What Color To Wear For 50th Birthday Party: 4 Options

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As you draw closer to the noteworthy milestone of your 50th birthday, you are concurrently putting together an amazing birthday celebration.

One thing’s for sure; you want to look fabulous on your special day.

Choosing a suitable color for your outfit can make all the difference in how you feel and perceive yourself.

But don’t worry, I’ve been to a 50th birthday party once and learned a thing or two. I’m here to help you figure out what color to wear for your 50th birthday party.

Top 4 Colors For A 50th Birthday Celebration

1. Gold

woman wearing dress

Gold [1] is the perfect color to symbolize a milestone birthday. It is a bright, cheery color that conveys a feeling of joy and celebration. 

Plus, it pairs nicely with many other colors, so it can easily be accessorized to match any color palette. Learn more about the best gold gifts you can give to your grandma and grandpa here.

2. Silver 

Silver looks great on everyone. It shows off the birthday person’s milestone, as it is a classic and timeless color. 

The color has a hint of sparkle, so it will make the birthday person feel extra special and shine like a star. 

To create a stunning look, it also pairs well with warm colors, such as gold, bronze, and champagne. 

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3. Purple 

Purple is a great color to wear to a 50th birthday party as it is associated with royalty and wisdom, both qualities that a person celebrating their 50th birthday might embody.

 And it is a very regal color that can be used to create a festive and celebratory look. But how can you celebrate a 50th birthday without a party?

4. Red

Red is a bright and cheerful color that will add a festive feel to the event. It is also associated with good luck and success, making it a desirable color to wear on this special occasion. 

Additionally, red is known to be the color of confidence and power, which makes it perfect for celebrating a milestone like a 50th birthday.

7 Elegant Outfit Ideas For A 50th Birthday Party

1. Gold Sequin Midi Dress With Pearl Choker

woman wearing sequin dress

The midi dress is made of a luxurious sequin fabric that shimmers and sparkles with every movement. 

Its size is knee-length and features a v-neckline, which is flattering and modern. 

Pearls on a choker [2] are always classy, and these black strappy sandals are practical and fashionable. 

The combination of the sparkly dress and the pearl choker will make this outfit stand out, and it’s sure to be a showstopper.

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2. Navy Blue Chiffon Midi Dress With White Heels 

Light, airy navy chiffon in an iconic midi length is ideal for a classy, polished look. 

And if the floaty, delicate fabric and dainty pearl necklace work together, it creates a chic look, while the white heels keep the outfit fresh and modern. 

With a classic color palette and timeless design, this outfit is perfect for making a statement on a special day.

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3. Classic Black Tailored Jumpsuit

The classic black tailored jumpsuit with metallic stilettos is perfect if you want to show off your style. 

The tailored jumpsuit will hug your curves in all the right places, and the metallic stilettos will add sparkles to your outfit. 

Whether celebrating a milestone birthday or going for a night out on the town, this look will surely be a hit. 

4. Pale Pink A-Line Dress & Silver Pumps 

Get dressed to impress for your 50th birthday party in a pale pink A-line dress. 

“Turning 50 means it’s only a matter of time before you’re regaling your grandkids with the details of your first colonoscopy”.

Greg Tamblyn, Singer

This style offers a simple and elegant appearance, making it the ideal choice for the event. 

While the pale pink color is feminine and flattering, and the A-line style offers plenty of movement and comfort. 

Complete the look with a pair of silver pumps. These shoes are the perfect finishing touch to your attire, bringing out your inner diva and giving you confidence on the dance floor.

5. Beaded Sequin Gown With Strappy Heels 

Are you looking for the perfect look for a 50th birthday party? The beaded sequin gown with structured clutch and strappy heels is a trendy way to make a statement. 

The shimmering sequin fabric of the gown catches the light, giving you a stunningly glamorous look that is perfect for the occasion. 

Most of all, the stunning outfit is completed by adding a structured clutch and modern, attention-grabbing strappy shoes.

6. Red Lace Midi Dress Paired With Black Pumps 

woman wearing red lace midi dress

Make sure you look your best with a ravishing red lace midi dress paired with a classic pearl bracelet and black pumps. 

It is perfect for any special occasion, and you can be sure that the birthday girl will envy your stunning style. 

You will look lovely in the lace dress, and the classic touch of grace provided by the pearls will further accentuate your beauty. 

Plus, finishing your outfit with a pair of black pumps will make you look polished and on-trend. Check out these comfy outfits to wear for Mother’s Day here.

7. Glittery Shift Dress With Fur Stole

For a glamorous 50th birthday party, this glittery shift dress with a fur stole will exude magnificence. 

The dress is made from luxurious fabric with a subtle shimmer, and the long sleeves and simple cut keep it from looking too flashy. 

“Wear a mix of colors, just like the many beautiful moments that shaped your first 50 years!”

Howkapow Gift Site

The fur stole elevates the look to the next level of chic, and the jeweled heels finish off the set perfectly. 

Plus, the heels are just the right sparkle for a night out, and the rhinestones add a touch of glamour to any ensemble.

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What do you call a 50th birthday?

A 50th birthday is often referred to as a golden birthday, as it marks the half-century mark in a person’s life.

What should a woman do when she turns 50?

A woman should celebrate her 50th birthday by reflecting on her accomplishments and appreciating the life she has created. 

It is also important for a woman to use this milestone to prioritize her physical and mental health to ensure she can enjoy the next 50 years.

Wrapping Up

The color you choose to wear for a 50th birthday party should make you feel comfortable and confident. 

Whether you go for traditional colors like gold or make a statement with a brighter hue, you can’t go wrong with a classic look or one that stands out. 

So, if you’re attending a 50th birthday party or helping your loved one celebrate, pick out an outfit that makes you feel your best and have a great time.


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