What Flower Is A Symbol Of Veterans Day

What Flower is a Symbol of Veterans Day? Floral Tributes

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Recognizing the courageous individuals who have devotedly served their nation is a crucial custom, a sincere tribute that transcends verbal expression.

But amidst the beautiful parade and waving of flags, a singular flower embodies the essence of honor, sacrifice, and gratitude. So, what flower is a symbol of Veterans Day? 

My encounters with Veterans Day celebrations have shown me how important this flower is, revealing the deep-rooted respect it embodies. 

Now, I’ll share what the flower represents: a powerful symbol of appreciation for the people who bravely served our country.

Which Flower Best Represents The Veterans Day Holiday?

Red Poppy Flower

The poppy is the flower that best represents Veterans Day. After the war, the soil in France and Belgium became better for growing poppies [1]. 

The American Legion family adopted the poppy on September 27, 1920, to honor the service and sacrifice of World War I veterans.

“Never be afraid to be a poppy in a field of daffodils.”

Michaela DePrince, American Ballet Dancer

As such, the flower reminds them of their bravery and sacrifice and a way to honor them every Veterans Day. But what does the green light mean for Veterans Day?

What Does The Poppy Represent?

The poppy holds multiple meanings beyond honoring those who lost their lives in active service. It also symbolizes eternal sleep, remembrance, and hope throughout history. 

This delicate bloom is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made, the memories kept alive, and the enduring optimism that emerges from even the darkest times.

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How Did Poppies Get To Be The Veterans Day Symbol?

Poppies became the symbol for Veterans Day because of a poem called “In Flanders Fields.” 

As depicted in the poem, these crimson blossoms were the first to flourish in the soil of soldiers’ graves in Belgium’s Flanders region [2]. 

Inspired by this poem, the National American Legion declared the poppy their official emblem of remembrance in 1920. 

“The poppy, a delicate bloom with a powerful message, stands as a living tribute to the brave souls who responded to the call of duty.”

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Following suit, the Royal British Legion and veterans’ groups worldwide, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, embraced the poppy. 

However, you must note that these poppies are not the same as the ones used for drugs. They’re a special kind that represents respect and remembrance for veterans.

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Is It Against The Law To Put On A Poppy?

No, it is not currently against the law to wear a poppy. 

However, requiring employees to wear a poppy at work could be seen as discriminatory towards those with different religious beliefs. 

Employers should be mindful of this and consider the diversity of their workforce before making poppy-wearing mandatory. 

It’s important to respect everyone’s religious or belief differences and not force the wearing of a poppy, as it might infringe on those rights.

How To Put On A Poppy For Veterans Day?

Poppy Flowers on a Garden

Wear the poppy with reverence on the left side, right over your heart. 

The lapel poppy from the Legion carries deep meaning as a symbol of Remembrance, so it’s important not to attach it with a pin that covers or obstructs the poppy itself. 

So, you must put it carefully to honor the sacrifices it represents. But what do you wear for Veterans Day?

Why Don’t Some People Wear Poppies?

The choice not to wear a red poppy varies due to diverse reasons. Some individuals view the red poppy as overly political. 

As it concerns, certain politicians exploit its emotional impact to justify wars. 

Therefore, this perspective has led some to opt out of wearing it as a sign of protest against this perceived manipulation of sentiment for political purposes.

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What color is the rose given to fallen soldiers?

White roses are often chosen to honor fallen soldiers. Their color symbolizes the purity of the soldiers’ intentions and our deep respect for their sacrifice. 

These white roses can be placed on graves or used in wreaths and arrangements, symbolizing honor and remembrance.

What does the black rose represent in the military?

In the military, a black rose signifies an individual who has experienced abuse during service.

This gesture, which comes with a white rose, demonstrates the dedication to addressing abuse prevention and working towards positive change within the military community in an effort to end the distressing experiences of abuse.

Is it rude to wear a handmade poppy?

It’s not necessarily rude if you wear a handmade poppy. The poppy symbol is trademarked and is significant for the legion to assist veterans and their families. 

Acquiring poppies through official channels is advised to honor this symbol’s purpose.

Is wearing more than one poppy disrespectful?

Wearing multiple poppies is not disrespectful; it can hold special meaning. 

People may choose to wear multiple poppies to honor various countries or individuals, adding a personal touch to their act of remembrance.

In Summary

Ultimately, the flower that symbolizes Veterans Day is the poppy. This flower became important after World War I. 

It all started in Flanders, Belgium, where red poppies grew on the graves of soldiers inspired by a famous poem called “In Flanders Fields.” 

And in 1920, the National American Legion decided to use the poppy as a symbol to remember veterans. 

Soon, other groups like the Royal British Legion and veterans’ organizations worldwide also adopted the poppy as a symbol of remembrance.

These poppies represent the idea of eternal rest, remembering, and hope that stays in the hearts of people who respect and value the sacrifices made by our veterans.


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