What Do You Wear To A Baby Shower As A Guest?

What Do You Wear To A Baby Shower As A Guest?

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It is crucial to dress appropriately to make a good impression as a guest at a baby shower. It is highly recommended to wear suitable clothing, especially for a themed baby shower. However, the question remains, what exactly should you wear as a guest to a baby shower?

If you can’t decide, we will share with you some baby shower outfit ideas that you can try.

Top 7 Cute Ideas to Wear To A Baby Shower As A Guest

Top 7 Cute Ideas to Wear To A Baby Shower As A Guest

1. Dress & Casual Shoes

The dress and casual shoes should be comfortable and appropriate for parties for pregnant moms. The dress and casual shoes are usually simple but elegant outfits. They are also comfortable and easy to wear for most occasions. Lastly, they offer a relaxed and effortlessly chic style vibe when worn by ladies with confidence.

2. Jeans & Blouse


Jeans and blouses are both appropriate attire when attending a friend’s baby shower, but as long as there’s no dress code required. You can wear a pair of jeans and a simple blouse with lace sleeves if you don’t want to look too casual.   

3. Skirt & Top

The skirt and top will be a perfect baby shower outfit choice if you want to wear something with a feminine touch. This combination looks cute and stylish. You can try a satin skirt and pair it with a white top. Also, this casual attire is even suitable for any occasion giving you a casual look but still classy.

4. Boho Chic

You can choose boho-chic style thinking outfit ideas for a baby shower. The idea for this style is you can wear a boho dress paired with ankle boots and a straw hat. In addition, you can make it a perfect dress when you pair it with a light jacket.

5. Short (But Cute) Dresses

Why not consider a short but cute dress as one of your outfit ideas to wear to a baby shower? Short dresses are ideal for such occasions because they allow you to move around easily without worrying about getting caught in them. It could be worn with a statement necklace. Or you can pair a short dress with a cardigan sweater for a chic look [1].

6. Retro Vibes

Retro Vibes

Retro vibes are one of the baby shower ideas to go for if the theme is a flashback or throwback. You can go for a vintage look for the baby shower attire. It is timeless and classic, mostly made from a formal fabric. Also, it can be a fashion-forward pick for any occasion.

7. Puffed Sleeve Dresses

Puffed sleeve dresses are another great option from the many baby shower outfit ideas, especially if it is a baby girl shower party. They are usually quite popular among women who love showing off their figures. These dresses are often seen in pastel shades, but you can also find them in bright colors. 

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Factors To Consider

Factors To Consider

Theme/Dress Code

Winter Baby Shower

You should consider wearing a coat or a plaid blazer when attending a winter baby shower. This way, you can stay warm while keeping yourself covered up. However, you can also wear your favorite sweater made from cable knit stitch or a nice scarf that has a silky feel to match your outfit.

High Tea Baby Shower

High Tea Baby Shower

You need to wear a pretty dress for a high tea baby shower. It can be a cocktail or other dresses that aren’t too casual. If you’re not up for a dress, you can also be in a long sleeves blouse with ruffled cuffs. But the main idea for this theme is to wear a classy, modest outfit.

At-Home Baby Shower

If the theme is an at-home baby shower party, you should know it is a casual affair. There can be many shower outfit ideas for this one. So, consider wearing baby shower outfits from light fabrics like an airy sundress, classic chambray top, blousy shorts, and cotton pants. 

Make sure to add the right accessories, but not too many, like a flower crown or a sparkly bracelet to complete the look.

Spring Baby Shower

You should wear a floral outfit for a spring baby shower to match the baby shower venue and the season. A dress with boho sleeves would be a perfect outfit. If you don’t like dresses, you can opt for comfy cropped chinos and a floral print blouse for your upper body wear. The florals can add a festive twist and a celebratory mood to the party!

Summer Baby Shower

When it is a summer-themed party, colored outfits are what to wear to a baby shower. But, there are still a lot of fashion choices for summer baby showers. 

You should avoid wearing a high neck or a cozy sweater. Instead, go for a sleeveless shirt, a tied cuff sleeves top or a tie neck top.

Outdoor Baby Shower

Outdoor Baby Shower

Fall baby shower parties are usually held outdoors. So, when attending an outdoor baby shower, try to wear an outfit tha would match the color and style outdoors, like earth tones. 

For example, you can wear a lightweight cardigan that would be perfect for a sleek pair of footwear fit for the season, like knee-high suede boots [2].

Virtual Baby Shower

When you receive a baby shower invite indicating that it’s not an in-person event, you still have to think of what to wear. Dressing up even though it’s a virtual baby shower is the least you can do for the mom-to-be. 

You can wear a casual outfit like a detailed blouse to look presentable, even if the event is happening online.


A guest should consider dressing up comfortably in showers, especially since there will be games. The reason for this is to avoid feeling uncomfortable while playing games. For example, moving freely in a pencil skirt is not ideal. You should wear something more comfortable like pants or a dress. 


Ensure that your outfit is not out of place when it comes to the venue. So, when you receive a mailed invitation, you need to check what the particular theme is and where the venue is. It would help you think of outfit ideas to wear appropriately.



Being comfortable is very important when attending a baby shower, especially with what you wear. Don’t wear something flashy that might make other guests uncomfortable. Match your attire with the occasion and season, and dress with discretion so you’ll feel comfortable throughout the party.

Who Wears It

In showers for the mom-to-be and the new baby, there is appropriate attire to wear for the attendees. Family members, relatives, and friends are all guests who should participate in this activity. Also, it’s important not to go overboard and remove the celebrant’s spotlight.

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Some Colors To Wear (or Not) In A Baby Shower

Some Colors To Wear (or Not) In A Baby Shower


Black is not the perfect color to wear to a baby shower because the vibe is dark and might give a different interpretation to the expectant parents. Baby showers are about fun and happiness, so unless the theme requires you as a guest to wear an outfit in color back, you should avoid choosing this color.

All White

All White

It is ideal for wearing outfits in all-white when attending a baby shower because it means purity and innocence—and babies are like that. Plus, for many baby shower ideas, the color white is often used as the base color for many baby shower themes. You can’t go wrong with all white outfit. 


Blue can be and ideal color to wear to a baby shower, especially if the party is for a baby boy. The color is also airy, fresh, and playful, so you can mix and match your outfit with this color to other sets of cool colors. Also, even if the baby shower is for a baby girl, your outfit in the color blue would still be perfect!


Should guests dress up for a baby shower?

Yes, guests should dress up for a baby shower because it is a special occasion. However, don’t go overboard and spend thousands of dollars on an outfit. There are a lot of baby shower outfit ideas that you can find online to use as inspiration.

Are male guests supposed to dress up for baby shower parties?

Yes, male guests are supposed to dress up for baby shower parties. Showers are a social gathering to celebrate, have fun and give support to the expectant parents. If the male guests don’t know what to wear to the event, they can always ask the organizer for advice.

Can guests wear jeans when attending a baby shower?

Yes, guests can wear jeans when attending a baby shower. However, there can be some guidelines to keep in mind if it is a themed party.

If you do not know whether or not jeans will be acceptable for the party, you should get in touch with the event host to be oriented on the specific attire you should know.

Wear It With A Smile

What dress to wear is an important thing to know for every guest attending a baby shower. Wearing the best outfit in a shower when you come as a guest will convey a good message and support to the expectant parents. It can also mean that you are happy and looking forward to their new bundle of joy.

The ideas mentioned above are just some of the baby shower outfit ideas.Hopefully, it could help you prepare what you wear for a baby shower.


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