mexico For Christmas? Explained

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Throughout the festive season of Christmas, individuals come together to revel in the holiday spirit and share presents with each other. 

But do you know what gifts are typically given in Mexico for Christmas? If not, don’t worry. We’re here to help. 

Our team outlined some of the best Christmas presents in Mexico. Keep reading to learn more. 

10 Gifts That Mexicans Give For Christmas

1. Tequila or Mezcal From Oaxaca

tequila with lemon on a glass

Gifts from Oaxaca are a popular and meaningful option for a Christmas present. 

Tequila or mezcal from this Mexican state brings an authentic flavor to the holiday season, allowing the recipient to savor the Southwest flavors native to Mexico. 

These two alcohols [1] are distilled differently, with tequila derived from blue agave and mezcal made from agave piña. 

Both have a profound history that dates back centuries, and gifting them is reminiscent of the holidays in Mexico, where generations have celebrated with these beverages. 

The same applies anywhere else where they are enjoyed – a bottle of tequila or mezcal makes a unique and thoughtful gift, as recipients can savor the taste of what’s so beloved in Oaxacan culture.

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2. Tequila Decanter and Shot Glass Set

The versatility of tequila decanter and shot glass makes a great gift as the recipient can use it to enjoy their favorite drink or show it off as part of home decor. 

Furthermore, the decanter [2] has an elegant design with a tall neck and sturdy handle to lend sophistication. In contrast, the shot glasses are designed to maintain the perfect temperature for smooth-tasting shots. 

Tequila sets come in various styles, from hand-painted designs to transparent ones with detailed edges. 

Give someone special the ultimate tequila experience this holiday season when you give them a tequila decanter and shot glass set.

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3. Mazahua Sterling Silver Earrings

Mexicans are known for giving gifts that will last – and nothing says ‘forever’ like the Mazahua Sterling Silver Earrings. 

These unique adornments combine modern touches with centuries-old craftsmanship to create a truly special gift. 

The beautiful aspect of these earrings is that when it comes to jewelry, silver combines elegance and affordability that fits perfectly in any tradition of giving. 

“Mexico is a mosaic of different realities and beauties.”

Enrique Pena Nieto, Former President of Mexico

They unite the traditional holiday motifs of joy and celebration – making them perfect gifts for Mexicans who want to add a touch of class to Christmas gatherings and gifts. 

Everyone on your list will appreciate the exquisite taste and thoughtfulness of these timeless pieces from tradition this season.

4. Mexican Jarritos Coffee Mugs

These intricately designed and beautifully crafted coffee mugs are decorated with bright yellows, deep blues, and greens of traditional Mexican symbolism.

Each mug is unique and made from natural Talavera ceramic that provides a pleasant touch even with hot beverages. 

Furthermore, the generous size of the mug assures that it will always be filled with plenty of your favorite Mexican roasted coffee flavors. 

With each sip, you’ll feel like you are in Mexico, surrounded by its rich culture and cuisine celebrated yearly during Christmas. 

So if you’re looking for an authentic gift to give your loved one this season, consider the Jarritos coffee mug.

5. Lucha Libre Mask 

lucha libre mask hanging on the wall

Gifts that Mexicans give for Christmas have a long and storied history, one of them being the classic Lucha Libre mask. 

Worn by renowned Mexican wrestlers, the Lucha Libre masks feature vibrant colors and intricate designs that make them stand out. 

These masks are symbols of strength and bravery, made from hardened leather and traditional materials like burlap and canvas to create detailed embroidery. 

They are gifted as tokens of appreciation between family members and stored in keepsake boxes or hung up on walls as prominent decorations. 

Mexicans give gifts for Christmas can be meaningful works of art like any other, so why not opt for a unique piece like a Lucha Libre mask?

6. Mexican Burrito Blanket 

Mexicans give gifts for Christmas, often including a unique item known as a Mexican Burrito Blanket. 

It’s a large, round blanket featuring a burrito-inspired design with fillings spilling out the top of the blanket, just like on a real burrito.

It not only functions as a regular throw blanket for cozy cuddles and lounging; it also doubles as a comfy costume when worn around the waist, offering photo ops that are sure to be shared by family and friends over social media. 

A must-have gag gift or a practical joke, this fun blanket functions like any other oversized wrap while adding that extra comedy element with its double-duty purpose. 

7. Mexican Serape Blanket 

Originating from Northern Mexico, these bright and colorful blankets are usually made from wool, cotton, or polyester and make wonderful holiday decorations. 

Serapes often feature intricate embroidery details and geometric and animal designs along the piece’s border. 

Although not limited to the holiday season, these lovely blankets are an affordable, thoughtful and meaningful gift for someone special.

Gifting a Mexican serape is a terrific way to celebrate Christmas with a beloved family tradition.

8. La Loteria Card Game

La Loteria, also known as “Mexican bingo,” is a popular card game that has been a part of Mexican culture for centuries. 

Not only is it one of the gifts that Mexicans give for Christmas, but playing it has also become a much-loved family tradition throughout many Latinx households. 

The game’s object is to match colorful images on your cards to those randomly selected by a caller. 

It’s almost as fun to watch as join in the game because players tend to get intense about it.

9. Mexican Alebrijes

Mexican Alebrijes are a colorful, hand-carved, and brightly painted craft that has become a traditional symbol of Mexican identity. These wooden sculptures come in various fantastical figures (often animals) and bright colors. 

Alebrijes have become popular as gifts that Mexicans give for Christmas or other special occasions. They represent Mexican folk artistry and give an insight into Mexico’s culture, belief system, and history. 

Thus, these pieces are beloved by the locals who use them to decorate their homes and by those from around the world who collect them as souvenirs from their trips to Mexico.

10. Talavera: Mexican Tile Art

mexican tiles

Lastly, one of the gifts that Mexicans enjoy giving and receiving traditionally includes Talavera, a distinctive Mexican tile art made from clay that is brightly painted with colors, designs, and symbols that reflect the vibrancy of the country’s culture. 

These are often incorporated into practical pieces such as dinnerware, jewelry, floor tiles, or table plates. 

Home decor items like wall hangings and light fixtures feature these unique tiles and make excellent gifts for any recipient excited to incorporate this type of traditional Mexican craftsmanship into their home décor collection.

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In Mexico, how do people typically exchange presents?

In Mexico, gift-giving is done in various ways, but “Secret Santa” is a common tradition.

In this tradition, each person draws the name of another person from a hat and then buys them a small gift. The gifts are usually given out sometime around Christmas.

Another common way to exchange presents in Mexico is through Los Regalos de Navidad (Christmas gifts). 

Why can’t Mexican kids receive gifts on Christmas Day?

Mexican kids can’t receive gifts on Christmas Day because the holiday is celebrated as a religious event that marks the birth of Jesus Christ. 

In Mexico, it’s celebrated as a special day devoted to family and friends, and gifts are typically exchanged on Epiphany (January 6th), which is the day when Jesus was revealed to the world.

When do Mexican kids usually get their Christmas gifts?

Mexican kids usually get their Christmas gifts on January 6th, also known as the “Epiphany.” We remember the three wise men coming to see the newborn Jesus in Bethlehem that day. But how many Christmas gifts should a child get?

What’s a unique Christmas tradition in Mexico?

The “nine posadas” is a unique Christmas tradition in Mexico celebrated from December 16 through 24. These are social gatherings around the neighborhood that includes singing, dancing, and drinking.

Bottom Line

Retailers in Mexico sell various beautifully crafted items that make great presents. You can also find unique food and drink items that Mexican recipients would greatly appreciate. 

With a little research, you can find the ideal Christmas gift for your loved ones in Mexico.


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